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Wall/map exploits and easy rare recipes : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: May 20th, 2007, 10:56 pm
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Wall exploits
Some people might remember teleporting behind map boundaries and getting under the map and such. I have found out how to teleport behind the blue wall on 3 different missions.
1. The shadowhunter mission/ warevolves mission
2. The out door map that resembles steel canyon where you first fight the Bobcat AV
3. And finally in the first rikti mission given to you by shadow hunter. Remember that one used to powerlevel?

The trick is to find a road that goes past the blue wall. since the sidewalk is elevated higher than the road itself, there would be a little space left under the wall. Use your teleport and aim it on the side of the curb behind the blue wall, and it would let you teleport.
The benefit of doing this is being able to fight under the map without having the enemies attack back at you. And also to see whats behind those blue walls, they actually have a couple DO stores there.

I will post a picture of the exact spot later today

Beneath Croatoa
There is also a way to get underneath croatoa. You first have to get into a certain match of woods using superspeed or fly. Then there will be a small crack allowing you to teleport underneath the entire map.
I attached pictures of the Croatoa hole, later on ill show the exact location of the mission wall exploit if you cant understand it.

Easy rare recipes

This isnt really much of a secret or an exploit, but you can finish the Katie Hannon TF in Croatoa in around 15 min and get a rare recipe at the end.
make sure your difficulty is set to rugged or above.

    First mission would tell you to defeat someone, just walk in and walk out. The mission will fail but the tf wont so dont worry.

    Second mission: You have to rescue someone, just go into the cave mission, find the hostage at the end and rescue her.

    Third mission would require you to defeat all the red caps in the cave which is very short.

    Fourth and last mission: get somebody with fly to the northwest corner to find katies spirit. destroy whatever has her spirit trapped, then fly up in the air and escort her to the exit and you get a rare recipe.

I think i will help this community because im always on the lookout for exploits in CoH. Back in I5 i found a way to enter other peoples missions without being on their team, and someone petitioned me and they fixed that. But be assure i will have more to come

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Posted: May 21st, 2007, 12:17 am

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can a premium member vote yay or nay on the easy rare recepies expoit?

for the other exploits

http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/ab ... s_FAQ.html

DO NOT make a post that says "I have a good exploit but won't share it until I get premium". We aren't stupid. The submissions forum can only be viewed by other premium members and moderators. If your submission hasn't been accepted after a long time, chances are, it sucks and no one likes it. Claiming that someone is going to steal your information and submit it themself is an unfounded claim, because the moderators would obviously know. If you do this your thread will be locked, and we might have a negative disposition toward you. This includes being made fun of, a lot, if you choose to stay around.

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