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SWG Guide: How to Hunt and Easily Kill a Jedi : Star Wars Galaxies Guides

Posted: September 22nd, 2005, 1:40 pm

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From a friend

Guide To Bounty Hunting Jedi.


The right template for fighting jedi is a must. I use Master Combat Medic/Master Bounty Hunter/Pistoleer 0004.

There are 2 things you must have to fight jedi.
1. Root!
2. Massive Healing Ability.

Part 2 Foods

Foods are a big part of fighting jedi. These are a list of must have foods when fighting jedi.

1. Spiced Tea (Mind Regen)
2. Blob Candy (Action Regen)
3. Wafers (Health Regen)
4. Steak (Damage Mitigation)
5. Spice (Muon Gold) Mind Regen/Health regen)


1. Bomb Droids. Always have a bomb droid on you if you find a jedi hunting pickets he will be a sitting duck.

2. Armor Recon Armor is always the first choice if you can wear it.

3.Personal Shield Generators. A lot of post cu jedi's have crappy saber's will pull out a gun on you.

3. Slicing! Get your armor sliced to resist armor break 75%.


Situation 1: Jedi is hunting pickets or anything.

Step 1: Send a bomb droid. Instant Knockdown, huge damage.

Step 2: Paralize!!! combat medic.

Step 3: Thyroid Rupture (Attack Speed Reduction)

Step 4: Electrolyte Drain (Movement Speed)

Step 5: Start kiting the jedi.

Step 6: Throw a poision.

Step 7: Torso Shot. (bleed)

Step 8: Ranged Shot (Do Not Use Any Specials Unless you need knockdown)

Step 9: Heal!

Step 10: Jedi Knockdown (When a jedi knocks you down use stimpack d's until you can get up)

Step 11: Jedi runs when his force runs out. Use your pistoleer root (if you didn't use your bomb droid at the start of the fight pull him out now, blow the jedi with the bomb droid should instant incap him)

Step 11: If you used your bomb droid/ spam critical shot.



I am a member of a exploit guild and post it here because i like this site and want to help it.


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