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Thunderheart Follow-up's! : Star Wars Galaxies Discussions

Posted: September 8th, 2004, 6:19 am

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First, let me say, I know there are many burning questions in the community and Im feverishly working on them all. My absence was due to a long camping weekend. We got rained out so bad it was like camping in a Dantooine downpour and I caught a nasty chest cold. The summit followed up and now Im catching up. Expect information to cover the credit issue, publish feedback threads then a holobits about the summit and then Im heading back into my hut to polish up the Combat Balance docs. For those who were eager to see those as a Friday Feature, they probably will be, but we made some changes based on board feedback and had to delay the post a bit...

TH, is there any way we can tell what "village access" group we are in?

There isn't a hard and fast rule, but there is a solid correlation based on how many professions you completed. For instance, if you finished 31 professions, there is a extremely strong likelihood you'll get 5 branches unlocked. If you finished 29 or 30 professions, you most likely will get 4 branches and so on. Beyond that there is no hard and fast way to tell. Though like I said, there is almost a direct correlation between how many total professions (32) were completed and how many holo-professions were completed.

So, massive hologrinders first... that's fair. But are we talking "wait until Phase 2 of the village before Group 1 gets the visit", or "wait until traffic dies down, and Phase 1 of the village is still active, and Group 1 gets the visit"?

Both actually. The rate at which it will occur will be based on the final numbers of how many people muscled their way through professions from Publish 9 to Publish 10. We'll be monitoring it on a daily basis - - the reason being we want to make sure that everyone has a good time and isn't overcrowded. Once we get through this big slug of people, the natural pace of village access wont need this type of virtual valve.

TH if i automaticly qualify - where is my Old Man?

Just go about your business and he will visit you in a day or so!

TH I have a question for you, what about the people that already unlocked do they automatically qualitfy or should they be waiting like the other groups.

You automatically qualify. Hang out in the wilderness and you will be visited in a short period of time. The old man will visit you in the wilderness and send you on a quest.

Don't forget that we STILL have to do all of the damn quests anyways if we want the new items, even if we unlock them with our "credit."

You still have to do the quests, but there were no rewards or quests before. Now, the path is wrapped in content instead of starting as a brand new Padawan character who was very vulnerable and very hunted.

This system is partially bugged with the Profession Badges you added later into the game.

Example: I mastered my first holo (Dancer) before profession badges. I log in today and see that I am not glowing but only surge with the force. I have done all but my silent profession which would have granted me 5 branches and a trip from the old man. But since I didn't get the first holo badge I'm not granted 4 out of 5 holos, only 3.

I can assure you that this is not so.

The way your holo-professions were accounted for is seperate from the badges being displayed through the interface.

Kurt "Thunderheart" Stangl
Community Relations Manager

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