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Chronicle 5 info : Lineage 2 General Discussions

Posted: April 28th, 2006, 6:57 pm
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Clan Ranks
Names of Levels could be off.



Looks like they may have messed up the way the arows should go. Ill keep my eye open.




Shrine of the Heretics : Rune Dungeon
Connects to the underground drainage system of Rune Castle town.
Built by the worshippers of the demon Triol, of which members of the secret society Vernon Dante, lead by Kalinas, leader of the Von Haken family, were the first to fall to temptation.
Spawns monsters levels 80-87 and harbors the Raid Boss Priest of Triol.


Monastery of Silence : Rune Dungeon
Residence of the Order of Solina, keepers of the Grail.
Holds in opposition to the Shrine of the Heretics.
The dungeon has two entrances, one in each of the contesting areas Godard and Rune.
Underground, the monastery is said to hold the Grail of Glory, an important enshrinement of the order of Einhasad. Those that enter the monastery in search of the grail meet grave ends in the hands of the Solina Monks.
Spawns monsters levels 80-87. Raid Boss Keeper of Glory is found here.


Stakato Nest : Rune Dungeon
The Stakato queen rests in this cave along with her workers. Almost nearing the end of her days, her nurses desperately try to protect her larva which hatch very rarely at a ratio of thousand to one. Stakatos are a persevering species. They will band together in the face of an intruder, and will feed on each other if necessary for regeneration.


Burial of Disgrace: Schuttgart
Members of the orc tribes Batur, Morek and Turka, ostracized by the Orc Kingdom, were rejected from the Plateau of Immortality and buried here instead. These betrayers holding great enmity become undead, forever roaming the cemetary grounds.
Kakai, in order to stop the spirits from crossing over to the plateau, let loose the honorary soldiers of Hastui in the area.
This is the first hunting area encountered upon leaving orc town and entering Schuttgart, and a good place for Orc players to hunt before their second class transfers.


Demon's Dwelling : Schuttgart
A dark wasteland infested with demons. Ragna orcs and dark spirits dwell here.
For soloing and small parties.


Winter's Labyrinth : Schuttgart
This maze-like valley was once ruled over by Elven magister Freya.
At one time, it was full of warmth and sunshine and was so called Summer's Labryinth, but it started freezing over and is now covered with ice and snow, and the once tame animals of the region have turned into savage beasts. The lord of Schuttgart sent a messenger to Freya to inquire, but instead of Freya the messenger found a self-named witch, Queen of Snow.
Winter's Labyrinth is a mid-level hunting area for soloers and small parties, and features an even hunting area called the Island of the Ice Queen. Monsters are Ice-type, meaning they are weak to blunts and fire magic.


Pabel Ruins : Schuttgart
Constructed by the giant Pabel, these ruins are what remain from his weather research lab due to a mysterious explosion. Although infested with malignant spirits for some time, the ruins were reclaimed by an exploration group made of Dwarves and Dark Elves after a few Bounty Hunters found traces of Starstone in the area. Both races are now hard at work trying to develop new sources of energy from these lands. However, a fanatical scientist Doctor Kaos invaded the grounds with an army of golems under the banner of world domination, and using it's deeps to train his army.
Various types of golems appear in Pabel Ruins. While the outer areas are soloable .. (note: screenshot cut off)


Wildlands of Pillage: Schuttgart
The train tracks between Dwarven Village and Schuttgart used to be an important transportation route. The trains no longer run, instead, bandits and outlaws lurk to attack Dwarven merchants traversing the area.
The wildlands feature a useful buff providing quest for soloers.


This was translated and repaired by Hellrose of L2blah/L2guru.com. Many thanks to her. Hope you enjoy.

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Posted: May 6th, 2006, 1:22 am

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Nice :)


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Posted: July 5th, 2006, 3:18 am
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Some more Informations of the 'Cursed Sword' called Zariche in C5

While everyone is desperately waiting for Fifth Chronicle of Lineage II, Oath of Blood, they are also debating and discussing the effect that the changes will bring. The community gets these few tidbits of information about Chronicle 5 from the very few who can translate the Korean patch notes and inform the rest of us. In Korea, the new Chronicle has already been both tested and implemented into Lineage II, so occasionally we get an interesting story here and there.

But for now I want to focus on one particularly interesting addition to Chronicle 5. The update will bear the introduction of a special one-of-a-kind superweapon that appears in only one place at a time per server. The first, is a big two-hander 'Cursed Sword' called Zariche.

Zariche, as we learn from the patch notes, is extremely powerful. The weapon will drop randomly by any monster in the game. The drop will be documented in an announcement more so than any event previously. First the physical effect of the sky darkening, and then the ground will shake (probably much like the earthquake that happens when Baium is summoned, but worldwide). And then an announcement will be made regarding the drop and that it is now in the possession of a player....

The player that is lucky enough to have this happen to him or her, will get the sword forced on them. It will equip automatically and is unequipable until it's "life" wears out. But here's the fun part - while having the sword the wielder cannot lose experience on death, or drop any items other than the sword upon death. That's even if they do die... as stat's are increased to a rather frightening high. CP, HP, P.atk, M.atk, P.def, and M.def are increased to godlike levels never before seen in Lineage. It makes the user so powerful, that nothing short of an army of other players will be able to bring them down.

The sword encourages the player to attack anyone and everyone. Even though karma is maxed, it will go away immediately once the sword has decayed. Plus the sword decays slower if PK's are made more constantly. Undoubtedly the player - if they know what they're doing - will go on a killin spree for both bots and other players.

It does has it's disadvantages. The wielder is immediately kicked out of any party, or command channel. Cannot recieve buffs from anyone. Can't join any new parties. Is recognized as an enemy on a siege field by both attackers and defenders. The sword can also not be used in the Olympiad. All of this are weak safeguards to it's ultimate power ... Nothing will truly stop it's devasting power in an experienced high level.

This sword will, at the least, bring an interesting new spice to the game. I will encourage PVP on wide scales, because the sword will be of interest to be used for clan purposes in war. Additionally, for those who are more interested in working for the server more than their clan, it can be used as a very good bot clearer tool. Running through catacombs and killing off entire bot parties should require little effort by any person with this sword.


Here is the information from the Official Korean Site:

The cursed sword 'Demonic Sword Zariche'
The Zariche was a weapon of massacre owned by Bremnon, one of the four devil gods and the symbol of jealousy and inferiority.

Any monster in the world can drop this item. However, only one can exist per server.
Cannot be traded, dropped or destroyed.
When the Zariche drops, darkness will fall on the whole world for a brief moment, the ground will shake and there will be an announcement as a system message.
The character that picked up the item will immediately become chaotic, and his/her CP and MP will be set to 100%. At this point, the player's Karma will be at Max, and nothing will bring that number down.
The Zariche will auto-equip when picked up. The player cannot unequip the sword at will.
The sword self-destruct itself after a certain amount of time.
It will decay faster if no PKs are committed while it is equipped.
When the owner of the Zariche dies, the item dissappears or drops.
Even if the Zariche's owner no longer logs onto the game, the item will disappear after a certain time.
The owner of the Zariche will receive a periodic system message alerting the owner of how much life the item has left.

Fighting and partying
The character with the Zariche will be forced to follow the following:
Cannot attack players under level 20
If a player below level 20 hits a character with the Zariche s/he will be fossilized.
If a player hits the Zariche owner (but not with a physical/magical skill), the player's CP will immediately drop to 0.
Fights between the wielder of Zariche and other players will not result in PK penalties such as XP loss, item drops, increased karma.
The wielder cannot form parties with other players
If a player picks up a Zariche while in a party, s/he will automatically be rejected from the party
The wielder of Zariche cannot use the party matching system nor a raid channel.
The wielder cannot receive outside heals or buffs, nor give them. Self-buffs are allowed.
Pets and summons can be summoned, but the wielder cannot ride any pets.

Olympiad and Hero
Characters with the Zariche cannot compete at olympiad.
If a Hero character acquires a Zariche, the hero is able to use hero skills, and will return to normal hero status when the Zariche is gone.

Relationship between PvP and Zariche's special qualities
When the wielder of Zariche commits a PK, the Zariche's life decreases but its atk powers are increased.
A character holding the Zariche during a siege will be recognized as an enemy by both the attackers and the defenders.

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Posted: July 18th, 2006, 3:43 pm
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whoa thats a huge weapon but i bet itll get in the hands of the stronger

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