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Help for the new guy? :) : General & Trouble Shooting

Posted: July 13th, 2005, 7:28 pm

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Hola! COuld somebody help me please...

Everquest 2:

First day, so pretty much blowing up as much as possible. :)

1.) So, weird/annoying thing... I broguht up the map (radar) screen. But when I try to move it (holding down left mouse button), the game sees the mouse and activates Mouselook. Which, since the screen is panning, it keeps resetting the mouse to center. Net result, I could move the radar window an inch, POPs back, move an inch, POPS back, etc. ANybody know a way around this/a way to turn off mouse panning in EQ2 (Looked all thru the controls, I can't find if).

2.) Half the time when I try to click a window, Unleashed doesn't register it. So, when trying to click a selection box on the map console... well, sometimes it works, other times it clicks/unclicks itself (I see if flash quickly), other times nothing happens at all.

3.) Running scripts: Same as #2. I try to use the left right arrows to scroll thru the available scripts... sometimes works, sometimes not.

4.) Trying to run the harvest script. Configured it (removed delete me), went over to Forest Ruins since it had a WP file... I got it to work once. Script init, I ran forward, walked up to a node.... whoops. Forgot to setup the hotbar. {Del} to end, went back to entrance, made the mods, trying to run the script.... nada. The script says 'script is running, Press F12 to end' and that's the last I see. (I've rebooted since, still can't get the script to run)

5.) So, I find ONE way to deal with the map window issue was to scroll the mouse really fast, before the cursor could pop back to center. Yep, scrolled that window right off the EQ2 screen and now I can't get it back. If there's an INI file that keep the window position setings that I could delete/re-init?

Any suggestions for any of these?

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