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GOOD SCAMMS : Lineage 2 General Discussions

Posted: June 6th, 2007, 1:54 am
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here are some great scamms

1. number one i use this one so much i got liek 3000 elven logn swords with this and liek 20 brig sets. first hang around a low lvl village or a high lvl village, say you have no clue whats going on or how u got there to somone that looks liek they are ritch then what you need to do if they reply is ask them for some adena so you cqn get back to elven village or any starting village if you give to you say thank you then say you jsut started game and wanted a bronze set that you saw somone had and the person that you saw told you the name. then say you have a lineage2 game guide that tells you some stuff thats why you know a little about the game, then ask if he can help you out or give you some adena tto buy a cool weapon... note to self yo shoudl be a girl character while doing this...
then the person will probably go help you lvl gain his trust by saying may i try on your cool weapon or armor if they say yes then try it on dance around and give it back. theyl be like wow they achely are trustworthy then keep hunting ask him for some adena so you can port somwere or you can get a cool weapon(again) then he might go to wearhouse and get you a brig set or somthing or he might give you 5mill adena if he does this keep saying you cant take those then at the end say you need to go somwere but before you go you would liek to try on his armor and sword again... note during this hole thing your going to want to try and make him think your like his online girlfriend. then either give it back and keep on re rolling and have him give you top no grade gear (if hes ritch) or take all of it!!!!! this takes totel trust might now always work.

2. heres on thats ok go around town saying you were hacked and thell ask you to contact gms then say i did they dotn do anything then try to get in clan explain same thing go to clan leader ask for some lo grade gear to get going in game once he does this wait for somone to log on that dosent know that you suposably have been hacked note there name and stay in lan for about 2 days in these to days hang with him and become friends then ask him if you can barrow his nice sword ect. then say youl give him all your stuff as collateral. usually the stuff given to you shouldent be all that great and lets say he has like a damascus blade right then when he gives you the blade just say you gatta go lvl somwere then if he trusts you go there then log out and back in in about 1 hour tell him so you enjoy your damascus blade hel say what do you mean?. then tell him somone with the same name logged on and asked for it back so you gave it, but he dosent know you still have it then say im really sorry then clan will help him get stuff back mabye... then he might jsut give you crappy syuff back to. good thing is you stay in clan!!!!!

3. heres a ok one first start a low lvl person then tp to like dion and set up a shop that says help me get back to dwarf village set liek 100 little things up for sale that are 11k then just go away and do stuff you should have sold meny of those things.

4.go up to somone thats hunting start conversation tell them later that the gear and whep you have is your friends and then say you wish you had cool equipmeny and stuff to call my own if there rith or generous theyl go get you some... i have billions of these just send me replie saying you want more and ill give you them

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