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Space : Star Wars Galaxies Nerfed Info

Posted: June 18th, 2009, 9:51 pm

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Ok, so heres try two i knw the last guide was a ahem bad one lol but this one is for space if you already have it down then you can just nay it away.

How to solo a corvette from my exp. as well as my guilds:
1) To get to Kessel you must first visit your deep space station.
-->Rebel=Not sure as of rite now im in a mostly imperial guild

2)When you Enter Kessel you will get the update for the mission if you are doing it, here are a few things that some kids don't knw that i have seen,
a) the ace quest is repeatable, if you are killed by the vette it is possible to just get right back in there and hit her again the downside is you gota be quick(ish) because unless the engines are disabled the vette will still move
b) Vettes are on a timer, either wait the 45 minutes or get someone to take out the opposing fations vette
c) You cant just hit the vette like other ships, you need to cycle the parts

3) Now the actual process of taking out a Vette: there are two kinds, slow but live, and suicide rush till its finally taken out, as this guide will say lets go with the first way for now.

LIVE: On approach to the vette make sure that you are about 3k distance from her, if you get within a 1.5-2k range I have seen some vettes that will most certainly hit you.

--Move in from behind and draw the fighters from the vette, take and retreat so that you cant be hit by the vettes guns and finish these wimps, i mean fighters off

--Next tar the vette and cycle the subsystems,(for those who dont knw use [ and ] ) on the vette until you come to gun 5, this is the ONLY gun on the bottom of the vette, and this will be your target and position for taking out the vette. (you can also tell the bottom by the position of the gunships, there bottom usually is aligned with the vettes bottom)

--Approach the vette from bottom, keeping gun 5 targeted and as soon as you get in range of gun 5 take it out. BEWARE at this point the vette may start to roll on you, if this happens turn and get about 2k out from her until she settles down

--Once the vette has settled get back into position underneath the vette where gun 5 once was, if you dont remember, it will be the location where no guns will be cycled on now

--When you are back down there target the vette and matchspeed, this makes it much easier to save time from causing her to roll

--Now depending on your pref. target either the shield, or the secondary shield, you will have to go about 100-150 meters away and try and angle in a bit on the vette for better shots on the subsystem

--Stay below the vette and take the shield out, rinse and repeat on the opposite side

--After both are done return to underneath the vette, and switch targeted subsystem to the engine

--Stop your ship to allow the vette to get in front of you and as soon as you can blast away the engines

--With the engines out this becomes a whole lot easier, return to underneath the vette and wait for the gunships to pass by, unfortunately for the vette gunships dont seem to care when their "friend" becomes a disabled vulnerable ship hull

--After they pass and are far enough so that they wont be a problem, move off to the side again, this time with the remaining weapons in targeted

--Finish each weapon off in any order you like, pref. finish them off side by side, returning under the vette if your shields need recharging, or shuntin

--When this is completed tar the vettes reactor, fly above and angle your ship at about 45 degrees, my guldmates and i have found this works best to actually hit the reactor, also make sure that you are around 100-200 out from the reactor

--With the reactor out all thats left is for you to stare at the bridge of the vette and decide all the onboard pilots fate... and we obviously know what it will be....and presto take out the bridge with one to two shots and congratz your now an ace, or you just finished off a vette for fun

--Gratz go to my guild for this -SPA- cause they have helped show me the perfection of soloing vettes--

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Posted: June 18th, 2009, 9:56 pm

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