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SWG Guide: Complete Rebel Quest Guide : Star Wars Galaxies Guides

Posted: March 5th, 2006, 5:51 am
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Below is an easy way to make money, and quite a few FP at the same time. I do not have a guide for imperials as i have never played an Imperial character.

Anchorhead, Tatooine
They say that "If there was any town on Tatooine that was the farthest from Imperial rule, Anchorhead would be the one." You can bet you'll find some of our operatives there!

Aaph Koden (129, -5399)
1. Deliver Message to Talia Reede
-Reward: 150 faction points
2. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 400 faction points
3. Escort Talia Reede [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 600 faction points

Nitra Vendallan (134, -5347)
1. Escort Drenn Biktor
-Reward: 100 faction points
2. Escort Vil Sembian
-Reward: 250 faction points

Bestine, Tatooine
I can tell you from personal experience that being behind enemy lines is not a fun experience. This guy needs some help to get out fast.

Kormund Thrylle (-1044, -3530)
1. Deliver Datadisc to Reen Loruk [Guard: Probot Seeker]
-Reward: 100 faction points
2. Escort Rodius Tharn [Guard: 1 Mos Eisley police officer, 1 Mos Eisley police sergeant]
-Reward: 200 faction points

Coronet City, Corellia
Garm Bel Iblis is one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance. While he and Mon Mothma split due to differences of opinion, he still has no love for the Empire, and it may just be a good idea to get on his good side!

(-234, -4574)
1. Escort Tess Wyldon [Guard: 2 Thugs]
-Reward: 100 credits
2. Kill Skazz
-Reward: 200 credits
3. Kill Black Sun Thug [Escort: 3 Thugs]
-Reward: 500 credits

Garm Bel Iblis (-247, -4569)
1. Escort Hlanno Dunlix [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers, 1 Imperial Corporal
-Reward: 125 credits
2. Kill Drillen Foyle [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 250 credits
3. Kill Egan Garrud
-Reward: 500 credits
4. Escort Fadulk Di'keer [Guard: 3 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 750 credits
5. Kill Kalia Kulmina
-Reward: 1000 credits
6. Kill Stormtrooper Commander [Escort: 2 Storm Commandos, 2 Darktroopers]
-Reward: nothing

Dantooine Wilderness
To restore the Republic we need the help of any and all Jedi we can get! Drakka witnessed the Jedi purges, and is trying to help bring down the Empire. She could use some help.

Drakka Judarrl (4207, 5151)
1. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: ??]
-Reward: 500 credits, 15 faction points
2. Rescue(Escort) Aroho Preni [Guard: 4 Darktroopers]
-Reward: 650 credits, 15 faction points
3. Kill Dark Force Crystal Hunter [Escort: 3 Dark Force Users]
-Reward: Blue Holocron, 800 faction points

Deeja Peak, Naboo
Dee'ja Peak is a pretty out-of-the way place on Naboo. The perfect staging grounds for the Naboo Resistance against the Empire!

Kima Nazith (4972, -1582)
1. Kill Gungan [Escort: 2 Imperial Troopers]
-Reward: 25 credits
2. Kill Bounty Hunter [Escort: 2 Imperial Troopers, 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 50 credits
3. Kill Sith Sorcerer [Escort: 4 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 75 credits

Captain Arven Wendik (4711, -1433)
1. Deliver Forged Permits to Alowi Fintz
-Reward: 25 credits
2. Escort Grel Rommo [Guard: 3 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 50 credits
3. Escort Needia Solum [Guard: 3 Stormtroopers, 1 Imperial Warrant Officer I]
-Reward: 75 credits
4. Kill ???
*BUGGED* (No enemies at waypoint)

Senator Pooja Naberrie (4975, -1584)
1. Escort Gizda Ramani [Guard: 2 Imperial Troopers]
*BUGGED* (Cannot Converse with Gizda)
*WORKAROUND: Let Gizda be killed by the Imperial Troopers. Mission complete.
-Reward: 25 credits
2. Escort Jumis(Herosk Bal'far) [Guard: 2 Imperial Troopers, 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 50 credits
*BUGGED* (No text when talking to Jumis, Jumis does not follow)
3. Deliver Datdisc to Turon Idala [Guard: 4 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 75 credits
*BUGGED* (No text when talking to Turon, Turon follows as if escort mission)
4. Escort Lim Paddu(Turon Adala?) [Guard: 3 Stromtroopers, 1 Imperial Staff Sergeant]
-Reward: 100 credits
5. Rescue(Escort) Narglatch Female(Lim Paddu) [Escort: 1 Narglatch Female, 1 Narglatch Cub, 1 Narglatch]
*BUGGED* (Obviously, all of Pooja's missions are bugged, the spawns seem to appear 1 mission too early. You can't converse with a Narglatch.)
*WORKAROUND: Just kill said Narglatch Female. Mission complete.
-Reward: 125 credits
6. Kill Herosk Bal'far(Melloc Fitzal) [Escort: 2 Imperial Sharpshooters]
*BUGGED* (Again, wrong NPC at the the wrong time. This appears as an escort mission)
*WORKAROUND: Converse with Herosk to get mission complete.
-Reward: 150 credits

Gungan Hideout, Naboo
Now listen, I know Gungans can get a little annoying, but they're no friends of the Empire. Annoying help is better than no help at all, as they say.

Rep Been (-1956, -5460)
1. Retrieve(Deliver) Documents from Bonna Tanje
-Reward: 50 credits
2. Escort Reefa Been [Guard: 4 Bandits]
-Reward: 50 credits
*BUGGED TEXT* (No text appears when conversing, mission can still be completed)
3. Kill Bandit Leader [Escort: 3 Bandits]
-Reward: 75 credits
*BUGGED TEXT* (No text appears when conversing, mission can still be completed)
4. Escort Vajoo Jinssa [Guard: 4 Bandits]
-Reward: 100 credits
*BUGGED TEXT* (No text appears when conversing, mission can still be completed)

Boss Nass (-1991, -5422)
1. Deliver Message to Pol Revver [Guard: 3 Swamptroopers]
-Reward: 50 credits
2. Escort Jaanie [Guard: 4 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 50 credits
3. Rescue(Escort) Fassa [Guard: 4 Swamptroopers]
-Reward: 150 credits
4. Kill Stormtrooper Squad Leader [Escort: 4 Swamptroopers]
-Reward: 500 credits

Moenia, Naboo
They say this guy used to be involved in matters of the Old Republic. I'm not sure what his story is these days, but, might be worth checking into.

Ebenn Q3 Baobab (4869, -4875)
1. Escort Rinto Liprus
-Reward: 100 credits
2. Deliver Funds to Tanner Helton [Guard: 2 RSF security guards]
-Reward: 150 credits
3. Deliver Poetry to Nura Tinall [Guard: 3 Thugs]
-Reward: 200 credits
4. Escort Wert Jopi [Guard: 3 Gungan Mercenaries]
-Reward: 250 credits

Mos Entha, Tatooine
This guy's been trying to get in contact with the Alliance for a while now, unfortunately we havn't been able to get an Agent out to him yet. Maybe you could give him a hand?

Ikka Gesul (1499, 3009)
1. Kill Orga Presari [Escort: 2 Thugs]
-Reward: 100 faction points
2. Deliver Message to Taln Solwind [Guard: 2 Thugs]
-Reward: 200 faction points

Yavin Wilderness
Look, after the Battle of Yavin, we had to pull up pretty fast, leaving a lot of good men and women behind. If you can sneak past the Imperial blockcade, maybe you could give them a hand?

Yith Seenath (1591, 1536)
1. Kill Imperial Courier [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 50 credits, 15 faction points
2. Kill Imperial Lieutenant [Escort: 4 Swamptroopers]
-Reward: 100 credits, 20 faction points
3. Kill Imperial Inquisitor [Escort: 4 Storm Commandos]
-Reward: 150 credits, 30 faction points

Captain Eso (1592, 1537)
1. Kill Swamp Trooper [Escort: 2 Swamptroopers]
-Reward: 10 faction points
2. Kill Imperial Field Medic [Escort: 3 Swamptroopers]
-Reward: 15 faction points
3. Kill Deranged Rebel
*BUGGED* (Cannot attack Deranged Rebel)
*WORKAROUND: Just because you can't attack him, doesn't mean the rest of Yavin can't. Get some aggro creatures over by him, or get an Imp to kill him for you. Mission complete.
-Reward: nothing
4. Kill Jungle Trooper [Escort: 4 Swamptroopers]
-Reward: 25 faction points

Zephyr Base, Rori
Rori's a pretty nasty place. The perfect place to train some tough troopers of the Rebellion! Unfortunately, the Empire also has a vested interest in this small moon. As such our small outpost is constantly under danger from Stormtrooper patrols. Might be good to give them a hand?

Booto Lubble (3700, -6450)
1. Kill Imperial Warrant Officer [Escort: 2 Imperial Troopers]
-Reward: 50 credits, 10 faction points
2. Kill Imperial Captain [Escort: 4 Imperial Troopers]
-Reward: 50 credits, 10 faction points

Raxa Binn (3643, -6465)
1. Kill Stormtrooper SquadLeader [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 100 credits, 20 faction points
2. Rescue(Escort) Rebel Scout
-Reward: 100 credits, 20 faction points
3. Kill Storm Commando [Escort: 4 Storm Commandos]
-Reward: 200 credits, 30 faction points

Vordin Sildor (3650, -6470)
1. Escort Scientist [Guard: 1 Bounty Hunter]
-Reward: 75 credits, 15 faction points
2. Recuse(Escort) Twi'lek [Guard: 2 Thugs]
-Reward: 75 credits, 15 faction points
3. Kill Pirate Captain [Guard: 3 Pirates]
-Reward: 100 credits, 20 faction points


Cries of Alderaan [Event: Cries of Alderaan: Final Chapter]
Story goes there was once a scientist working for the Empire, developing something. Project Dead-Eye, I think they called it. Anyway, this Dead-Eye stuff requires some flora from Alderaan. Of course, Alderaan having been destroyed, this is a problem. Princess Leia herself is requesting any help possible for this one. Head to one of these Coordinators to get started, and may the Force be with you.

Rebel Coordinator
-Coronet Corellia (94, -4519)
-Nashal, Talus (4063, 5287)
-Tyrena Corellia (-5218, -2602)
-Mos Espa, Tatooine (-2927, 2571)
-Mos Eisley, Tatooine (3286, -4524)

Corellian Corvette
All I know about this is that there's some trouble with a Corvette in orbit around Corellia. I can't tell you everything about this one, but I can get you started. If you need more information than this, our spy network's set up a specialized report. Click here to access it.

Master Sergeant Crowley [Corvette: Destroy]
-Location: Kor Vella, Corellia (-3404, 3092)
-Reward: Badge, AV-21 Schematic

Pashna Starkiller [Corvette: Assassination]
-Location: Bela Vistal, Corellia (6772, -5697)
-Reward: Badge, AV-21 Schematic

Adar Tallon [Corvette: Rescue]
-Location: Tyrena, Corellia (-5448, -2674)
-Reward: Badge, AV-21 Schematic

Death Watch Bunker
All I know is that one of the Alliance's neutral contacts has been kidnapped by Death Watch operatives. The Alliance needs someone to go in, and bust this guy out. The Death Watch are pretty nasty folks, even I won't tangle with them, but if you think you've got what it takes, here's where you get started. Though you might want to read this report before you go.

Lutin Nightstalker
-Location: Coronet City, Corellia (-213, -4445)
-Reward: 30 faction points


Rebel Theme Park [Rebel Badge of Courage: Rebel Theme Park Completed]
Think you've got what it takes? Even the bigwigs of the Rebellion need a little help now and then. Of course, you can't just ask Captain Ackbar or General Dodonna if they need help. You're going to have to work your way up, gain their trust. If you think you're up for it, and you really want to give the Rebellion a hand, here's how you do it.

Rebel Hideout, Corellia (-6584, 5915)

C-3P0 (-6507, 5985)
1. Deliver Food to Selonian
-Reward: 50 credits
2. Deliver Medicine to Captain Montrasword
-Reward: 100 credits
3. Escort Captain Teargle
-Reward: 150 credits
4. Deliver Information to Captain Drexsler
-Reward: (2-6) Ranged Weapons Components, 200 credits, 50 faction points

Qual'do Herm (-6512, 6005)
1. Deliver Comm-link to I'klee'trao
-Reward: 200 credits
2. Kill Sergeant Montage [Escort: 1 Stormtrooper]
-Reward: 250 credits
3. Kill Captain Sargon [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 300 credits
4. Rescue(Escort) I'klee'trao
-Reward: (2-6) Components(Melee Weapon/Medical), 75 faction points

Wedge Antilles (-6490, 6005)
1. Deliver Letter to Officer Devlin
-Reward: 350 credits
2. Kill Iris
-Reward: 400 credits
3. Kill General Graise [Escort: 1 Imperial Staff Corporal, 1 Imperial First Lieutenant]
-Reward: 450 credits
4. Kill General Boize [Escort: 4 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 500 credits
5. Kill Officer Emil [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: Rebel Signet Ring, 100 faction points

Leia Organa (-6506, 5974)
1. Rescue(Escort) Deasie A'Fresel [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 550 credits
2. Escort Officer Tennelt
-Reward: 600 credits
3. Rescue(Escort) Selonian Advocate
-Reward: 650 credits
4. Deliver Datapad to Fnast
-Reward: 700 credits
5. Capture(Escort) Imperial Undercover Commander [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: Insulated Ubese Armor Piece(Helmet/Jacket/Pants), 125 faction points

Nym's Cantina, Lok (544, 5090)

Nien Nunb (476, 5075)
1. Escort Engineer
-Reward: 750 credits
2. Kill Bounty Hunter
-Reward: 800 credits
3. Kill Pirate
-Reward: 850 credits
4. Retrieve(Deliver) Hyperdrive Part from Trader
-Reward: Rebel Banner, 150 faction points

Han Solo (471, 5052)
1. Escort E'Dycu
-Reward: 900 credits
2. Kill Bandit [Escort: 2 Thugs]
-Reward: 950 credits
3. Kill Bandit Leader [Escort: 3 Pirates]
-Reward: 1000 credits
4. Rescue(Escort) Han's Friend [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1050 credits
5. Deliver Money to Nateba Kerr
-Reward: Padded Tantel Armor Piece(Helmet/Chest Plate/Boots), 175 faction points

Abandoned Rebel Base, Dantooine (-6858, 5725)

Ackbar (-6812, 5560)
1. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1100 credits
2. Kill Disgruntled Citizen
-Reward: 1150 credits
3. Deliver Datapad to Teria Alessie
-Reward: 1200 credits
4. Deliver Information to Jeremes Kelton [Guard: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1250 credits
5. Kill Stormtrooper
-Reward: B-Wing Pilot Survival Suit, 200 faction points

Mon Mothma (-6824, 5550)
1. Deliver Holovid to Bothan Spy
-Reward: 1300 credits
2. Kill Strike Team Leader [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1350 credits
3. Escort Captain Altapi T'mman
-Reward: 1400 credits
4. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1450 credits
5. Capture(Escort) Senior Engineer [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1500 credits
6. Kill Imperial General [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: Schematic(Weaponsmith's Tool Set/Spec Ops Field Pack), 225 faction points

The Temple of Exar Kun, Yavin IV (5163, 5539)

General Jan Dodonna (5015, 5537)
1. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1550 credits
2. Escort Rebel Contact
-Reward: 1600 credits
3. Kill Stormtrooper [Escort: 2 Stormtroopers]
-Reward: 1650 credits
4. Deliver Datapad to Nateba Kurr
-Reward: 1700 credits
5. Deliver Datapad to Rebel Pilot
-Reward: Melee Weapon(Jagged Vibroblade/Grooved Two-Handed Sword), 250 faction points

Luke Skywalker (5029, 5536)
1. Escort Supervisor
-Reward: 1750 credits
2. Kill Big Creature(Giant Mawgax)
-Reward: 1800 credits
3. Escort Expedition Team Member
-Reward: 1850 credits
4. Kill Creature(Giant Mawgax)
-Reward: 1900 credits
5. Deliver Box to Tribesman
-Reward: Badge, Modified Republic Blaster Schematic, 1950 credits, 300 faction points

Hope you have fun on these quests, you'll get some good rewards too.

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Posted: March 5th, 2006, 8:21 am
connaislupus's Reps:
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taken right from allakhazam and swgvault/ign :wink:

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Posted: March 5th, 2006, 12:24 pm
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connaislupus wrote:
taken right from allakhazam and swgvault/ign :wink:
I concur. :|

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