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Confused with new website layout : General & Trouble Shooting

Posted: September 9th, 2010, 9:44 am

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Hey, been using this website frequently for the last few months/year, however about a month ago there were some website changes and I'm totally lost now and feel like I'm missing updates/cheats/information now because of the layout... Maybe someone can help me figure out how to do what I want:

I only care about 1 game; Everquest 2. I usually log in every day, and I want to see if there are any new posts just for Everquest 2, if there are I will check 'em out to make sure I'm not missing out on anything good, or someone is reporting a bug in my hack or whatever. But sometimes I'm busy and can't log for a few days, so I want to see what's happened for the last few days in the EQ2 section.

You used to be able to go to the "Forum index ยป EverQuest 2" area and under Forum Category there was like a last post date, so it would say like "some_name @ 9:22pm yesterday" I think, So I could quickly tell if there was a new post, then it would to the same for each post in that forum. It was pretty easy to tell if there were new posts since your last visit assuming you know the date...

Now with the new website/forums layout it seems that the dates are removed from the forum categories and inside the forums too, you have to jump in each thread to see the dates... Not very useful I think... However you guys did add 3 new buttons, but I don't think they're very helpful:

View posts since last visit - 98 of 100 of these are for games I don't care about it, so not useful. Also sometimes I log in real quickly for lunch just to upload a patch for my cheat, and dont have time to read all the new posts, but because I logged in, my list of new posts are wiped out, so when I log in later to actually read the posts, theres nothing there and I can't find whats changed since 2 log in's ago.. this is a problem!
View your posts - I know what I wrote and were, do not care about this.
View unanswered posts - again, mostly for games I care nothing about, and still won't help me find new cheat information pertaining to EQ2 as most of them arn't "unanswered posts", most are ungoing threads that just have a new post, however I can't really find 'em anymore

So how do you guys navigate this page w/ the changes? Sorry if I offend the website designer, not trying to, just want to know how to find the latest cheats every day :-)


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Posted: September 9th, 2010, 10:16 am

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The view posts since last visit seems like the only way
Its been the only way I've viewed the site for years
it shows every post either newly created or replied to
(it doesn't show your newly created, replied to post until someone else replies)

so you might have to "weed out" the games not interested but with no author or date info showing anymore I can't think of any other way

it should give the same results as viewing the eq2 section to see the new post icons glowing or blinking

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Posted: September 9th, 2010, 1:25 pm

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yeah thats a problem, view posts since last visit is kind of broken, see last time I "visited" i just logged in to make the post above, I didn't check for new posts, so now when I just logged on 1-2 hours later, to actually check new posts, its empty as it gets cleared each time you log out. So if you go a log in without checking new posts, you lose everything that might have been updated the time before, and theres no way to know what you missed out on :-(

plz bring back author or date info showing on the thread categories plz :-)

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Posted: September 18th, 2010, 12:54 am

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Yea i know ugh. Old software edited is bad.

We have a new version 2.0 coming soon we have been setting it all up. Big features that youll want.

1) You can look under just the game sections you want.
2) Subscribing to your topics.
3) Main game page when you use the left links will take you to that games forums if you are logged in.
4) Dates will show for users when you are logged in to help speed the site and help with google.

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