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Posted: July 12th, 2007, 4:53 pm
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Although I don't blame Tault, the quality of the Ultima Online Exploits etc that have been accepted is laughable. Many of them are simply game tips, that any remotely seasoned player would know. Most are not exploits at all, but just strategies, which are already well (or better) explained on other websites, for which I didn't have to pay in order to access.

I haven't looked at the other games, as I am well-aware of UO's level of popularity in the MMORPG community, so the other games probably have plenty of exploits in comparison. The problem is that I do not play any of these games, so I have only come here for one thing... which I have not found at all.

I wouldn't mind so much, except that there are so many exploits that other UO players use, and that I was curious about, and not one of these exploits is listed on the UO section of Tault. There is absolutely nothing of value to me here.

Before I go, I will try to enrich the UO section, by posting up the exploits that I personally know of. I hope future UO-based Tault subscribers have better luck. I'll have to apply for my refund :(

Excuse my ignorance, but do you have administrators/moderators who are veterans in each of the games that you promote exploits for? I really think this would help improve the quality of submissions, especially in UO's case.

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Posted: July 12th, 2007, 5:09 pm

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in some game sections yes, in many of them no we do not as most of the moderators left. im really one of the more active moderators and i dont post too much anymore and one admin (other admin posts once in a blue moon)

the entire community is supposed to be player driven for content but many sections do not recieve a huge following on this site so get little in terms of content

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Posted: July 12th, 2007, 5:37 pm
mellyo's Reps:
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I can appreciate that completely, and is also why I will ensure I will post up anything I know before I go. I would hate to find others in the same boat, and I really do prefer the community to thrive!

I was just hoping to find something I didn't know, and I thought I would be wasting my time posting my own exploits in an attempt to get premium membership free. It turns out I likely would have at least gotten some points for the stuff I know!

I almost had a heart attack after joining. I was expecting a "Welcome to Tault!" email explaining the service more directly etc, but I only received two emails stating "payment received". Then I tried to get onto Tault and the site was down (at least for me) for the rest of the night. For a heart-stopping moment, I thought I had been scammed, until I did some thorough web searches and found no negative feedback about this site, hehe. The next morning I managed to get on fine, and finally see what my money had bought! :)

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