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Lineage2 how it is? : Lineage 2 General Discussions

Posted: August 21st, 2006, 1:04 pm
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Hi everyone...

L2 guide

What is Lineage 2?

Is a fantasy massively multiplayer computer role-playing game (MMORPG) and sequel to Lineage. It has become very popular since its October 1, 2003 launch, reporting 1.5 million subscribers worldwide in September 2004. According to 1st-half 2005 data, Lineage II has approximately 2.25 million subscribers worldwide, the second most popular MMORPG in the world. It falls behind World of Warcraft, which currently has more than 6.5 million active subscriptions and is the largest MMORPG in the world.


A large-scale update is done in Lineage II every half of a year. As the "Chronicle" number advances, a new story develops. There are major game alterations each time with the current "Chronicle update", and the game balance was greatly changed in every case so far.

Chronicle 1 : Harbringers of War

Chronicle 1 was released in July 2004, officially adding siege warfare to the game. Taking a castle allowed the owners to tax the city/town that the castle controlled, allowing them to tax up to 15%.


Chronicle 2 : Age of Splendor

In Chronicle 1, when a clan successfully won, there was not much gained from the siege other than reputation and pride. After Chronicle 2 was released in December 2004, a manor system was added. New parts of the map were added as well, such as the water city of Heine, Devastated Castle, Tower of Insolence, the castle of Innadril, the Aden Coliseum, Alligator Island, Field of Whispers, Field of Silence, and others.

Chronicle 3 : Rise of Darkness

With Chronicle 3, released May 2005, comes a new twist to the L2 universe called the Seven Signs. The idea behind this twist is to pit two factions (Dusk & Dawn) against one another in a competition for Seals, this competition is voluntary but to not join will hinder your progress later in the game (once you're a high level player). Seals are items dropped by mobs that when turned in, will give you Ancient Adena. Ancient Adena is another level of the Economy in L2 and will allow you to purchase items you wouldn't normally have access to from normal channels.

The addition of the Seven Signs competition brings with it a large number of dungeons across Aden called Catacombs and Necropoli that only participants in the competition can access. For one week you compete and get as many seals that you can for your side and turn most of them in. If your side wins after the week you will be given exclusive access to the Catacombs/Necropoli and the losing side will be locked out. During this period you can also exchange your seals for Ancient Adena. There is also a part called the Festival for which you and a party of at least 5 people enter a room and kill monsters (also called mobs) until a time limit is up. This part of the Seven Signs also contributes to your score in the Seals competition. The writer has yet to get involved in this part of the competition.

Other notable changes are that castle owners now have access to a Wyvern (Dragon) that they can fly around Aden. Wyverns also have a fire breath skill. It should also be noted that they are very expensive to spawn and keep alive while in use. A Grade armor/weapons have also been added as well as a subclass system that allows you to add another class to your character after level 75.


Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny

Scions of Destiny was released on February 8, 2006. It features expanded content in the form of new territories, enemies, summons, equipment, and a system designed to reward diligent, high level players that are victorious in a tournament in which they contend with other players in single combat.It includes more information about everything that will be added after the update. It is also updated with information about the updates on the Korean beta. This expansion was released by NCSoft's North American counterpart on their Public Test Server on the 8th of January, 2006.


Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood

New changes are made in Chronicle 5 are centered around the clan system, though there were some other changes. The information is currently only in Korean and can be found at [2].

Clan reputation can now be earned through Clan Academy, Clan Warfare, Clan Hall Battles and Clan Quests. Clan Reputation can be used to increase the rank of the clan to unlock clan skills and items. Clans of rank 5 and higher can create academies for the purpose of training and developing clan members. Members that complete their second class transfers through the academy receive commemorative items and increases the clan's reputation. Clan members of level 5 and higher can obtain a clan title (title is functionless).

Roughly 50 skills were added for levels 60+ and the function of certain skills were refined.

An extensive new crafting system was also introduced based on Life Crystals farmed from raid bosses, which can be traded to NPCs for items.


IF you want to know more about C5 see this
http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/about32602.html posted by barlok


Characters act as a player’s avatar within the game. Players are afforded up to 7 characters per server. As characters kill non-player character (NPC) monsters, they accumulate experience and skill points (SP). As experience points accumulate, the character levels. In Chronicle 5, the level cap has been set at 80. Players purchase and then upgrade their character’s skills using SP.

Races and Classes

When players create a character they can choose from five races. Players choose either fighter or mystic, with the exception of Dwarves who may only choose fighter. The initial choice will act as an archetype for later profession options. At level 20, players are able to change their character’s class by completing the first class transfer quest. The next transfer is completed at level 40. The third and final class transfer occurs at level 76.


Humans in Lineage II are similar to Humans in the modern world. Humans currently have the greatest dominion in the world and the largest population. They are considered to be the most balanced of the races and have the largest number of available classes.They often mix with other races and inter-marry with other races.
Their physical and mental capacity are well balanced. Humans excel in their adaptability and ability to learn. Comparing with other races, Humans display more individual differences among themselves. They display a wide variety of dispositions such as greed, idealism, cowardice, and piety. Presently, the race holds the greatest influence on the continent.


While most Humans would deny it, their race was made by Gran Kain, god of destruction, with the help of other gods. In the beginning of the world, Humans were slaves who served giants. After the giants' downfall, while Elves and Orcs were competing with each other for the control of the continent, Humans learned magic from the Elves and quickly expanded their influence.

In the end, Humans who used to be the weakest race became the race who rule over the continent. Then, with the founding of prominent countries such as Elmore-Aden Empire, Perios Kingdom etc, Human history and culture have matured over time.


Human Fighters

Base Stats:


21 40 43 25 30 11

Warriors: Warriors are the middle way of the warriors, combining good offense with good defense. They can use heavy as well as light armor, the later better than the rogues.

Warlord: The Warlord is more proficient against a group of enemies than against a solo opponent. This is the only class that exclusively specializes into polearms, which offer only as much damage as a singlehanded weapon, but are the only weapon that can damage multiple opponents at a time.


Gladiator: Gladiators can deal out extraordinary amounts of damage to a single opponent. They specialize mostly into dual swords, and are the strongest class for these weapons, even if they are also decent with single swords and blunts. The only non-damage skill they get is a simple stun for blunt weapons.


Knights: Knights specialize into defense, wear heavy armor, and wield a shield combined with a sword or blunt weapon. Most importantly, they get the Shield Stun, the best stun ability in the game. Because of their extraordinary defense against both physical and magical attacks, these classes are relatively easy to solo, and are very dangerous opponents in PvP.

Paladin: Paladins use the power of the holy gods for protection of party members and to defeat the undead. The Paladins white magic may be used for defense or to heal.

Phoenix Knight

Dark Avenger: Dark Avengers specialize into dark magic, which is offensive rather than defensive, and includes status-changing and damage-reflecting spells. They can also summon a Dark Panther to aid them in battle.

Hell Knight

Rogues: Rogues focus on excessive damage dealing and ranged attacks, rather than good defense. They wear light armor and wield daggers or bows. Human Rogues heal faster than any other class while sitting, because they get both the human/orcish Relax skill as well as the skill for faster healing that is otherwise exclusive for dwarves.

Treasure Hunter: The Treasure Hunter can move silently and uses a dagger deal extra ordinary amounts of melee damage. They get also a skill to backstab enemies. They also get a broad palette to separate single mobs from the rest of their social group, or to avoid attacks or end an ongoing battle. This class is infamous for being PK because their skills alone can deal so much damage, even with a cheap weapon. This class is relatively weak on low levels, because they get the important skills for more and harder criticals only when they level up.


Hawkeye: The Hawkeye prefers the bow over all other weapons. Hawkeyes have the second fastest attack speed of all archers (behind Silver Rangers) and a balance of power and critical between the Phantom Ranger and the Silver Ranger, yet have the lowest running speed and evasion. They are especially wanted for clans which hold a castle, because human archers get exclusively a skill which doesnt allow them to move for a while, but allows them to have extraordinary range and damage: perfect for defending from castle walls.


Human Mystics

Base Stats:

41 22 27 39 21 20

Wizards: Human Wizards are the offensive spellcasters. They divide the magical forces in the world into the four elements, light, and darkness. They can use middle level elemental magic, black magic and summoning magic.

Sorcerer: The Sorcerer uses fire and wind magic to cast offensive spells from a distance. They also get mass sleep and the powerful Cancel ability to remove buffer spells from opponents. An important detail is that Sorcerers are the only wizard that gets full access to the Concentration buff which in this strength is only available for some of the clerical classes. Sorcerers wear only robes. All in all, they are probably the most general kind of offensive spellcaster.


Necromancer: The Necromancer uses dark magic. They are especially strong with debuffing, being able to silence, sleep, paralyze and otherwise hamper their victims. Their damage spells are the strongest in the game, but are exclusively based on dark magic and therefore not operational on some opponents. Additionaly, they have no mass damage spells. They are also summoners, but they need to kill an opponent to get one of their summons, and the summon will vanish again after some time. They can not buff this summon very much, but they can share hitpoints with it like the other summoners. This class is a fearful opponent in PvP, maybe the only kind of wizard who stands a good chance against archers. Necromancers wear only robes.


Warlock: The Warlock can summon cats to fight for him and supports them through special buff spells (that only work on the own summon). They are often considered the best of the three summoners classes, because they can, for example, paralyze their opponents through their cubics. Warlocks wear robes or light armor.

Arcana Lord

Clerics: Clerics are Human Mystics who borrow the power of the gods to perform miracles. While they often belong to religious organizations, some of them refuse to ally themselves with any one religion.

Bishop: This is the most specialized and best healer class, but have hardly any boost spells. They also have the best spell selection against undead. Bishops wear robes or light armor.


Prophet: The Prophet uses protect magic to boost others and weaken enemies. They get however no healing magic at all. They can wear all types of armor, even heavy, even if many people will prefer robes for any kind of mystic.




Einhasad, god of creation, made the Elf race by instilling the spirit of water into a leaf of the Mother Tree. The Elves possess excellent intelligence, beauty and an extremely long life span. They once dominated the continent by using their high level of magic power. However, after being betrayed by Humans, their power diminished and for the past several hundred years, they have lived in seclusion in a huge forest in the Oren region.

However, now, they have resumed their contact with the outside world. Especially, many young Elves have ventured into human society and have become active members. They worship Eva, their goddess. They love and treasure Mother Nature, and display an aristocratic appearance. For this reason, they often are accused of hypocrisy by other races.


Elves used to be able to perform magic more skillfully than any other race. After the giants' fall, they dominated the continent for a while. However, due to their war with the Orcs and also due to the betrayal of Humans, who they thought were their allies, the Elves fell from their position of power.

The confrontation with the Brown Elves also greatly weakened their strength. Now, they have only meager influence on the continent.


Elven Fighters

Base Stats:

23 36 36 26 35 14

Elven Knights: Elven Knights are different from human Knights in their heightened agility and their ability to cast healing magic. In addition, they have a very fast movement speed.

Temple Knight: Temple Knights use summoning magic in addition to their normal attacks.

Eva's Templar

Swordsinger: Swordsingers use battle songs to aid their party members with healing and defensive magics. Thanks to their songs, they can gain extreme evasion and defense ratings, and should not be underestimated in PvP.

Sword Muse

Elven Scouts: Elven Scouts use daggers and bows as their primary weapons. They also possess healing magic.

Plains Walker: The Plains Walker is similar to the human Treasure Hunter in that he can backstab his opponents. Plains Walkers can use their magic to increase their running speed. While they dont heal as fast while sitting, they can make sure no aggressive mobs interrupt them while being in this state.

Wind Rider

Silver Ranger: The Silver Ranger is similar to the human Hawkeye and uses a bow as his primary weapon. Unlike the Hawkeye, a Silver Ranger possesses healing magic.

Moonlight Sentinel

Elven Mystics

Base Stats:

37 21 25 40 24 23

Elven Wizards: Elves are limited to the elemental and summoning magics. They are especially popular because they are the fastest casters.

Spellsinger: Spellsingers deal primarily in water magic. Like sorcerers they get the Cancel ability and a party friendly Mass Sleep.

Mystic Muse

Elemental Summoner: Elemental Summoners summon unicorns to fight for them. They summon elemental creatures and support them with defensive magics.

Elemental Master

Elven Oracles: Like human Clerics, elven Oracles are Mystics who perform miracles using the power of the gods. As they worship different gods, their spells are different.

Elven Elder: Elven Elders are the second best of the healers, can teleport the whole party to town, and have some nice unique support spells such as "Resist Shock", the only anti-stun buff in the game.

Eva's Saint


....to be continued.... when i get more time

See ya :wink:

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Posted: August 21st, 2006, 2:22 pm
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Page 2 :P

Dark Elves

Dark Elves have higher strength and intelligence when compared to other races, but are even more fragile than elves and seriously lack wisdom. They tend towards the offensive classes and use dark magic.


Brown Elves were of a higher class among Elves. However, they ended up playing with black magic, the forbidden force. They were deceived by Humans' dark schemes and slaughtered all the Tree Elves who used to be their brothers of the forest. Then a curse was cast upon them turning them into Dark Elves. The history of Dark Elves after
that is smeared with blood from endless war with Elves.


Dark Fighters

Base Stats:

25 41 32 26 34 12

Palus Knights: Palus Knights are Dark Elf Fighters that possess skill both with a sword and with the offensive magics. They have quite a number of good enemy debuffs such as Hex.

Shillien Knight: Shillien Knights use elemental, summoning, and dark magics in addition to normal combat skills. They own the popular "Lightning Strike" ability that can paralyze opponents if it succeeds.

Shillien Templar

Bladedancer: The Bladedancer wields dual swords and can raise the skills of his party through dancing. A Bladedancer also uses elemental and dark magic to harm enemies.

Spectral Dancer

Assassins: Assassins are similar to the human Rogue class, but they use magic to enhance their damage. They have quite a number of good enemy debuffs such as Hex.

Abyss Walker: The Abyss Walker specializes in assassinations and other silent methods of killing.

Ghost Hunter

Phantom Ranger: The Phantom Ranger has a higher attack strength when compared to other archers.

Ghost Sentinel

Dark Mystics

Base Stats:

44 23 24 37 23 19

Dark Wizards: Dark Wizards can use elemental, summoning, and dark magics.

Spellhowler: A Spellhowler can use wind and dark magic to kill enemies from afar. Because of their high Int and low Wis they are the strongest, but also the slowest spellcasters. Ironically they, not the Necromancer, get the strongest dark magic spell, Shadow Flare. Like necromancers they can also silence opponent spellcasters and fail to get the Cancel and Mass Sleep spells. They can wear only robes skillyfully.

Storm Screamer

Phantom Summoner: Phantom Summoners summon spirits to attack their enemies in battle and can boost their summon with special buff spells. They can wear robes and light armor.

Spectral Master

Shillien Oracle: Shillien Oracles follow the god Shillien.

Shillien Elder: Shillien Elder are the weakest of all real healers, but balances this with very good support magic, besides standard buffs also the special spellcaster buff "Empower" and the damage dealer buff "Vampiric Rage". They are probably the hardest class to solo because they dont even have anti-undead spells. They get the skill for robes and light armor.

Shillien Saint



Orcs are the most vital and mentally strong of the races and are resistant to many negative effects, but their actions are the slowest. In addition, they have a fairly simple class tree


The race of Orcs was created by Einhasad with the help of Paagrio, god of fire. Since ancient times, Orcs, taking advantage of their powerful might, have been engaging in wars. By using their most powerful army as a front, they once controlled the entire continent. However, after having been defeated by the allied forces of Humans and Elves, they were banished to the northern part of the continent. After that time, when the lower class Orcs separated themselves out, the influence of Orcs became even more feeble. Now, they are living in the land controlled by Humans and maintaining an awkward relationship.


Orc Fighters

Base Stats:

21 42 48 9 28 9

Orc Raiders: Raiders are similar to Warriors, though their skills are more dependant on raw strength than their human counterparts.

Destroyer: Destroyers are balanced between offense and defense, leaning a bit to the defense side. They wear heavy armor and have the broadest weapon selection of all fighter classes - blunts, swords, polearms, and twohanded swords - and more hitpoints than any other class in the game. One of the most prominent features are their Guts and Frenzy skills, which they can activate at 30% of the maximum hitpoints and give them extreme offense and defense. Thats why one should never melee a Destroyer in PvP; rather take him down from the distance instead.


Monks: Monks are members of the Order of Paagrio and practice Tangsu. Their attacks are rapid and they fight with hand-to-hand weapons, though they may also use magic to augument their skills. In combat, they wear light armor.

Tyrant: Tyrants have the worst defense of all warriors and quite little hitpoints, but also deal the most massive damage. They also can stun and slow opponents and activate a special mode ("Totem") that allows them to run very fast.

Grand Khavatari

Orc Mystics

Base Stats:

39 22 28 44 20 17

Orc Shamans: An Orc Mystic is known as a Shaman. They can bless and heal their party and clan members and also curse their enemies. They also dabble in physical combat.

Overlord: The Overlord is a Shaman who founds their own clan and supports it and their alliance with magic. They use area of effect attacks to curse their enemies.


Warcryer: The Warcryer is a Shaman who can cast chants that give power to his party members.




Dwarves are similar to humans, but they are limited to the fighter class. As fighters, they aren't focused on defeating enemies, but are more interested in acquiring resources, trading and crafting.


The Dwarf race was created by Mapre, god of earth and Einhasad. After the era of giants ended, they did not get themselves involved with feuds or strife among other races, and focused on seeking their profits only. Other races hated them for this attitude and the Dwarves were often persecuted by other races. However, due to excellent manual skills and seasoned business savvy, their influence currently reaches across the entire continent.


Base Stats:

21 40 44 26 28 11

Scavengers: Scavengers are fighters who travel the world to collect materials for crafting.

Bounty Hunter: The Bounty Hunter uses his combat skills to collect rare items.

Fortune Seeker

Artisans: Artisans create items using the materials gathered by Scavengers. When they do enter combat, they summon machines to assist them.

Warsmith: Warsmiths are able manufacture many items, including siege weapons.



STR: Strengh (Increase P atak)
DEX: Evasion Agility (Increase Evasion)
CON: Life (if you have more CON you have more HP)
INT: Inteligence (you are more strong when you use a Magic atak. Increase M atak)
WIT: Casting Speed (Increase Casting Speed)
MEN: M.Def (Increase M. def. increase the ability to scape from hold, sleep, surrender's...)

If you want to increase them, you have to make your tatto...


Upon completing the appropriate quest and reaching level 75, a player may choose a subclass for their character. Limitations are put in place on what subclass one can choose. Dark and Light Elves may not choose the opposing race. Overlord and Warsmith cannot be chosen by any class. Also a player can not choose a class that matches their main class (a Dark Avenger may not become a Paladin, likewise a Treasure Hunter may not become a Plainswalker). Once the subclass has reached level 75, they may choose another. A character may have a total of three subclasses.

Players are able to to switch between their main and subclasses through an NPC. Once the class is changed, the character’s attributes switch to those of chosen class. Inventory, recommendations, and PvP and PK scores are carried over however.

From the official page:

Subclass is:

Leveling your character is only the beginning. A whole new class rewards your efforts!

At level 75, players can perform Mimir's Elixir quest and seek out the master for the available class of their choice to create an additional job class.

The only classes that don't mix are opposing Elf races, overlord and warsmith classes, or any similar classes. See the Available Classes page for more information about the class combinations that are available.

To begin your journey for a subclass, speak to Magister Ladd of the Ivory Tower.

Once your subclass has reached level 75, you are ready to start on the path to become a Noblesse.


When a character’s subclass has reached level 75, they are eligible to become a Noblesse. Upon completing the necessary quest, they receive bonuses, such as a crown, more teleportation options, and certain Noblesse-only abilities. A character must be a Noblesse in order to compete in the Grand Olympiad.

From the official page:

Noblesses is:

A player who has reached level 75 in their subclass and completes the Path to a Noblesse quests is able to become a Noblesse. Noblesse are granted special abilities that are primarily used in sieges and raids, giving the Noblesse a leading role in combat. Once a character earns the title of Noblesse, both main class and subclasses are given the title. Special skills conferred by the title can also be used in both classes.

Noblesse Abilities

The Noblesse have access to exclusive teleports from the village gatekeepers, which transport them to various locations that are ordinarily unavailable, including dungeon interiors.

Noblesse can give themselves a title without joining a clan. Noblesse can designate or modify their own titles with the Title and Delete Title buttons in the Clan window.

Noblesse are also awarded accessories by the Noblesse quest NPCs, which distinguish them from other players. Hair accessories can only be deleted from the inventory and cannot be traded, dropped, or sold in stores.

The player’s attack ability in Player vs. Player combat increases once they become a Noblesse.

Battle progress reports are available only to Noblesse clan leaders who are registered for a castle siege. It indicates the location of the clan members and the number of their kills and/or deaths. This function is only available to clan members who are logged in during the game. Use the /siegestatus command to determine whether the clan member is within the siege zone. It is refreshed every 30 seconds. Kill and death numbers are saved even while a server may be down and are reset upon completion of the siege.

Upon earning the title of Noblesse, the player’s performance in raids and sieges will be recorded. When the character becomes a Hero, their battle records are archived in each village’s Monument of Heroes.

Noblesse Skills

Blessing of Noblesse - A buff that can be cast on oneself or other players in a raid against boss-class monsters, this skill retains the buffs on a character who has been killed by the raid boss and resurrected. When the character has died, all other buffs cast are rendered ineffective and they take effect only after the character has been resurrected. Upon resurrection, the Lucky Charm and Blessing of Noblesse will be rendered ineffective. Consumes 5 spirit ore.

Strider Siege Assault - A Noblesse mounted on a strider can perform this strong attack against the castle wall or castle gate during a siege. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore.

Build Advanced Headquarters - A Noblesse who is a clan leader is able to summon a headquarters with twice the HP of an ordinary siege headquarters. This skill can be mastered regardless of the Build Headquarters skill. 300 C-grade Gemstones are consumed when cast.

Wyvern Aegis – A Noblesse castle lord can temporarily maximize magic defense abilities while riding a wyvern. Consumes 20 Spirit Ore.

Summon CP Potion - Summons 20 vials of high-grade CP potions. Consumes 80 Soul Ore.

Fortune of Noblesse - Confers the ability of the Lucky Charm to all party members regardless of level. Consumes 4 Lucky Charm: A Grade.

Harmony of Noblesse - This Noblesse skill combines the energy of 4 individual Wizards (Sorcerer, Spellsinger, and Spellhowler). The energy of each individual must be received consecutively in intervals of 5 seconds or less regardless of type or order, and the skill must be used within 5 seconds of receiving the energy of the 4th individual. It is a non-elemental magic attack with twice the potency of Elemental Assault.

Symphony of Noblesse - This Noblesse skill combines the energy of 8 individual Wizards (Sorcerer, Spellsinger, and Spellhowler). The energy of each individual must be received consecutively in intervals of 5 seconds or less regardless of type or order, and the skill must be used within 5 seconds of receiving the energy of the 8th individual. It is a non-elemental magic attack with four times the potency of Elemental Assault.


Heroes are Noblesse characters who have competed in and won the Grand Olympiad. There is a limit of 31 Heroes at any time. Only the character's main class will receive the title. Heroes receive special armor, weapons, and abilities; in addition, they may speak globally to their entire server. They also receive a glowing aura to that they stand out against other characters.


Grand Olympiad

The Grand Olympiad is a one-on-one PvP competition held to determine the Hero. It is held in one month periods, and at the end of each period, the Noblesse with the most Olympiad points in each class is appointed Hero. Only Noblesse who have completed the third class transfer can participate in the Olympiad competition.


Private servers

By the second half of 2004, the official Lineage II server code was leaked and a significant number of private servers appeared. One illegal modification of the official client allowed a player to connect to non-official servers. L2J, an open source server emulator, was forced to shut down their server advertisement portion of their website, as many ads were for servers made with stolen files.

Playing on a private server requires the official Lineage 2 Client and a small modification of the client-files which varies from server to server. Even though any modification of the client, as well as playing on private servers in general, is as a clear breach of the Lineage II End User License Agreement, there were no reports about major legal actions against users or providers of private servers yet.

Prominent private servers now have populations reaching into the thousands, and playing on these unofficial servers is free. Most servers have some or all of Chronicles 1, 2, and 3 implemented, many have added much of Chronicle 4, and others are preparing for Chronicle 5. The gameplay is commonly altered by upping the experience rates, the monetary drop rate, and the item drop rate, making higher-quality gear easier to obtain. While there are bugged mobs and items, wipes, and many other instances of instability, the severity of this varies from server to server.

Information about Botting:

Like many MMORPGs, Lineage II has been target of an internet gaming phenomena called botting, in which an external program is used to simulate the actions of a player. Such activity is prohibited and is a bannable offense. Nevertheless, players continue this practice, since the player is able to leave his/her computer and the bot will continue doing what is has been programmed to do. One of the most well-known bots is L2walker.

Thanks to:

and me :D

See ya this is a little guide... for L2 :D

Please answers, and if you need more information please PM me or post here and i will try to find that information....or any question just post...

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Very good summary of information, nice work darks0ldi3r.


IG eL2Walker: Install, Edit, Scripts.

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O wow you made that whole thing?

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O wow you made that whole thing?

Yep, i put my own conclusion about the races... in wiki, and them i put there here... i am making anothers guides about the quest.... players... prophet, BD, Sws.... i have to look firts here because i dont know if anyone make them... when i get time.. off course... and i dont know if the community need it when i see the firts post about player, how to make my sps more stronger... them i will put a guide...xD!!!

Ty SE and supras...

See ya guys

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very nice guide the screenshots really add a nice touch, keep up the good work

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Firts ty guys... i am here to help the community..

Hi everyone

Well i see a member asking about how to do this quest... to get a portal stone


1. Speak with Gabrielle who is located in Giran. She will tell you to visit 4 seal watchers.

2. Speak with Magister Kaiena on the 4th floor of Ivory Tower. Kaiena will send you to Blazing Swamp to kill Marsh Stalkers and Marsh Drakes. They can be found on the very northern area of Blazing Swamp. Get one Stalker Horn and one Drake Talon before returning to Kaiena.

3. Speak with High Priest Orven in Aden. Head to the Forbidden Gateway and kill Bloody Queens. 5 sacrificed spirits will spawn at some point. Once you have received the Remains of Sacrifice, return to High Priest Orven.

4. Speak with Master Kendra in Aden and he will tell you to kill Harit Lizardman Shamans. These will be found in Anghel Waterfall. Kill the Shamans until you receive a Totem of Land Dragon before returning to Master Kendra.

5. Go to Hunter's Village and speak with Prefect Chakiris. He will send you to the Giant's Cave to kill Kranrots and Hamruts. Return to Chakiris once you've received a Kranrot Skin and a Hamrut Leg.

6. Return to Gabrielle in Giran.

7. Travel to Gludin and speak with Warehouse Chief Moke. He will ask you to kill an Abyss Jewel on the northeast coast. (It is just south of the mountains dividing the Gludio territory and the Dark Elf Territory on the coast.)

8. Once you've received the Abyss Fragment and the Mara Fang, return to Moke in Gludin.

9. Travel to Oren and speak with Blacksmith Helton. He will send you to another Abyss Jewel, which is located near the Sea of Spores east of the dividing wall and against the southern mountain range. Once you've received the fragment and the fang, return to Helton in Oren.

10. Return to Giran and speak again with Gabrielle.

11. Travel to the west entrance of the Dragon Valley and speak with Gilmore, The Eternal Watchman Of Antharas. There is one more Abyss Jewel that you must kill.

12. Go into the Dragon Valley and kill Cave Maidens and Cave Keepers until the Abyss Jewel appears. It will have 4 minions. After you receive the fragment, travel to the entrance to the Lair of Antharas and speak to Theodric.

13. Theodric will give you a Portal Stone... go and visit the Earth Dragon speaking with Hearth of Warding...

See ya

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Posted: August 25th, 2006, 9:53 am

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darks0ldi3r start posting your great info / guides in submissions so we can give you tu bucks and get you on your way to premium :)

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Posted: August 25th, 2006, 11:10 am
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Whats the difference here or there ? can you explain me --.--''

Ok i already read them in your siggnature sry

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Posted: August 26th, 2006, 12:57 pm
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Posted: July 29th, 2008, 7:12 am
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very good

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