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SWG Guide: Master Pilot Mission (Rebel and Neutral Pilots) : Star Wars Galaxies Guides

Posted: September 2nd, 2006, 8:25 am
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First off, let me congratulate you on making it this far in your piloting career. Not many people have the time and energy to devote to making it this far. It is no easy accomplishment. Just know that you DO NOT have to get the 7500000 experience it says is required to achieve master pilot. Completing this mission automatically jumps you to master pilot, so long as you are at the level before it.

Now, as for the quest. The starting NPC is Admiral Willham Burke (3080, 5203) in The Doaba Guerful Hotel on Corellia. Before he asks you to do the harder mission, he asks you to go to kessel and kill 30 imperial fighters.

For those of you that don’t know, to enter kessel you must travel to Dathomir (go to the Dathomir:Empire Blockade quadrant if you are hyperspacing there). Once you are in space over Dathomir, search your friendlies (Y key by default) until you see something titled “Space Station” and then below it “Neutral Space Station”. Travel to this, and when you talk to the space station comm Operator, he asks you what you would like to do. To go to Kessel select “I want to go to kessel”, and you will be hyperspaced there automatically.

Back to the mission. Killing 30 imperial fighters is no easy task, especially in kessel, where they are hard to find. So, I recommend taking a buddy or two (the more friends you have with you, the faster all of the missions will go) and instead of traveling to kessel, travel to deep space (can be done from the same space station), and when asked, tell the comm operator that you want to support the Rebel Alliance.

Make sure that you and your buddies all in a group, then, while staying remotely close to each other, find a group of ties and take them out. Then head back to Admiral Burke.

Now comes the hard part. The Admiral asks you to travel to kessel and kill a corellian corvette that the Empire has stolen from the Rebel Alliance. Gather all your friends that you possibly can, and then head to Mos Eisley and ask some more people to come and help you. These people CAN NOT be imperial pilots, and if they are imperial on the ground, I believe they have to be on leave.

Ok, as soon as you have as many people as you possibly can (I recommend at least 5 others who are your level or Master Pilot), travel to the Space Station in Dathomir. Now hold on, you don’t want to enter kessel just yet. Tell your group of however many people to all enter deep space as a rebel. This assures that when you enter kessel with them, they are all able to help kill the imperial corvette. If they are imperial, they can not do this. Once everyone is present and accounted for in deep space, tell all of them to hyperspace to Dathomir: Empire Blockade. Find the space station again, and this time enter kessel.

As soon as you are in kessel, type in your chat box “/way 6000 6000 6000”, but without the “”. Travel to this location, and wait. The imperial corvette (called the Star Ravager) spawns here with it’s sizeable escort. The escort consists of:
• Two Imperial Gunboats
• Two Tie Advanced
• Two Tie Oppressors
• Two Tie Interceptors
• Two Tie Aggressors

Now the fun begins. Send in one of your group to make a suicide run to draw off the all of the ties, but tell him to leave the gunboats where they are for now. Draw them off to a safe distance from the gunboats, and then slaughter the ties.

If you die, you automatically respawn at Dathomir station, but thankfully the mission does not end. If you respawn at Dathomir station with damage done to your ship, simply type “/escapepod yes” in your chatbox, and you will get free repairs and respawn at the exact same place.
As soon as this is done, send someone in to do the same thing with the gunboats. Gunboats are very easy if you know how to kill them. The gunboats do not have any weapons on their bottom, so get under them and target the other weapons. You do not have to shoot where the little crosshairs point you, just shoot the underside while targeting whatever component you want to kill, and this should be a peace of cake. Do the same thing for the next gunboat, then we’ll move on.

This is the hard part for most Master-To-Be pilots. You now have to destroy the star ravager. Thankfully, it’s easier than you would think. Get behind the Star Ravager’s engines, where it cannot shoot you. If you have missiles, target the weapon number 5, and when you have a lock, missile it until you destroy it. Do this with the other weapons after weapon 5. After doing this, you are free to approach the underside of the Corvette. Now have everyone in your group pound all of the other weapons until they are destroyed, then do the same for the shields, secondary shields, engine, reactor, and finally, the bridge.
This is what the Star Ravager will look like when it is disabled without it's escort.

Make sure that you yourself have done damage to at least one of the components at some time during the fight, and are close to it when it is destroyed. Otherwise, you will not receive credit for completing the mission. My recommendation is that you ask your group to save the bridge for you, just to be safe. Once you have done this, Merry Christmas my friend, all you have to do is go back and talk to Admiral Burke and you are a certified Master Pilot!

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Posted: September 2nd, 2006, 11:22 am

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: September 2nd, 2006, 8:50 pm
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Well formatted guide. This is certainly how it works for rebels.

Would of been good to see a small alteration to include both sets of waypoints, to make it a more complete guide. Possibly even tips for solo pilots.

There are more complete guide available, but there isnt one here that I could find. Doesnt seem to be a C&P. At least from anywhere I could see?

Yay. IMO worth some points for effort.

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Posted: September 3rd, 2006, 12:50 pm

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300 points granted

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Posted: September 7th, 2006, 6:20 am
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I agree to it with a few notes:

The gunboats can target you from the bottom, but there is a blindspot if you come in from below and behind them at about a 45 degree angle. Really all you need to do these days is disable them and haul !@#$%^&* away since it no longer screws up the spawn of the vette.

I prefer to use spacebombs on the vette components since they normally are one hit knock outs, but you probably don't have them if you're low level. (I'll explain how to do this momentarily) The downside is that you can only carry 4 of them at a time. So what you do to fix this is to position your ship so that you are pointing directly at Gun 5 from the bottom side of the vette. On this side, Gun 5 is the only one that can reach you. Come flying in at full speed and take out Gun 5 with lasers making sure to pull out before you fly through the vette.

Now you can stay on that one side with no problems. Next I would reccomend firing one missle at each of the remaining weapons.....This leaves you with 2 guns on the vette. Now you want to fly way the hell away from the vette positioning your ship so that you can hit one quickly and fly over to the blind side of the vette. Repeat for the last weapon making sure to have CTSS and a booster ready on both runs. Now all you have to do is pick off the rest of the components with ease.

Now how do you get spacebomb IIs before mastering? Well you can't unless you're remastering pilot. Basically what you want to do is outfit a ship just for the vette run before you drop your master status. Make sure that it's a ship that you'll have the certification for by the time you're ready to do the vette. Then all you have to do is use that ship with the higher level parts. The last time I tried this, it worked as long as you did not try to exchange the higher level parts out.

**Note this also works if you want a nice grinding ship: Outfit a tier 1 ship with high level parts and then use that to grind your early xp.

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Posted: May 30th, 2007, 6:07 am

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thanks, ive been trying to do this for ages, this will help me plenty.
cheers and salute to ya. :D

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