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Omega’s Revenge, December 11-15 Event : Lineage 2 General Discussions

Posted: December 10th, 2006, 8:02 am

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Omega’s Cat smiled at her master, happy to see him alive and whole. Her memories of the recent events were mostly a blur. She could recall the many adventurers who had listened to her sad tale and gave wealth earned by their own spoils of battle. Omega’s Cat doubted that their intentions were really to free their master. She had seen their eyes light up at the sight of the crimson masks and horns, glittering crystals, and more that came from the depths of the Coffer of Shadows. No matter, she thought, she had still reached her goal. She had only dim memories of racing from the town, carrying a sack filled with jingling coins; she had stood before the leader of the undead army and demanded the return of her master.

Omega’s own memories were, unfortunately, fresh and vivid in his mind. The endless days of imprisonment and hopelessness would haunt his dreams for many nights to come. He had overheard some of the army muttering that their old commander, Dafstin, would never have left a prisoner alive. But this new leader learned from Dafstin’s mistakes. Other whispers from the undead had revealed the leader recognized the value of money and was determined to properly outfit his army. They had long been gathering crafting materials to create weapons and armor, and the paid ransom would no doubt go toward the same cause.

Omega glanced at his pet, and shared the smile for a moment. “I’m forever in debt to you, my brave little Pavv,” he told his faithful servant. His smile faded. “But it’s too soon to relax. They are preparing for a war… and I plan to give them one.”

Omega’s Revenge

Omega has returned from beyond with reports that the undead legion has been deployed across Aden and Elmore. The denizens of the dark are hunting unwary adventurers, and gathering and hoarding crafting materials to arm themselves for an invasion. Hunt them down and stop them from their task.

Monsters across all level ranges will randomly appear in various locations carrying crafting materials for various B Grade armor, L2 Day scrolls, Enchant Armor scrolls, and more. Be on your guard and join in the fight this menace!

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