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Counter-Strike 1.6 all around guide (FPS and Gaming) : General Discussion
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Counter-Strike 1.6 all around guide (FPS and Gaming) : General Discussion

Posted: June 11th, 2007, 1:16 am
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hi i guess ur here to either fix ur fps or get better at the game.

lets start with fps

the best u can get is 100 fps

the four simple things to do r:
` (console)
rate 25000
fps_max 101
cl_updaterate 101
cl_cmdrate 101

if that doesnt work well ur in for a nice read:

the first method of fixing ur fps is to turn off Vsync
u can find this in ur video card options
goto Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Click on your graphics card tab

for Nvidia: Click on Performance and Quality Settings tab and then on Vertical Sync, uncheck the 'Application
Controlled' box and drag the Vertical Sync slider to OFF

for ATI: it should be around the same thing ull just have to look around.

Tweaking method #2:
locking your refresh rate:
ive always found that using reforce is one of the best ways to fix your fps
http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/ (refreshforce)

1. Run RefreshForce by clicking on Reforce.exe
2. Select your monitor from the dropdown list at the top (it is the one with [ACTIVE] )
3. The program should now ask you "this monitor has no forced frequencies..." , select your Graphics
card/display adapter and click on 'Auto Populate'
4. The table for Monitor Settings will get filled. From the table find the resolution that you use for
Counter Strike. (eg. 1024 * 768) Click on your CS resolution and change the frequency to
your monitors maximum refresh rate. (you can change the frequency by double clicking on it)
5. Click apply and close the program.
6. goto Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings > change your screen resolution to anything
else. (for instance if you have been using 1024*768 change it to something higher or lower eg
800*600) Click apply and then change the resolution back to the original setting you were using
click apply then Ok. Now the changes made by RefreshForce have been enforced.

1. When you are trying to find out your maximum refresh rate make sure your desktop resolution is set
to your CS resolution.(eg. if ur desktop resolution is 1024*768 and for CS is 800*600,use 800*600
and then look for the highest refresh rate available)
2. The lower the resolution you use , the greater its refresh rate will be. (more FPS too)
3. Do not use a refresh rate your monitor cannot handle, your monitor may get damaged

refresh rate locking method #2:
1. Right click Steam icon at bottom right of your screen and select 'Games'
2. Right click Counter Strike and select Properties
3. On the General tab click on 'Set launch options'
4. Now you have to type in the maximum refresh rate that you found out earlier like this: -freq xx
(example. if your maximum refresh rate is 85, you would type: -freq 85

also u can try using an older direct x level

1. Right click Steam icon at bottom right of your screen and select 'Games'
2. Right click Counter Strike and select Properties
3. On the General tab click on 'Set launch options'
4. Type in the version of DirectX to use in this format: -dxlevel xx
(example. to use DirectX version 7, you would type: -dxlevel 70 )

if these methods dont work there are a few more out there but i do not want to get into every detail of how to fix ur fps but the majority of stuff i have posted in this guide about fixing ur fps is straight from:http://t-ek.awardspace.com/fps.html (i do not take credit for wat they wrote but it is worthy information so i use it)

Now for the gaming part, i will start off with a few of the most common mistakes for the new person in counter-strike, this even happens with some of the oldies.

STRAFE!!!! this is the most important part of staying alive, u must do short strafes from left to right or right to left, mix it up do not keep a pattern, make it hard for the enemy to hit u.

DO NOT CROUCH UNLESS SPRAYING it is not really recommended to spray nor crouch but if ur going to do it, atleast crouch and get a little bit more accuracy, and remember to pull down on ur mouse with a little to the left or a little to the right depending on ur bullet spray.

BURST do not spray unless u really have to, it should be 2-3 shot bursts at the neck or chest. a headshot in 2-3 shots is better then a kill with 28 shots.

JUMPING CORNERS jumping corners is pretty much by opinion i consider it a NO NO and i dont do it but many people do, think of it like this if u jump out and theres an enemy who is good, he'll have accurate shots at u while ur landing to get ur shots off

WALK walking is very important in this game, if ur not patient u will get raped, if the enemy cant hear u they wont know where u r so use that to ur advantage **walking is regularly discriminated on in public servers due to it being slow, so use it when u need to in pubs**

SPRAY PATTERN the spray pattern consists of a 7 a backwards 7 or a T, by knowing this and studying it, u can become really good at spraying.

WALLING if ur running around and u sense someone is near u and u think u know where they r at, take advantage and spray at ur estimated spot and attempt to hit him through the wall or door.

AIMING well i defined how to burst and where to aim but wat if u know they are behind the corner, place ur crosshair about an inch away from the corner at an estimated neck level and as soon as they pop out ull have ur crosshair at an easy spot to aim at their head for the easy kill. **always keep ur crosshair at about neck level never at the ground**


well since im fortunate enough to have a server, wat i do is grab a clanmate

line up face to face, get some distance and have my clanmate strafe around while headshot mode is on to try and get my aim better at a moving target

also on aim_ak-colt i have him run across from left to right trying to hit him in the head before he reaches the other side.


both players line up, get some distance
start out with knife out aiming at floor
1,2,3 GO
**fun to have tournaments with**









well this is my guide hope it was a good read, if u have any questions post them here or message me on aim at Hammoud135 and ill try to answer them to the best of my knowledge


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Posted: June 11th, 2007, 6:47 pm

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