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SWG Guide: Clone relics quest : Star Wars Galaxies Guides

Posted: August 15th, 2005, 7:13 am
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clone relics

jedi starfighter

1: go to dathimors nightsister stronghold and loot a pile of bones near the POI, it will have a datapad in it, accept the mission on the datapad.

2: go to kashyyyk and near a imperial standing around there will be a base like thing, go inside and walk down all the stairs and talk to the imperial capten there.

3: accept his mission and escort a AT-ST though the jungle, about 12 rebels will attack in 2 waves, they are only CL15-20 so they are easy to kill,

3: once you have the AT-ST back talk to the capten again and accept his next mission, kill all the rebel troopers and wookies that attack and talk to the capten again.

4: now you have to go to the dead forest for the next mission, talk with the capten then head that way, when you get to the dead forest look in your datapad for a Waypoint, follow the waypoint to the 2 scout troopers in need of assistence and kill all the rebel (CL 18-25).

5: now you will get to go down stairs to talk to the "new commander", as you walk down the stairs turn your speckers up for some cool sounds.

6: the new commander is darth vader and when you talk to him he will give you a jedi starfighter and 500 imperial faction, and give you a space mission.

7: head to the waypoint in space and form up with the group of imperial ties, then about 10 rebel starfighters will attack (about teir 3-4)
kill them all and head back to vader, he will aword you 3500 faction.

clone trooper armor

1: go to talus and talk to mort in the cantina, accept his quest and fly to karen naboo.

2: talk with the guy in the back room with 2 CL50 super battle droids and tell him jabba sent you for wepons, then fly to dee'ja peak.

3: talk to the guy up stairs in the hotel at dee'ja peak, after you converse with him 4 bodyguards will attack you CL20.

4: return to mort, after you talk with mort you will have one of two missions,

[imperial] go to a guild hall at kertan naboo, talk with one of the imperial officers there, he will take you down stairs to talk to the emporor. then go and kill the guy in the hotel with the 2 droid bodyguards and return to mort.

[rebel] go to the dantooine rebel base POI and talk to the lead capten, then go kill the guy in the hotel with the 2 droid bodyguards then return to mort

5: mort will give you his old clone trooper armor, and after the faction mission you will get a holo.

there are more quest of the clone relics but so far these are the two i've done, i will update this post after i do more of these quests.

hope you guys like this and i hope this was helpful

-amip atte of tempest server

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Posted: August 15th, 2005, 8:05 am
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This is available on the official forums.

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