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From novice entertainer to master image designer in ~2 hours : Star Wars Galaxies Nerfed Info

Posted: April 8th, 2004, 10:59 am
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i know that this could alredy know but i want to share it anyway

require: full mind stat migration
some GOOD quality vasarian brandy
1 crate of moun gold
a friend who likes to click (using macro express for example)

the grinder part:

image designer has NO DELAY so, u can get n exp per second, so the mind is all
go to the coronet theater (next to the guild halls) there are an entertainer trainer outside and a image designer inside,
sit, eat 2 vasarian and a moun and start with a macro like this:

/imagedesignSetValue hair_color 00;
/ui acion toolbarSlot00

this works until level 2 or three when u'll get the eye_color, just change che macro

/imagedesignSetValue eye_color 00;
/ui action toolbarSlot00;

with this u'll get the novice image designer in half an our or so
now, go insde the theater and sit next to the image designer trainer, you are now able to change cheeks they takes the best mind/exp rapport and you will use it until the master (with focus over 1500 cheecks DOESN'T USE THE MIND AT ALL), so it's now an easy ride
grind until the master, you can make youself buff by a dances/musician and don't use moun gold at all for a non-stop grind

the hardest thing of this profession are the app ;)

cliccker side :

all the cliccker has to do is to click ^^
with macro expres (a little shareware wich record/create/modify loops etc.) will be easy, just record the location to the screen, duble the macro speed and set it to an infinite loop

master id in < 2 ours

a common grinder surely know all this but i hope i'll help someone ;)


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Posted: May 4th, 2019, 3:46 pm

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does not work on swgemu

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