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SWG Guide: The Shadowed Lands Survival Guide : Star Wars Galaxies Guides

Posted: September 30th, 2006, 9:36 am

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The Shadowed Lands Survival Guide

The Shadowed Lands (SL) are the lowest part of Kashyyyk’s Rryatt Trail. The area has very dense tree cover, making it easy to get disoriented.

This guide will cover: 1) Tips for Success 2) TheBeasts and NPC’s of the Shadowed 3)Getting Around the Shadowed Lands

Part 1 Tips for Success

1) The SL are the last area on the Rryatt Trail. Once you have traveled through the entire length of the trail, you can “teleport” to any of the trail heads by talking to Achonnko the Trail Master, located at Level 1 of the Ryatt Trail (WP -724 –532).

2) The creatures in the SL are very aggressive. If you get close to them, you will have to fight or run. They will even agro level 90 toons on occasion. You can avoid some of the agro by sticking to the very edge of the trail when you are near the creatures. This can become very dangerous in the Gotal, droid, and Mystinger areas because you can easily have 5 or more creatures attacking you at once.

3) Most creatures will only use one type of attack. However, the Gotal will often switch to melee attacks if they get within 5 feet of you.

4) It is useful to have a macro set up to switch armor types back and forth from kinetic to energy (and vice versa) so that you have the best protection available for which ever creatures you are fighting.

5) Most creatures have a 5-10 minute respawn rate, except the Katarn which is on a 15 minute timer.

6) The Droid area is the best place to farm loot. However, clearing the initial set of druids can be very difficult to solo. The second best place is the Katarn area especially if you are solo, because you can attack the nestlings/Katarn one by one.

Part 2 The Beasts and NPC’s of the Shadowed Lands and Associated quests.

Level 60 Single Silver Elite
Health: 9500+
WP -345 111

Quest giver: Chatook, Kachirho great tree, level one (448 -192)
Part 2 of 2 of quests given by Chatook “Betrayal Find and kill Lobarorr”

Reward: Kashyyyk Bladestick
(Note: Emotes Rage of the Wookies has the wrong location for Lobarorr)

The Gotal

Gotal Hunter
Level: 80 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1600+
Attack Type: Ranged & Melee

Gotal Hunting Champion
Level: 82 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1700+
Attack Type: Ranged & Melee

Gotal Trapper
Level: 81 Single Silver Elite
Health: 16000+
Attack Type: Ranged & Melee

Quest Giver: Tressk, (WP18 439) Rryatt Trail level 2, rodian camp. -- Rewards: Junti mace *OR* Fleccette pistol

Part 3 of 3 quests given by this NPC: Defeat 18 Gotal hunters, They call the Shadowlands home. Levels 80-82.
Return to Tressk and chose your reward.

Wikipedia Reference:


Gotals were tall, hairy humanoids who evolved on the moon Antar 4. They had gray-brown faces with reddish eyes, small, flat noses, and shaggy gray fur covering most of their bodies. Their most distinctive features were the twin conical horns growing on the top of their heads, which acted as highly responsive electromagnetic sensors. The unique nature of these sensors shaped Gotal culture, and gave them a place in the Galaxy. Their electromagnetic senses often led them to employment as trackers, soldiers, and bounty hunters. Gotal hunters and soldiers were difficult to ambush or trap, and easily saw through most attempts at camouflage or disguise. They prided themselves on tracking difficult targets, referring to the Gotal proverb "What is easily achieved is easily lost." Some Gotal hunters had developed their empathic skills well enough to accurately and quickly anticipate their enemies' moves—these were referred to as "precogs". These were the champions of Gotal hunting culture, and were fierce foes if provoked.

The Droids

Abandoned Droideka
Level: 81 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1600+
Attack Type: Ranged

Abandoned Battle Droid
Level: 80 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1550+
Attack Type: Ranged

Abandoned Super Battle Droid
Level: 82 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1700+
Attack Type: Melee

Wikipedia Reference:

Several models of aggressive droids are located in the The Shadowed Lands of Kashyyyks Rryatt Trail left behind from the Second Battle of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. Though nearly 25 years have passed, these droids are operational and quite lethal. Although a glitch in the program made for every Droideka now prevents them from activating the built-in shield, they are still armed with deadly weaponry.

The Mynstinger

Blood Spiller
Level: 80 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1600+
Attack Type: Melee

Bone Crusher
Level: 81 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1600+
Attack Type: Melee

Death Caller
Level: 82 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1600+
Attack Type: Melee

Quest Giver: Krepauk, Level 1 Ryyatt Trail (-708 -477) -- rewards: Minstyngar Hunting Trophy
Part 4 of 5 quests give by this NPC: Vanquish 21 Minstyngar bloospillers, deathcallers, or bonecrushers.

Level: 82 Single Silver Elite
Health: 1600+
Attack Type: Melee

Quest giver: Boshaz (Trandoshan camp WP 110 168). -- Rewards: Trandoshan Hunting Rifle

Part 6 of 7 of quests given by this NPC: “Slay Scratch, the oldest of the Minstyngars”. Scratch can be found at -1477 -4618 on the 5th Level of the Rryatt trail. (see Rryatt Trail section for more information on the levels). Scratch is level 82 elite. Kill him then bring word of Scratch's defeat to Harwakokok the Mighty (great tree WP -419 -89).

Wikipedia reference:

A massive simian creature, the minstyngar haunts the levels of the Rryatt Trail. The minstyngar have a rudimentary social structure and hunt in packs. Although many adult minstyngar can be found roaming the Rryatt Trail, the elders and younglings are most often hidden deep in the forest... far from prying eyes.

The Katarn

Level 87 Double Gold Elite
Health: 130,000+

Level 82 Single Silver Elite
Health: 14,500+

Location WP 110 29

Quest giver: Krepauk, Rraytt Trail Level 1 (-708 -477)
Part 5 of 5 quests given by this NPC: Defeat the Katarn. Level 87 "Boss" -3073 2284 (gives badge ...has delved into the deepest reaches of the Rryatt trail and defeated the fearsome Katarn)

Rewards: Katarn Hunting Trophy, Katarn knuckles

Wikipedia Reference:
A katarn was a predatory quadruped native to the planet Kashyyyk. They had slender bodies with rodent-like tails, and narrow faces leading back to a cartilaginous ridge protecting their neck and shoulders. Their paws had opposable digits, and their lower limbs are covered with sharps spurs, both of which allowed them to climb and hang from the branches of the giant wroshyr trees.

Katarns were creatures of great importance in the Wookiee's culture. The Wookiees, who called the Katarn the "Old Prince", hunted them in hrrtayyk ceremony. Wookiees said the katarns were born by a wound to Kashyyyk that fell from the sky ages ago (possibly a Rakatan satellite) and made a home for the Katarn. The katarns then hunted the Wookiees, thus unlocking the Wookiees inner "fire". To thank the katarn, the Wookiees hunted them. They believed that someday it would be the Katarn's turn to hunt the Wookiees again.

Katarns were ferocious and merciless predators which would track their prey for long periods before choosing an opportune moment to strike. They have been described as "silent, shadowy, and deadly," qualities which made them the mascot of Judder Page's Katarn Commandos.
Some katarns were domesticated as the war-mounts of Wookiee dragon troopers.

Part 3 Getting around the Shadowed Lands

The first thing you should do upon arriving in the SL is to adjust your graphics settings so you can see better. The second thing is set up a waypoint for the guide, so you can find your way back. Also, you should set up the waypoints for the Gotal Camp, Katarn, Droid and Mystinger areas. Those will assist you in navigating the SL.

The map below (it’s a portion of the overhead map) lays out the trail system in the SL. The Legend below explains the various letters and designations.

Map Legend:
Trail Guide: Point of Entry/Exit (WP –419 119)
Lobararr: Quest NPC (WP –345 111)
Droid Area: location of numerous Abandoned Droids (WP –242 –105)
Gotal Camp: Large Camp with many Gotal (WP -63 193)
Katarn: Location of the Katarn & Nestlings (WP 110 29)
Minstynger Area: Location of “Scratch” and numerous Minstynger
G: Gotal (Hunter, Hunting Champion or Trapper)
D: Abandoned Droid (Droideka or Battle Droid)
M: Minstynger (Blood Spiller, Bone Crusher or Death Caller)

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