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[FLYFF] Guide To Surviving The Grind! : General Discussion
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[FLYFF] Guide To Surviving The Grind! : General Discussion

Posted: June 17th, 2007, 11:20 pm
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Grinding. Possibly the worst part of the game xD

Lets face it, after level 60, party is your best way of gaining exp, DO NOT LEVEL WITH OUT PARTY and a partner.! Your exp is going to suck a$$
If you join a full, advanced party you will get bonus exp from each kill that any party member makes. You'll make way more exp, and you will notice it quickly.Also in a party/guild you have people to talk to. This will hopefully stop the bordom of mob after mob after mob setting in. Think of something interesting to talk about and get grinding.
If you are full support then leveling in a party with somone about 15 levels higher will help you alot. :wink:


Instead of just griding, set yourself little exp goals, usually after I do about 10%( About 1 hour of grinding for me. ) I go take a little break, smoke/piss/eat/T.V./ w/e you do.
This should make the job a little less boring.
If you are a aoe'er, you may also want to try killing a whole spawn of monsters before the next lot respawn, just giving you something to do.
And just think about that cool equipment you can wear on the next level, of course me being a BJ and wearing my 45 set till im level 90, I don't think about that stuff yet.

Stay entertained

Listen to music or watch tv while you grind. I turn my comp. and key board to a sertain way that I can see whats going on on the TV, and just point and click on my BJ. xD
Go giant hunting and level up that way if you get bored it'll give you a chance of finding some valuable items.
Often times people find that turning off the flyff music and special effect noises helps, and i must admit the sounds are a little annoying.
Also, try pressing T so that your health/mana/FP/exp bar will disappear, that way you wont be looking at your exp every time you kill a mob, it'll kind of make exp go up quicker ( in your mind ) :roll:
But for myself, I find that watching TV is just nice, your watching your favorite show, take a few seconds to look at the comp and attack your monster, then go back to watching TV. Unfortunately that works best on DEX blasses xD, sorry aoe'ers, but I think bumping music is your easiest way of burning time.


You can't live without them, so don't!
Make sure you do the quests BEFORE the level you're supposed to. If you wait until a higher level to do the quest it wont give you your full 20% exp.
If you already have all the quest items on the mobs your leveling, and you can handle the next type of mobs..we'll move onto the next ones, and get all the questies there, and so on.

To Finish

Don't grind your sanity away, most of you don't have much. So take a break and make sure you are having fun on the game otherwise there is no point. Put the game in windows mode and watch some YouTube video's =), seach " eklipse069 " and watch my WoW 29 Rogue pvp vid xD, it'll kill about 3 minutes for ya =)
"Yes this guide is simple, and Yes it does work on killing time."
Have Fun :lol:

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Posted: June 18th, 2007, 12:47 pm

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or you can bot :D, nice guide, weird, but nice :D

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Posted: June 18th, 2007, 9:32 pm
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