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Good common sense for not getting caught : Lineage 2 General Discussions

Posted: September 19th, 2006, 12:10 pm
onycho's Reps:
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Okay, I have to say my first botting experience was on Diablo2 and my main account got banned during one of the major banning sessions. After that banning session we found out what one of the major flags are. Also, there are some other flags unique to lineage 2.

Common Sense Thought #1:

Don't bot 24 hours straight! Think of it this way. How many human beings can stand in a room killing 24,48,72 hours straight, without stopping? Noone that I know of. Also, in the EULA it states not just 3rd party programs but 3rd party programs that give you and unfair advantage. I read this to say if you bot in an area for 8 hours or so, that's humanly possible. Be reasonable and don't push the boundaries. I never walker for unhumanly extensive periods of time. I do this because this was THE major factor in determining the bot bannings in D2...been done once, why not in other games?

Common Sense Thought #2:

Don't bot in high traffic areas. No matter how good you are at setting things up, people can tell you're botting. the more people that report you the higher the chance that you'll be banned. They won't ban chinese botters, because that's 9 accounts they are receiving money from. But you with your 2 bots? Yup, you'll be gone.

Common Sense Thought #3

Don't AFK unless you are WAAAAYYYYY out of the way. I usually am there in the room and monitoring so that if someoen comes through or talks to me, I can respond. I also will AFK if someone that has my phone number is in the party with me (clannies). But generally, AFK is a bad, bad idea.

None of this will definately 100% keep you from getting banned, but it will make it less likely.

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