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Diablo 2 CLONE HUNTING GUIDE : General Discussion

Posted: June 11th, 2007, 1:31 am
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1. The basics
2. How do I get started?
3. Where do i find a trust worthy coop?
4. How do I find the IP im looking for?
5. What do you mean by find games?
6. How many games should a find?
7. After diablo clone spawns how do I kill him where do I find him?
8. General "slang" Used by common diablo clone hunters.
9. You’re ready!!!
10. Wait is there a way to find dclone free?
11. About GamersVault

Section #1 (The basics)
Well, for starters diablo clone is a unique monster that can only be spawned by selling Non-ladder soj's to a merchant. When enough are sold (80-120) diablo clone will spawn on all games with the same IP you sold the Non-ladder soj's on.
When you kill diablo clone, he will drop a unique charm usually referd to as a "Anni". This is a special charm that will give you +1 to all skills and also 10-20 stat point's and, 10-20 resist also, it even adds 5-10% more expircne gained.

Section #2 (How do I get started?)
Well, there are many ways of going about it. But your best bet is to join something we like to call a "Coop" a "Coop" is a get together of 8-16 people. In a coop the price is usually 5 to 8 NL soj's that every one has to pay to the leader. Which is a trusted member. (Ill refer to this later on) Then the leader will chose a IP to sell the Soj's on which will cause diablo clone to spawn on that IP. The usual coop allow's you three hours to find games with the IP. Of course each game you find diablo clone will spawn on.

Section #3(Where do I find a trust worthy coop)
Well, there are a few IRC'S that are trust worthy. But the one I will suggest is by far the biggest IRC for diablo clone hunting and by far the most trust worthy. This entire site I am suggesting is based all around Diablo clone hunting and gaming.. http://www.gamersvault.net This site will point you in the right place. I anni find in this IRC every night, once you get on there IRC ops in there can help you with anything you need. I suggest if you are really interested in anni finding you visit this sight.

Section #4(How do a find the IP im looking for?)
Well, a coop is usual only effective when you use a "Ip finder" to find your IP. There are many available but there are some that are better then other's. All the ip finders you can find at the site I suggested earlier. (http://www.gamersvault.net)

Section # 5. (What do you mean by find games?)
Well, this mean's that when you’re in a coop, and the 3 hour period has started you will only have that long to find games with the ip that was released. When I say find game I mean find a game with the same IP that was releasd by the coop. When you do this long as you keep the game after they sell the soj's diablo clone will spawn on that game.

Section #6 (How many games should I find?)
Well, it is possible to find more then 30 games. But that’s very unusual for the average anni finder. For starter's you will need more then 1 CD key set to make profit from diablo clone finding. As you want to be able to find more then one Anni.
The only way to do this is, have more then one diablo screen available. So if you’re interested in diablo clone finding it is advised you have more then 1 cd key set. Other wise you can only find one game.
Now, you can use d2loader to open more than one diablo 2 window using more then one cd key set. To get to the main question you will have to find at least 2 games with the desired IP that was released by the coop to make profit off this. Which mean's you will need at least 2 CD key set's. It's not possible to run more then 4 cd keys to one internet connection. (Unless you use proxies). There for you want to find 2-4 games per a coop. If you only find one you won’t make profit. You will break about even.

Section #7(After diablo clone spawns how I kill him where do I find him?)
Well, the best way to kill him is with the following characters in order from best to worst. CS Amazon, paladin smiter, kicksin, hammerdinn. You can find guides to all of these in my other thread hear *Link down for the moment.
Now, once the server has been poped, diablo will clone at the first super unique you visit. The fastest place to go is to eldritch.

Update* Now gamersvault has a auto-diablo clone killing bot. So even if you don't have a clone killer, it's as simple as typing !kill gamename/password realm ladder or non-ladder and your clone will be killed and anni dropped on act 1 waypoint for you. See http://www.gamersvault.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1115 for more details.
Section # 8(General "slang" Used by common diablo clone hunter's.)
1. Lock: This means you have found a game with the IP diablo clone is going to spawn on.
2. Coop: See above this mean's a group of people combining soj's.
3. Walk: to walk the server mean's to make Diablo clone spawn.

Section #9(Your ready!!!)
Well you should know the basic idea of it know and should be ready to go out and diablo clone hunt! Of course any questions you have I will try and answer. Also one agin if your really interested in diablo clone hunting, this is the best site to do it at. http://www.gamersvault.net Here all the moderator's and op's in IRC. Are very trust worthy. ( Only fully trust the operators in IRC and the website).
Hope this guide helps!!! -lolp1
This guide was written by lolp1

Section #10(Wait is there a way to find diablo clone free?)

The answer is yes, on the sight I mentioned above on there IRC they report all "hot" IPS hot means that there is a chance for diablo clone to spawn on them. But the chances of that happening are slim to none. It's always best to go with the coop for a guaranteed spawn. *Update

There are know alot of daily free walks in GamersVault. Meaning there is a chance to find him daily, for free.

Section #11 About GamersVault!

GamersVault is a site/IRC dedicated to gaming, although a majoirty of users play diablo 2 there, and most are anni hunters. This is a great place to get started, there is ussaly daily free walks, meaning you have a good chance to find diablo clone, and get a Annihilus small charm daily. They also do lots of free give-aways, a free G-rushing service, and more.

They have an IRC, which is used to help in anni finding. You can connect through regular mIRC or Java chat. ( http://www.gamersvault.net/forum/javach ... a3fe0bf51& )

You can join them on Irc.gamersvault.net , you can then join #uswest-dclone or #useast-dclone which ever realm you play, or both. They also have channels like #gv_uber-tristers where they do daily free uber-trist leveling runs. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Posted: June 11th, 2007, 8:27 am
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Posted: June 11th, 2007, 7:08 pm

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You didn't make this guide >.<

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Posted: June 11th, 2007, 7:40 pm

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it doesnt matter if you add something saying where it came from or saying that you didnt make it. it says in the rules


posting up a guide from another site is stealing a guide

void for contest entry as it was not your work and is against the rules

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