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where to farm from lvl 10 on up.. not just harvesting : Vanguard Discussion

Posted: April 13th, 2008, 1:05 am
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I would like to know the good item farming spots, or spots in general where you can get stuff to either vendor or sell on the exchange ah thing for gold.. i see alot of harvesting guides and stuff that are great but no where that has any special drops or any where lowbies can gain items pretty easy.. my bud and i just started playing and want to make some gold as quick as possible but get really tired of always using our professions to harvest stuff.. lol.. sigh... so a guide would be great.


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Posted: April 13th, 2008, 8:17 am

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Unfortunately, particularly at low level, there is really nothing you can do in the adventuring sphere besides harvesting to make substantial quick coin. You could try mass-slaughtering 2dots for the shandrel's drops and selling the dusts/resources you get from them. Problem with adventuring is that very few good items drop that are also tradeable, and coin loot is not valuable enough to get rich on.

If you do harvest with a buddy, you can maximize your efficiency by each working on different node types, then when you see a node is a rare/ur, immediately cancel harvesting and back away from the node. As long as you stop before harvest counts down to 60%, the node will remain intact. Get your buddy over to you and group harvest it.

Outside of the adventuring sphere, however, you have more options.

Diplo, even at low level, can yield nice coin selling baubles and certain evidence papers to other players.

Crafting can be the best coin in the game, although it takes work. If interested in this sphere, I have written and regularly support a crafting bot in the vgextreme programs section.

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Posted: April 14th, 2008, 12:19 pm

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I have to agree with beergeek, I have many characters my main is 50 in all 3 spheres and I can honestly say there is no real get rich quick scams like there use to be at the start (not talking about duping etc). I thankfully made enough money to support me for over 12 months and many alts.

Regarding the crafting though I can advise the crafting script that beergeek refered to, I use it quite often and have taken a leatherworker, tailor, armorsmith and minerologist to 50 with it. Its a very nice program and simple to use, if you have any issues he normally has you up and running again within days, 9 times out of 10 the next day. If you wanted to really make some cash I would have to say make something like a tailor and sell bags, not sure what the profit margin is post GU4 but bags are sold to everyone and as a tailor you can also make light armor for casters. If you went hardcore and only crafted, nothing else, I would guess that you could make 1-50 in about 10 days.

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Posted: August 3rd, 2008, 1:01 am
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Heres my breakdown of where I have leveled all my toons.

0-10: Whatever starting zone my race is.

Dungeons: Starting race dungeon.

10-20: Go to Veskal's Exchange in Thestra do the quests around there and you should be about level 15 then start the URT(United Races of Telon) Which is a great way to level up and get really nice gear. After URT questline you should be at least level 17 and you are ready to head to Hunter's League questline. You'll need a group for this but the rewards are amazing for your level.

Dungeons: Both Spider Caves in Veskal's Exchange. And Kassandra's Coven which is part of the Hunter's League questline.

20-30: Finish up the Hunter's League questline which should lead you to Skrawlra Rock. By the end of that you should be at least level 23. At this level you can start CIS(Coterie Infinieum Sanctuary) questline inside of Qalia. It is a very long and rewarding quest and ends up with you obtaining a legendary weapon. While doing this questline I recommend you going to the Shildreth Mining Company mines and farming a Veline Veil which has the activated ability to turn you into a black panther. After the CIS questline you should be at least level 28 and you can now do River Valley quests which is one chunk west of CIS. I recommend you stack every quest until you've got around 30 or 40 and popping and 100% exp potion and gaining a few levels. After River Valley you should be about 30 or 31.

Dungeons: TK(Trengal Keep) has a long questline that is full of experience.

30-40: After you finish River Valley I suggest you go to Cragwind which is in Qalia and start the quests there. There should be around 25 initial quests and after you do all those and turn them in it should yield another 20 or so quests for you to do. This should get you to about 34 or 35. Now go to Southwatch and do the bounty hunter's questline which is quick and easy armor along with a pretty good exp gain. This should get you close to 37. Now go to Bernard Hills in Thestra and do every quest there but don't turn them in quite yet. Now go to Plains of Anguish and do every quest you can do there. Then pop an exp potion and turn them all in(Should be close to 50 quests). This should get you 42+.

Dungeons: VT(Ruins of Vol Tuniel) Is a great place to make some easy exp. Dargun's Tomb is a great dungeon which has a questline for a legendary weapon which is worth the questline. Graystone is for higher 30s and has a questline to collect Bloody Insignias and it also yields a legendary weapon.

40-50: After you do Plains of Anguish you should be at least 42. Now go to Razad which has quite a few quests for you to do which get you to about 44. Now go to Deadbog and do the quests around the town Ruin Fall and pick which of the 3 factions you want to be aligned with and start farming totems for that faction with the quest from each factions respected emissary. After you collect about 500 or so totems pop an exp potion and you should go straight to 50. And have enough rep to get your faction armor.

Dungeons: In Razad there is a dungeon called Tricksters Haven which has lots of quests and great exp. At about level 46 you can start doing ToT Medal Runs(Which is in Tehatamani) which will yield lucent medals which you can turn in for some of the best jewelry pre APW in the game. You could also do some Hegnerian Runs(6 hour lockout) in Swamp of Rumog which can get you some great items.

Thats just a quick layout I did without using any references so if anything is misspelled I apoligize :oops:

I could make a very in depth leveling/ interesting things to do guide in the future with much better formatting 8)

If anyone is interested in me doing so leave some feedback. I don't know if someone has already written on in the premium forums.

I hope this helps anyone who needs it.


Edit: Put spaces in between some stuff :wink:

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Posted: August 3rd, 2008, 1:02 am
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Double post! My apologizes :oops:

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