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Posted: January 17th, 2012, 11:06 am

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Our first [01 Stuck Augment Server] is 1 month online now with 0% Downtime and a bug report section with just 4 bug reports. After this succesfully stuck augment server we decided to start one more server on a second login. The point of this new project is to attract people who are not fans of 100% enchant and stuck augment skill system.

We are here to present you the Ultimate Private Lineage II Server.

We are not “Yet another Lineage II Server”.

First of all we would like to give you some informations about us.
Our team is experienced in developing, administrating and in managing of Lineage II Server`s.
We all have been Lineage II Player for many years and we still are Lineage II Lovers.
This is the reason why we decided to start this Project.
For Years we hear Lineage II Player complain about the new chronicals, corupted staff, kid admins and stuff like that.
We hear them speak about the "OLD GOOD L2 TIMES".
So we decided to offer them again a unique Interlude Lineage II Server focused on PvP fights combined with retail gameplay, which promises an exciting gameplay every last minute they stay online.
So they can flashback the fantastic moments you enjoyed in the Past.

Our main target is to build a stable and growing Community and provide you an exciting way to spend your time playing your favorite MMO-RPG Game… This all we can reach together by having a healthy relationship between Player and Staff. Don't forget that back of the console`s are Human`s!

Why you shuld join?

99% Real Community (No walkers/L2Nets/Offline Shops)
Active and experienced staff!
No Coruption!
Server is allready prepayed for the next 6 months and that means you dont need to search every 2 weeks for another server!
Stable and longlasting economy system!
Great PvP Battles!
Bugless Gameplay!
100% Uptime!
No Lag!
99% Protected Server![/color]

Our Stuff desires to fulfill your expectations.
We hope our Project will get your support.

Our kind regards,
Lineage II Samael Team.

[center][b]The Grand Opening will be on 20.01.2012/18:00 GMT +2

For the latest News and Announcements register and check our Forums. http://www.l2samael.com For questions/infos feel free to add us on msn: l2samael@live.de


• RateXp = 1000.00
• RateSp = 1000.00
• RatePartyXp = 2.00
• RatePartySp = 2.00
• RateDropAdena = 1000.00
• GrandBossSpecial = 3

• Safe Enchant = +4
• Weapon Max Enchant = +18
• Armor Max Enchant = +16
• Jewels Max Enchant = +16

• Normal Scroll Enchant Rate = 77%
• Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate = 88%

• 48 Buff Slots
• 24 Song Dance Slots
• 12 Debuff Slots

• Full GM Shop
• Full Buffer
• Global Gate Keeper
• PvP Gate Keeper
• Augmenter
• Skill Enchanter
• Clan Level Up Manager
• Nobless Manager
• Class Manager
• PvP/PK Color Info
• Server Info
• Top Status
• PC Bank Point Trader
• Raid Boss Info
• Weding Manager
• Anti PK
• Agent Guy
• Casino Club
• Poker Club
• Auto Donate Manager
• Accound Manager

• Retail Like
• Olympiad Cycle = 1 Week

• Unique PvP Area + Unique Mods.
• Tattoos (Only P.def)
• Anti Buff Shield
• Unique PvP Area/System
• Farm Zones Retail (Added custom drop)
• All Raid Bosses 70 Lv+ have custom drop
• All Grand Bosses have custom drop
• Custom Currency
• PvP Color System
• Clan Lord Announce
• Hero Announce
• Killing Spree System
• PC Bank Point System
• Offline Trades (Only Giran Castle Town)
• Vote Reward System

• C4/C5/Interlude Features/Skills are working
• Fishing
• Seven Signs
• Castle Sieges
• Clan Hall Sieges
• Noblesses & Heroes System
• Max Level 80
• All Quests
• Clan Wars
• C5/Interlude Clan System
• Subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights)
• Cursed Weapons
• Wepon Augmentations
• Accessories Augmentations
• Shadow Weapons
• Dueling System
• All C4/C5/Interlude Skills
You can have only 1 active and 1 passive skill at the same time
• All Raid Bosses + Grand Bosses + Frintezza
• Olympiad 100% Retail like
• DualBox allowed (Not in event`s and Olympiad)
• 100% Retail like Gameplay without any customs Armors or Weapons
• Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
• Active and Experienced development/GMteam!
• International Community

• .withdraw
• .deposit
• .ctfjoin
• .ctfleave
• .ctfinfo
• .tvtjoin
• .tvtleave
• .online
• .repair
• .toppvp

• TvT / CTF (Auto/Every 60 min.)
• Advanced Hitman (Global Event)
• Casino Club (Passive Event)
• Poker Club (Global Event)
• Lottery (Global Event)
• Killer of the day (Special Global Event)
- Every 24 hours top pvp player of the day get his crown wich give 1k HP/CP bonus.
• Fully Automatically (1 IP = 1 Reward & Offline Sops = 0 Reward)

• Intel Core i7 920 4*2,66 GHz
• 12 GB RAM
• 2000 (2 x 1000) GB HD
• 100mbit/s-Port
• Unlimited Traffic !
• HDs& Intel SSDs

• Cisco ASA 5520
• Lameguard

Posted: December 2nd, 2012, 11:32 am

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