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L2 - Korean CT1 PTS Patch Notes : Lineage 2 General Discussions

Posted: July 14th, 2007, 10:19 pm

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The first Throne is updated on the Korean PTS, and courtesy of dreamangel's translations on L2Guru, we're bringing them to you.

Original Source: http://www.l2guru.com/forum/showthread.php?t=82829
(Warning: Link takes you outside the Vault Network. We are not responsible for the content found on that forum).

T1 Patch Notes


- 21 new fortresses added
- each fortress will be part of castles ruling area, each fortress will have the choice to choose whether or not the castle has the ruling powr over them.

Fortresses Wars
- each lasts 1~ 4 hours
- after declaration of siege, the siege starts in 60 minutes
- fortresses all contain [allies, attackers, non-related people]
- people within the alliance will be categorized on the same side
- anyone that's not belong to the same alliance but is attending the siege is categorized as non-related people

Declaration of Siege on Fortresses
- when declaration is announced, each guild is treated as 1 unit
- any guilds above level 4 can declare
- when the first declaration is announced (by any guild), in 60 minutes the siege starts, within the first 50 minutes other guilds can declare as well.
- the last 10 minutes is treated as "preparation time" no other guild is allowed to declare anymore.
- When the guild wants to change/cancel the declaration/siege, talk to NPC to cancel
- any guild that owned this fortresses will automatically be assigned as the def side

Siege Starts
- as soon as the siege starts, all areas around it will become battle ground.
- siege starts, all doors to the fortress will be closed
- If the def side has appointed def troops (NPC), these will appear at this moment.

Ownage of Fortresses
- according to each fortresses, there are between 3-5 different def points with 1 central command area
- If the attackers take over 1 of the def points, within 10 minutes they take over the other ones, the central command area door will be opened
- Take over as in take down the def NPCs at the def areas and destroy the def advice
- After taking over 1 def area, if within 10 minutes the other def areas are not taken over, then the NPC's at this area will respawn
- After all the def areas are taken down, the central command door will be opened and this is where the "flag" game starts

Flag Battle
- After the Central Command Room has been opened, there will be 3 battle flags appear in the battle ground
- When players obtain the flag, they will have the ability to place the flag
- When the player dies, the flag will disappear and the battle ground will once again contain 3 flags.
- When players get to the place within the central command area they will be able to place the flag in the specified spot
- When the above is done, end of war and fortress is taken over

Fortress rewards
- teleport, buffs and return to fortress scroll
- use the guild warehouse
- can buy t-shirt, totem, bracelet, etc
- can learn guild extended force skills
- when siege is successful, clan points will be rewarded
- when the fortress accepts the ruling from the castle, they will obtain more def and will be able to summon more def troops
- Within battle ground, players can not Ctrl+atk
- Within battle ground, players will be "walk through-a-ble" meaning you can't block the others from going through by standing there
- any players died within the battle ground that did not declare siege will be penalized the same way as in normal pve environment
- any players died within the battle ground that did delare siege will be penalized 1/4 the probability of normal cases
- any players died within the battle ground that was not the one they declare siege on will be penalized the same way as normal pve environment

- political activities is developed on the relationship in between of the castles and the fortresses
- After taking ownership of the fortresses, a NPC will appear and allow players to select whether or not to be part of the castle ruling. Limited time of 1 hour

Decision Period
- During this Period of decision, the fortress would be under “undecided” stage
- During this stage, fortresses def system can not be used

- If undecided after 1 hour of decision time, then the fortress will automatically goes independent
- When independent, fortresses need not pay any tax to the castles
- When independent, fortresses will not be able to use the “strengthen def” ability
- When independent, the castle alliance / guilds can go siege war with the fortress
- When independent, managing ability is limited
- When independent, NPC will not be selling any healing items
- When independent, fortress instant dungeon will be accessible
- When independent, castle instant dungeon will not be accessible

- if submission to castle’s ruling, tax is deducted every 6 hours
- if there is not enough money in the guild warehouse, the fortress goes independent automatically right away
- if submission, all managing abilities will be usable
- if submission, NPC will be selling healing items
- healing items are categorized in 6 levels, every 6 hours it will go up in 1 level
- every time someone buys healing item, the clan points of the castle guild will go down by 10 points.
- when the fortress ownership is over 36 hours, the healing item reaches max, castle guild clan points will not be deducted at this point
- if there is not enough clan points (Guild that owns the castle), the healing item will stop at the level which it was last raised.
- if submission, fortress instant dungeon will not be accessible
- if submission, castle instant dungeon will be accessible

Other Rewards
- when taking ownership of a NPC owned fortress, clan point goes up by 300
- when the fortress is being taken away by other guilds, the 300 points will change ownership too to the new guild that took over the fortress
- After 6 hours of ownership, the guild can acquire the Oath of Blood from NPC
- During fortress siege, the guild can also obtain Knight Badge from NPC
- After taking ownership of the fortress, the guild will acquire the ability to go home automatically (return portal type of thing)
- Every fortress contains 2 special abilities, these abilities can be learned after taking ownership
- If ownership of fortress is taken away, all of the above mentioned will disappear
- During independence, guild can access monster instant dungeon
- instant dungeon requires 2 or more people in a party to access
- Every time only 1 instant dungeon can be accessed
- When the instant dungeon has been activated, within 4 hours it can not be activated again
- If disconnection occurs during this time, players will not be able to go back into the instant dungeon
- After killing the boss in the instant dungeon, a quest item will be acquired which can exchange for knight badge.
- the above mentioned “knight badge” can be used to trade for healing item in the fortress

Production ability
- can buy from palace NPC: bracelet, totem, t-shirt, accessories
- hair accessories: 5 types
- bracelets: 3
- t-shirt: 5
- totem: 52

Other abilities
- the ability to recover hp/mp
- the ability to recover exp
- the ability to buff
- the abililty to teleport

– mostly 3rd class professions
- sws (2?) - increases party def to the 4 different elements (fire,water,earth,wind)
- bd (2?) - increases party's 2 different ...?
- archers (2?) - probability of increasing casting speed + decrease mp usage when attack
- archers (2?) - probability of mp regen
- archers (2?) - probability of increasing bow type weapon atk speed
- archers (2?) - probability of increasing moving speed
The above was mentioned under Counter, probably means counter attack probability
- Titan (3) - within a certain time increases physical to max (?)
- Scav (2?) - turn blue mob dead bodies into bombs, when the time's up bombing attack
- wizard (3) - strong fire atk
- wizard (3) - continuous strong fire atk
- sps (3) - strong water atk
- sps (3) - strong water continuous atk
- sps (3) - ice area atk + curse lower speed
- sh (3) - strong wind atk
- sh (3) - continuous strong wind atk
- bishop (2?)- within a period of time increases the effectiveness of hp heal
- se/ee (2?) - within a period of time increases the effectiveness of recharge
- wc (2?) - lowers probility of party being attacked critical
- dominator (3) - seals p.atk of area mobs

Skills Adjustment
- adjustment to debuff time
- DOT skills effectiveness goes up
- UE: can evade p.atk
- Erase: cool down time increased
- shield block mastery increases more def
- the effectiveness of Eva’s Shield goes down
- Shield Block skill goes down in blocking rate
- Passive Critical Chance: (only applies to Plain Walker) goes up to level 4
- Passive Critical Power (only applies to AW) goes up to level 7

- Only 1 type of Elemental Attack Effect can exist, however elemental def can have a few different types co-existing.

Skill Enchant
- When skill enchant fails, the original level will not go back to 0
- The amount of sp/exp used for skill enchant will be 3x as now
- Need another Giant book to do this

Skill Enchant Exchange
- After skills had been enchanted, players can exchange between mp usage / power
- probability of losing 3 levels of this skill enchant
- Need the same book as the above

Canceling Skill Enchant
- skills enchants can be canceled
- After cancellation players will be returned with part of the sp used for enchanting the skill
- Need to use another Giant book (to forget)

Enchant types and categories
- increased amount of skill enchant types
- added enchant content, such as different elemental attacks, weakening target skills etc.

Passive Skills can also be enchanted
Critical Rate – effectiveness
Shield Mastery - increases def of shield
Critical Effect – effectiveness
??? – increases moving speed

Scav skills 6 different types
- when doing spoiling, can take away enemy’s HP
- when doing spoiling, can take away enemy’s MP
- increases self def to fire type atk
- increases self def to water type atk
- increases self def to light type atk
- increases self def to dark type atk

5 ways Bishop can enchant Body of Avatar
- amount of time in effect
- reduce MP usage
- increases the amount of hp recovery
- increases p.def
- increases m.def

Other Skills Examples
Boost HP – increases CP regen rate
Prayer – increases mp regen rate
The Heart of Pa’agrio – increases def to root


New items
- level 80 armors
- level 14 soul crystals - chance of succeeding in leveling to 14 with the boss at the new hunting ground
- if failure, can be taken to the Blacksmith (in the tombs) to develop it into a level 14 crystal
(the only thing is whether or not the soul crystal has to be taken to do the raid boss first or can be directly produced into a level 14 by the blacksmith)

Bracelet (don't know the name) - summons
- castle, fortresses, rainbow clan hall, + the clan hall - all members all these clans can use bracelet that contains 6 elements?
- NPC inside castle, fortresses are selling these
- ranges from C~ S grade
- Can be crystalized but can not be enchanted
- After it's equipped, it can be equipped with some special totem
- The higher grade the bracelet, the more totems can be equipped on
- Totems are similar to projection weapons, they'll disappear after a period of time
- Totem can enhance special skills

T-shirt (adds def)
- equipped onto the slot where it was originally designed for underwear
- adds def
- can be enchanted + crystalized
- this is the reward for fortresses

- nobless specified hair accessory
- race specified hair accessories - reward from fortresses
- class specified hair accessories

level 80 special accessories
- level 80 specified usage
- these accessories adds def to different types of debuff

Auction System
- Giran, Aden, Rune
- Every Mondays, Wdnesdays, Thursdays night time 8-12
- highest being 2,100,000,000
- extension of 5-8 minutes for final competition
- automatically goes to the person's inventory after auction is over

- Charm of courage - 20 minutes only
- Within a certain period of time, buffs will not disappear
- Can be used for fortresses siege

Guild levels
- Level 9: requires clan points 40k, 140 members,
- Level 10: requires clan points 40k, 140 members

Residential Ability
- All castles / fortresses members will automatically learn the new ability to go to residential area (?)
- Academy level members will not be able to learn such ability

Instant Dungeons
- underground instant dungeon: castle specified instant dungeon
Monster cell instant dungeon: fortresses specified instant dungeon

User Interface
- UI is nicer, words are bigger
- characters, skills, guild, map UI had been revised
- the little Radar has been enhanced
- Macro increased to 48
- Party members can be re-arranged
- Can check other people's armor / weapon by moving the mouse to the conversation spot
- Players can now take movies (instead of watching them in game you can take them out as movies)

Assistance to New Players
- all characters under level 39 will get buffs
- these buffs can be obtained from the adventure member

- quest added to get top A grade weapon blades
- quest added to get level 79-80 skill books
- Kamael 1st class change quest added
- level 50 transformation quest added

Player Related:
- When leveled, player becomes stronger (huh?)
- After level 70, player's battle status goes up

The following is PVE only, not sure about PVP
Land rate + evasion
- Above 70, land rate + evasion goes up
- Above 78, the above goes up even more
Meaning when there is a higher gap in between of levels there will be more misses. When battling between 78 and below 78 will make a big difference.

Critical (both physical + magic)
Player's level will affect critical rate. When hitting something low level more chance of doing a critical

Same as above

EXP penalty
- players below level 77 exp penalty applies when killing mobs 6 levels lower
- players above 78, penalty applies to 4 levels lower

When partying with members that are 20 levels lower, the lowest level player will not get any exp

New Race
Kamael is categorized as dark based. When being healed, effectiveness goes down, max is 50%

Subclass (Kamael)
- can not choose other race to subclass
- other races can not subclass Kamael

After they finished 2 subclasses, the 3rd (hidden) subclass will be available
(trade your time for this hidden subclass)

Weapon Transfer:
- can trade after 1st class quest
- trade can go bothway, same rules apply (soul crystal / enchant / life ore)
- Trade rule:
2 hand sword -- ancient sword
1 hand sword -- rapier
bow -- crossbow


Transformation Types
- battle type, non-battle type
- cursed weapon transformation, very different from non-cursed weapon transformation

- After getting a cursed weapon (blood sword, demon sword)
- by using transformation skills
- by equipping special transformation items

When does Transformation Stop?
- Death
- After unequipping the special transformation item
- When in water (happens only to non-cursed weapon transformation. This does not apply to cursed-weapon transformation
- When the time's up

Transformation Skills
- level 50 new quest (after quest go to Ivory Tower to learn this skill)
- different quests for different types of transformation
- After doing part of the quest, can buy transformation items from npc
- after doing part of the quest, can trade transformation items with ancient adena
- After doing part of the quest, can trade with Life Crystal

After Transformation
- will not have any death side effects
- can not take the boat
- can not summon
- can not pvp
- buffs that were originally buffed will not reset
- can still use the player's original skills
- after cursed sword transformation, a message will show in alliance/guild/pm conversation

Elemental Effects fire vs water
earth vs wind
dark vs light
(pretty sure everyone knows that)
By adding this to your weapon / armor it adds elemental effects to it. Making yourself weak/strong against different elementalized attacks.

Characteristics (like enchanting, this can fail too)
- only S grade and above armors/weapons can be equipped with this
- If a weapon is already equipped with a specific element ore, it can not be equipped again until it's removed
- Armor includes - body, helmet, gloves, boots can be equipped with elemental effects
- After weapon/armor has been equipped with elemental ores this can be viewed from the status window
- elemental ores can be obtained by killing mobs at the 2 new islands, players can exchange these ores for other elemental ores with NPC
- all summons, mobs will be elementalized

- battle ground has been reduced in size
- 10 seconds before battle starts, player will be in a room and will not be able to see the oppenont until the battle starts

- antharas, baium & frintezza: p.def, m.def, max hp, hp regen rate will all go up significantly
- fire dragon: m.def, p.def, max hp goes up
- no news on the water dragon / others
Under Translation

- wolf at level 55 can change class (?)
- wolf food usage goes down
- wolf is a type of battling pet, therefore can help out in battles
- wolves will be able to learn new skills at level 60, 65, 70
- pets exp will now come from a fix % instead of the original depending on contribution to battle
- different pets have a different %
- if the master and the pet's level differ by 6 levels and above, exp penalty will apply
- summons can level up by enchanting skills (max level 85)
- summons will be able to learn new skills after skill enchant

Command Channel
- exp distribution will be equally distributed among all parties that are in a command channel
- Within this channel, any players that are 6 levels above the mob will be penalized (exp penalty)
- If a player is too far away from the mobs/parties, he/she will not be able to get any exp/sp/raid points
- raid points will be 4x as now (what's the point of this?)

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