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Easiest free macro I know (and free) : EVE Online Submissions

Posted: January 30th, 2008, 6:06 pm
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There are nice macros available on the net but it was not easy to find an easy one to use and one that was completly free.
Dowload the macro here:

Here a simple tutorial on how to use it.
I' m assuming you are a new player (if you are an experienced one I think you will appreciate the simplicity of such a macro).

Set up eve in the window mode (choose this option pressing the esc button and selecting window mode in the display and graphics tab).

Make sure to allign your window along the frame of your screen, choosing some points of refences.
For example you can allign the game window perfectly flush to the left side of the screen.
Open then 3 tabs, 1) places and people, 2) ship's cargo 3) Ships' hangar.
Allign in precise places the tabs so they don't overlap and you can use the icons on the left of the screen as your point of reference (this is useful if you want to use the recorded macro over and over again and you don't want to record a new one every time you move a window).
Dock and set up the overview.
Click on it and select open overview setting.
Deselect everything first. Then under asteroids choose the most common ore: such as veldspar, plagiocase and similar.
Save this setup as mine1 for example.
Load this setup clicking again on the overview and choosing mine1.
Now go to the belt of your choosing (in a high security system).
Go close to a bunch of asteroids.
Mine for a while one and then eject one unit of ore.
You will see in space a cargo container. Click on it and bookmark location (right click on it and choose that option).
You can do this for many belts in the system in case you want to change belt if one becomes depleted in time.
Now go back to the station. Bookmark the station location before docking.
Now open your MacroRecorder.
Press the red button. This will start the recording of your macro.
Move your mouse and click somewhere on the eve screen. You have to click to select the eve program. Do this before undocking. Now undock.
Wait for few seconds when you are of the station, sometime lag will keep you longer in the station so you want to have plenty of time to go out.
Now go with your mouse over the belt bookmark you want to mine in. Select warp within 0 meters.
When you arrive in the belt select the first asteroid in the list. Click on the orbit button (you will have to select ahead of time a orbit distance that is within the range of your miner). Wiait few seconds until you will come close enough to the asteroid. Give a little more time to the macro than this because next asteroid could be further.
Click on the cross hair and select the asteroid. Click on the miner.
Wait few cicles until your cargo is full.
Give few seconds more again to account for possible lag.
Right click on the station book mark and select dock,
When you are inside the station, wait few more second, again to deal with possible lag.
RIght click on the ship cargo and choose select all (even if you have one unit of ore, it is possible that lag messed up your mining and you will end up with two units or more, selecting all will resolve this problem).
Drag your ore on the ships' s hangar window (the ore will dissapear and go to your items vault. Using the hangar instead of the vault is good becuase avoids possible problems with the items vault filling up of ore).
Move your mouse on the stop botton of your recorder to end the recording.
You can save the recording clicking of the save button of the recorder.
Click the green button (this repeats continuosly your recorded macro).
Click on the play button.
Happy mining.
When you are done with mining click ctrl + esc.
This is a truly easy and efficient micro.

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Posted: February 1st, 2008, 5:42 pm

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I love how you repeat free; but seriously this looks like a C+P.

Check out my EVE Online Scamming Blog: http://isktaker.wordpress.com

Have any questions? Email me: lethal.tault@gmail.com

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