Free L2Walker Leveling Bot Hack
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Free L2Walker Leveling Bot Hack

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At taultunleashed we have multiple items and one of our biggest ones is going to be the lineage 2 walker bot hack we have so you can have it for free.  We have a special version of lineage 2 walker that every user can enjoy on the site with this hack.  Perks of lineage 2 walker are.

Free L2Walker Bot Hack– Full working with windows

– Ability to run l2walker without the need to disable gameguard in the game.

– Ablity to create custom built in game scripts for easy of use.

– Select custom mobs to hunt

– Select hunting priority for mobs

– Self healing and resting bot

– Ability to pvp and attack bosses

– Set up multiple l2 walker bots for healing and more

– Buff party members

– Tells for gms and ability to trick gms into thinking you are a real player

– And much much more.

Lineage 2 walker is one of the best bots ever created and now you can use it for free over at so start enjoying it asap.

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