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Human Sorc: 1-20 : Lineage 2 General Discussions

Posted: September 29th, 2006, 4:51 pm
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Ok, I got me 3rd account some time last weak and started a DE mystic.
fully equiped her and began, i was 18 in 5 hours. Was liek...WOW! Never have i lvled a mystic that quick so im going to provide a guide thats 1-20 w/ homun class change. It will be updated and so on till 61+ i hope.

First, leave now if u can't have ur sorc always in top grade, This is for tweaked char. so I dont think it will be much of a use as was hoped.

Create your new char. and you will start in the mystic training hall. your rich an dtweaked remember? don't waste time on gremlins, and wiht the new chronicles the map ques isn't needed anymore. walk till u find the Warehouse, press Alt+M to pull up map of aden. you should be able to find your way to it quickly.

Now, log off and get on to another char. with the money to buy his/her Ng.
what you should get: devotion tunic, Devoution stockings, Leather Helmet, and a crucifix of blessing. Buy BNsps, they will help yoiu get to 20 in almost no time. Your option for a sheild is open, but keep in mind u wont get hit when ur one-shotting mobs, smae for jewls, I never needed them.

Go to Ti and drop of all this equipment + 30k gold to him/her. Restart, log-in as the new mystic and pick-up all the great gifts you have recieved.Take the 30k you got and go to Grocery store. buy 10 haste pots, 10mage haste pots, and 10 SoEs. This will alow you to go out and not come back for a little while. your Short-cut bar shoudl read: 1, pick-up. 2, wind strike. 3, -_-Blank-_-. 4, haste pots. 5, mage haste pots. 6, Soes. 7, -_-Blank-_-. 8, your Bnsps, (auto-mate them by right clicking them) 9 - 11, -_-Blank-_-. 12, sit.

Cool now A? :D

this is where it begins, truly.

go to the gk and teleport to the obelisk of victory. look to your left and you should see the Werewolf feilds. go to them, and hunt them, Start where ever you please, Wiht the Bnsps you can one shot the Cheiftains I think if not hunters, they give better xp then werewolves.

Stay till lvl 10, Then SoE to town. Go into the einhassed church and buy skillz:
1, Magician's Movement
2, Mana Recovery
3, Spellcraft
4, Wind Strike
5, Weapon Mastery
6, Armor Mastery
7, Anti Magic

If theres anything else, leave it be.
Go now to NW coast, by GK. walk south by the road until there are werewolf Cheiftains to the west of you....( Tring to get a pic in, ill update tommorrow wiht pics, prolly)

Found them? hope so, wiht Windstike and bsps you can oneshot them, (i will recheck, post if you know thou plz) I got 2 Fist Of butcher while hunting werewolf cheiftiens.

Make feilds of gold, and drops. Anyone come along beat'em away, or you'll have to go hard on em' :twisted:

Now hunt till lvl 15 and 25 or 50%, you should have nough SP for all the avalible skillz. go back to church and get skillz:
1, Weapon Mastery
2, Wind Strike
3, Armor Mastery
4, Anti Magic

Now your almost there, Return to NW coast using the GK. Walk Norht this time. you'll reach an area where you see giant Spiders and talon Spiders, (Near A Farm with 2 NPCs ones an Elf other is human, the human offers a quest at lvl 15 I think.) If not 16, take it and do same thing wiht the Werewolf cheiftains, make feilds of gold and drops. dont turn in the skins till your ready to leave.

Stay here and hunt till 19, hard to do but lookie here, you will get these drops 100% garentee wiht a sorc:
1, Leather gloves
2, Low boots

Always get them wiht a mystic, nto much but A there drops? right.

At lvl 19, SoE to Ti, go to gk and tele to gludin. If you want to hit lvl 20 before class chnage go to Thw bears and vuku Orcs right outside gludin, (windmill hill)

I have yet to explain the Wiz class change quest yet but it will be updated.

**if this is posted then i don't take any credit but i think this is first.
***It will get longer :lol:

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