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July Contest Entry - Lethals 1-70 WoW Guide : General Discussion

Posted: June 5th, 2007, 4:22 pm

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* I Would like to resubmit this for July *
* I just today revised my guide, and am putting it in for the contest *

Lethals Alliance 1-70 Guide * updated 7-20-07 *


I hopefully made this point around, this is more of a "pocket" guide that;
If your familiar with your class, and faction; you will have no trouble
understanding this, this is the original format I made for my guildies, so
its quick to read, hopefully quick to understand. I made this guide based
on my experience, plus it take skill to find a good grinding spot, sure
ANYONE can find one, but finding the right one; with less aggro than some
places, a healthy amount of mobs, and a place that you will not get
ganked (hopefully); thats what made this guide take 1 1/2 months for me
to make, because I had to find the right locations and test it constantly.
By all means if you do not want to level fast and enjoy the game do so
(you cannot pvp, level a proffesion, nor do anything, but leveling), this
guide was meant for people that play EVERYDAY, not just one day here
and one day there.

Yes, grinding is tedious, but its the most efficient way to do it, and
farming/leveling companys use that method, I'm not defending that theres
a lack of detail; I did it that way on purpose so it makes it easier to
follow, and not clouded by useless info, by where and why to go; who
needs that when you've leveled a character to 60 or 70? You know it well
enough to find these locations; to set this short, I made this guides "lack
of info" on purpose for well-informed player to follow easily, if you want a
guide that get you to 60 or 70, but in much much more time (doing
professions, extra quests, and such along that line), go with Kopp/James
guide for Alliance. BTW I'm planning to update this to 1-70, when I have
confirmed and tested it.


Obviously everyone has a different way to do it and mine is not the best,
or the most efficient way to do it. But here are a few things I did to level :

1a. For speed leveling - you should not be afraid to fight when you are in
low hp/mana. I kept pulling on my Shaman until I was down to about 10%
hp and 10% Mana. That cuts down on med time.

1b. The key is to grind on mobs that are 1 or 2 lvls above you and
complete quests while you are doing this

2. You're going spend tons on food/water/bandages

3a. for casters, buy good wands every few levels. Get cookie's stirring rod
from VC and buy the rest as you go. Maybe a new wand every 5-7 levels.
That way you can cut down on med time by wanding the mob when it is at
10% health so you can naturally start to regen mana

3b. for melee - bandage ,bandage, bandage and buy good weapons every
few levels

3c. if you can afford it, pimp yourself out (caster get +dmg gear, melee
get +attack power gear) the harder you hit, the faster things die, the
faster you get xp. Even that means you spend more time sitting down
eating/drinking (that only takes 15 seconds max)


4. Don't waste time doing PvP or leveling a profession, it just wastes time.

4b. Ok, please note that you MUST PLAY WOW everyday in order for this to do it, not one day here, one day there.

4c. If you are going to be out more than 1/2 a day from WoW, make sure you put your Avatar (Character) at an inn or a capital city to get rest XP.

Here’s what to do:

The Times listed are w/out rested XP

Human/Gnome/Dwarf -
Nooby zone (1 - 6.5) - yes, get to 6.5 ... that means killing just a handful
of extra mobs. If you are just grinding and doing quests this should take
you 1hr

** now go to IF or SW and pick up skinning (this will help offset the costs
of buying your gear and buying food/water) Highly recommend that you
spend 20g and get yourself 4 runecloth bags. In order to power level
yourself you can't be going back to town to sell things every hour

Outside IF/SW (6.5-11) - pick one (don't go between SW and IF cuz that
takes way too long) you're going to need to grind a bit but this will take
you 3-4 hrs of played time (again, no chatting is involved here ... typing
just slows down your DPS and slows down your leveling) ^_^

Loch Modan (11-13) - the first few quests here are easy to do. Kill spiders,
bears, boars. Kill little kobolds. Kill trolls. You can skin and get cloth to
make bandages. 2 hrs played

Westfall (13-16) - Complete all the level 12 quests and then grind on the
Harvest Golem/Watchers near the north part of Westfall. There should be 3
farms that have level 11-13 mobs. Then grind on the higher level ones on
the West until you hit 16. While you're running around the farms, grinding
on these mobs - complete the other westfall quests. 4 hrs played

*be sure to do the defias brother hood quests

*don't forget to pick up the quest "dry times" and start buying the alcohol
form the different places

Loch Modan (16-1Cool - come back here and do a few more quests. You
should be able to complete them quickly since you are such high level.
Don't forget the quests in the digging site to the east and the other building
all the way in the southeast corner (i forget the name of it) 4 hrs played

Redridge (18-20) – quest, quest, quest and grind on Murlocks or the
Kobolds (forget what they are called but they are all over the mountains to
the north) 4 hrs played

**DING ** have someone run you through the Deadmines 2-4 times (until
you get some nice gear) 2 hrs played

You should now be at 1 day /played

Redridge (21-23) - quest and grind on Orcs on the north east part of RR 4
hrs played

WETLANDS (23-25) - quest/grind on murlocks, crocs, the undead pirates,
the invisible dudes that walk in the river, the gnolls, etc (do not do the Orc
quests yet) 4 hrs played

Darkshire (25-2Cool – quest, quest, quest - the wolf guys, the comb quest,
the Undeads in the cemetery, etc, etc 5 hrs played

**find a kind soul to take you to the stockades (do all the quests there in
one run, not worth it to get gear)

Wetlands (28.5-30) - do the orc quests, raptor quests and then grind it out
on either one (Orcs if you need bandages, raptors if you want skins) 5 hrs

*if you can, find someone to help you with the last few Darkshire quest
(morbent fel, etc)

Hillsbrad Foothills (30-31.5) - these quest are probably green to you (if
they are grey and not part of a chain, skip them). You should be able to
kill Nagas and Murlocks on the south and get good xp. You can also do the
defias quests really quick. 2 hrs played

Alterac Mountains (31.5-33) - grind in the cave to the north (on the way to
AV) and then yetis ... just grind 6 hrs played

**DING you should be at 2 days /played** (maybe a little more if you
have been chatting it up

Arathi Highlands (33-35) - some quick quests here - you can grind on Orcs
or trolls

**at this time, have someone take you to SM and do some quests there. If
they can, run you through until you get some nice gear (class dependent
obviously) and you should be able to get a level or two from there.
Ideally, they would run you through the whole thing 4 hrs played -
obviously you may not find someone to dedicate 4 hrs for you, so go to
STV and start your quests there too ...

STV (34-40) - let me break this one down for you

**the key here is to pick up as many quests as you can, and complete
them all before turning them in. STV is FULL of chain quests. Kurzen camp
quests, Mastery quests, Troll tribes, etc**

(34-35) your first set of quests should get you a full level. Grind as much
as you can in the kurzen camp since its usually safe from ganking

(35-37) troll tribes (getting the tablets) and 2nd series of masteries and
the geologist co quests.

**@ 37 go to STV and pick up quests there

(37-40) singing blue shards, apes, raptors, tigers, panthers and troll
tooths? or whatever it is you need to collect from trolls. 20 hrs played

**if at any point you get tired of STV, go back to Arathi or if you really
hate grinding, go to Desolace or even Badlands

**or if you find someone nice, they'll take you to gnomeragan **

**DING - go buy your mount** /played 3 days

***I'll stop posting how much time it should take you so no one will get
depressed and hurt themselves but it slows down a lot from this point on,
now you really need to start buying that +dmg +ap gear***

(from this point on 40-50 should be about 4 hrs per level on average and
50-60 should be about 5-6 hrs per level)

(plus the levels specified from this point on are more strict, for example - I
wouldn't recommend going to sorrow hill before you are 50 cuz its not
efficient - same thing for Un'Goro before level 52)

Alterac Mountains (40-42) - Ogres (non elite) + humanoids (quest/grind)

Tanaris (42-45) - wasteland wanderers (grind, grind, grind) - get water
pouches and just grind. Trust me on this, you need to start grinding some
or you'll run out of quests and get stuckin between zones)

STV (45-46.5) - finish the quests here (pirates, Zanzil secret/Nagas, apes,

Tanaris (46.5-48 ) - Ogres (again grind, grind, grind) - you can pick up
quests in Tanaris and complete them if you want, but its faster to just grind
right now

Searing Gorge (48-50) - quests are fast and grinding is easy. Don't bother
getting the searing gorge key ... you'll never run through that door ...

Western Plaguelands (50-51) - sorrow hill - Chillwind point.

**I know this place is super camped so if you can't find pulls there, go
back to Searing Gorge or Feralas (there is a repeatable quest there on the
shore (right after you take the boat the little goblin there gives it)) or
even Azshara (but watch out for the farmers there!)

Felwood (51-52) - some quests, some grinding. Don't bother doing the
quests in the north by the cave that leads to Winterspring. Just do
whatever is green/yellow so that would be the first Furlbog quests +
Jadenar + whatever other quests you pick up from the south part of

Un'Goro (52-54) - Bring your Mithril casing! (2 escort quests + lots of kill
quests + some travel back and forth between here and Tanaris)

**its important that you grind whatever part of your level is left

WPL (54-55) - finish quests here (cauldrons + scarlet + whatever else you
can find) and then grind

Azshara - Felwood (55-56) - GRIND! or do whatever quests you still
haven't done here (you could grind on Ogres in Burning Steppes too)

Winterspring (56-57) - quests + grinding (you might want to go to
Darnassus first, in the Therussian village you can pick up a quest for
Azshara and another for Winterspring)

EPL (57-58 ) - lots of good quests here, just that you run into the occasional
horde party going to Strath

*NEW* * Outlands*
Hellfire Peninsula (58-60) 1.5 Hours = 1 LEVEL!
Quest, Grind; this equals uber XP.

**again, this guide shows a lot of grinding but its helpful if you stay in one
zone until you level.**

Hellfire Peninsula (60-62)
Do ALL the quests you see, most quests gives you 10k xp or more, also do instances for gear and stuff.

Zangarmarsh (62-65)
Do all the quests that there are to do, its the best way to level, groups quests can be a pain so make sure you have buddies that can help you out. on occasion do instances for quests, xp, and loot.

Terrokar Forest (65-67)
Quest, quest, quest; get a buddy to help you out with group quests. Once again do instances for quests, xp, and loot.

Nagrand (67-68 )
I'm tired of putting Quest, quest, quest, but Quest, Quest, Quest! Also once again Instances, Instances, Instances!

Blade Edge Mountain (68-70)
Quest, then work your way into Netherstorm.

Netherstorm (70) * Quest for gold, gold is quadrupled at 70 *
Again Quest

Shadowmoon Valley (70) * Quest for gold, gold is quadrupled at 70 *
Again Quest


Hope this guide helped; leave feedback here or email me at :

Have fun

- Lethal

Check out my EVE Online Scamming Blog: http://isktaker.wordpress.com

Have any questions? Email me: lethal.tault@gmail.com

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Posted: June 22nd, 2007, 8:43 pm

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