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PVP Ship Survival Guide : EVE Online General Discussions

Posted: March 2nd, 2008, 7:57 pm
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I want/need a guide on how to set up my ship for PVP. Or even better what do I need to somewhat safely enter .04 space without worrying too much about loosing my ship. I was called a care-bare, WTF is that? What skills do I need so my warp engine wont quit running. At this point I just want to be able to get away with my ship.

The other day a player baited me, I played along because they had my exact same ship and figured I'd have a chance (Carcel). They fired first of course and took out my shields almost completely. I started firing all my missiles that did just about nothing, (heavy missiles) and released my light drones. I was able to warp away with 92% damage to my Carcel. One more hit I'd been done. As I was leaving her ship only had maybe 2% damage. All this lasted maybe 25 seconds. I felt I was like an Ibis going against a Drake.

This is what I need help with. I want to PVP, but I want to have at least some chance. Is there a way I can post my skills?

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Posted: March 3rd, 2008, 12:26 am

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In no particular order --

#1: If you're just running courier stuff (esp. missions), use a low slot for a Warp Core Stabilizer. It's not a guarantee, but gives you a shot at not being warp scrambled.

#2: Carebear = someone who doesn't play the game to PvP. The flipside is that PvPers are power-assertive-rapist types with serious compensation issues, and couldn't stand two seconds in a [real-life] barfight. But "carebear" is such a succinct a term. *lol*

#3: Skills make a HUGE difference. I have a bit less than one year training skills up, but chances are I could gear wee Kestrel (frigate) to wail on your Caracal. But more likely, I'd bait you, and then my buddy in the CNR would drop cloak and show you a seven cruise missile barrage. ^_^

#4: Want to get into warp ASAP? Get a more agile ship, and/or train up ship agility skills (Evasive Manuevering, Spaceship Command). If you're really paranoid, gear up for agility (modules, rigs, and skill hardwire for yourself).

#5: Consider joining a PC corporation (instead of the NPC one you started the game in). Finding people who can teach you what's what, help a LOT -- and most corps do at least some PvPing. Some are hardcore, some are just *cough* "opportunistic". :)

#6: Plan on losing ships. Never fly what you can't afford to lose. I lost a Raven (normal, not CNR) to L4 rats, thanks to a drone bug (of course, CCP won't reimburse). Nearly 200M incl. the modules and rigs. Was about half my assets (I play pretty casually, and I'm not super-careful about switching skill training when the last one finishes).

Hope that helps. Oh, and EVEMon might have a way to copy skills to clipboard, but honestly, you could probably just hit the highlights (who cares if you've trained some Social skill up to level 5?)

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Posted: March 4th, 2008, 10:34 am

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For PvP in an rather empty area, I love using Smartbombs; they pull off an awesome AoE, just a minder; they do not discriminate, they hit everything.

Also try some armor plating, or shield boosters.

Check out my EVE Online Scamming Blog: http://isktaker.wordpress.com

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