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Posted: June 23rd, 2004, 12:00 pm
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writed by Ceru @ L2Orphus.com

Abandoned Camp:
Cat's Eye Bandit = Iron Ore
Ol Mahum Novice = Silver Nugget
Ol Mahum Patrol = Recipe: Necklace of Devotion

Ant Nest:
Ant Larva = Healing Potion, Scale Mail
Ant = Suede
Ant Warrior Captain = Metallic Fiber
Ant Soldier = Iron Boots Design, Recipe: Rip Gauntlets

Dark Elf Marsh:
Redeye Bat = Recipe: Leather Helmet, Scroll of Escape
Lesser Dark Horror = Recipe: Leather Gloves, Iron Ore
Dark Horror = Haste Potion, Recipe: Piece Bone Gaiters
Marsh Zombie Lord = Antidote, Recipe: Leather Gloves
Festering Bat = Stem

Dwarf Fields:
Goblin Brigand = Coal, Recipe: Leather tunic
Goblin Brigand Lieutenant = Charcoal , Recipe: Cedar Staff
Goblin Brigand Leader = Iron Ore, Varnish
Goblin Lord = Bandage, Leather Tunic Pattern
Black Timber Wolf = Animal Skin, Recipe: Leather Shoes
Garum Werewolf = Animal Skin, Recipe: Steel
Utuku Orc = Coal, Bow Shaft
Utuku Orc Grunt = Lesser Healing Potion, Broadsword Blade
Utuku Orc Archer = Recipe: Leather Stockings, Recipe: Coarse Bone Powder
Blade Bat = Stem, Bow Shaft
Barbed Bat = Stem, Leather Tunic Pattern
Magical Weaver = Antidote, Hard Leather Pants
Obsidian Golem = Bandage, Leather Shoes Texture
Whinstone Golem = Necklace of Wisdom Chain, Recipe: Synthesis Cokes
Gemstone Beast = Varnish, Recipe: Forest Bow
Twink Puma = Charcoal, Scroll of Escape
Hunter Tarantula = Thread, Sword of Reflection Blade
Black Wolf = Animal Skin
Hunter Bear = Bandage
Plunder Tarantula = Suede

Elf Fields:
Goblin Raider = Necklace of Magic
Kaboo Orc Grunt = Lesser Healing Potion, Recipe: Brandish
Kaboo Orc Archer = Stem
Kaboo Orc Fighter = Leather Stockings
Kaboo Orc Fighter Lieutenant = Wooden Breastplate
Kaboo Orc Fighter Leader = Animal Skin, Scroll of Escape
Spore Fungus = Lesser Healing Potion, Crude Leather Shoes
Green Dryad = Recipe: Necklace of Anguish
Dryad = Suede, Necklace of Anguish Chain
Dryad Elder = Stem, Leather Stocking Pattern
Plague Zombie = Recipe: Necklace of Wisdom
Crimson Spider = Bandage, Suede
Hook Spider = Thread, Leather Helmet Design
Pincer Spider = Thread, Necklace of Wisdom Chain
Lirien = Silver Nugget, Recipe: Boots
Lirien Elder = Varnish, Recipe: Varnish of Purity

Elven Fortress:
Baraq Orc Fighter = Coal
Dungeon Skeleton = Leather Stockings
Dungeon Skeleton Archer = Brandish Blade
Dread Soldier = Brandish Blade
Mist Terror = Iron Ore, Earring of Strength
Dark Terror = Leather Gloves Lining, Recipe: Hard Leather Gaiters
Shade Horror = Leather Helmet Design, Recipe: Steel Mold
Sukar Wererat = Recipe: Boots
Sukar Wererat Leader = Iron Ore, Low Boots
Dre Vanul Tracker = Potion of Alacrity, Recipe: Hard Leather Shirt
Dre Vanul Beholder = Braided Hemp

Hobgoblin = Coal

Forgotten Temple Water Shrine:
Lafi Lizardman = Excellent Leather Gloves Lining
Lafi Lizardman Scout = Iron Ore
Ritmal Swordsman = Recipe: Iron Boots
Lakin Undine = Scale Gaiters Fragment
Sentinel of Water = Stone of Purity (beware the chinese farmers)
Kanil Succubus = High Grade Suede, Scale Mail Fragment

Forgotten Temple Fire Shrine:
Patin Archer = Oriharukon Ore
Dre Vanul Warrior = Recipe: Tiger's Eye Earring
Salamander Rowin = 2 Iron Ore
Lava Salamander = Mithril Banded Gaiters Material, Recipe: Brigandine Tunic

Gludin Fields:
Felim Lizardman = Charcoal
Felim Lizardman Scout = Bandage
Felim Lizardman Warrior = Animal Skin
Langk Lizardman = Antidote, Recipe: Leather Helmet
Langk Lizardman Scout = Varnish
Langk Lizardman Warrior = Recipe: Cord
Wandering Eye = Piece Bone Gaiters Fragment, Recipe: Leather Boots
Hungry Eye = Recipe: Bone Helmet
Red Bear = Leather Shoes Texture, Recipe: Short Spear
Brown Bear = Animal Bone, Potion of Alacrity
Grizzly Bear = Animal Skin, Recipe: Hard Leather Shirt

Gludio Fields:
Puma = Leather Stocking Pattern, Recipe: Leather Helmet
Pincher = Thread, Recipe: Piece Bone Gaiters
Pinrul = Thread, Haste Potion
Poison Spider = Thread, Recipe: Hard Leather Gaiters
Vuku Orc = Coal, Wooden Helmet
Vuku Orc Archer = Scroll of Escape, Recipe: Short Spear
Vuku Orc Fighter = Coal, Necklace of Wisdom Chain
Gora Werewolf = Recipe: Piece Bone Breasplate
Bugbear Raider = Recipe: Piece Bone Breastplate
Ratman Spy = Recipe: Boots
Ratman Hunter = Animal Bone
Ratman Warrior = Animal Bone

Initiation Altar:
Stone Soldier = Charcoal, Recipe: Short Spear
Stone Guardian = Silver Nugget, Iron Ore
Arachnid Tracker = Recipe: Cord, Leather Helmet Design
Scavenger Spider = Thread
Red Scavenger Spider = Thread
Prowler = Thread, Recipe: Composition Bow
Scavenger Wererat = Animal Bone
Lycanthrope = Leather Helmet Design
Moonstone Beast = Recipe: Synthesis Cokes
Crystalline Beast = Animal Bone
Dark Succubus = Recipe: Hard Leather Gaiters

Mithril Mines:
Monster Eye Tracker = Charcoal, Bow Shaft
Mineshaft Bat = Suede, Necklace of Anguish Chain
Ore Bat = Leather Gloves Lining, Recipe: Hard Leather Shirt
Corpse Candle = Bandage, Thread
Will-O-Wisp = Silver Nugget, Earring of Wisdom
Darkstone Golem = Iron Ore, Recipe: Necklace of Wisdom
Opal Beast = Charcoal, Recipe: Sword of Reflection
Akaste Bone Soldier = Antidote, Iron Ore
Akaste Bone Archer = Stem, Wooden Gaiters
Akaste Bone Warlord = Iron Ore, Forest Bow Shaft
Akaste Bone Lord = Recipe: Varnish of Purity, Steel
Akaste Succubus Turen = Thread, Suede
Akaste Succubus Tilfo = Suede, Hard Leather Gaiters Material
Boogle Ratman = Haste Potion, Short Spear Edge
Boogle Ratman Leader = Necklace of Wisdom Chain, Coarse Bone Powder
Nightmare Weaver = Recipe: Spiritshot D
Pitchstone Golem = Haste Potion

Orc Fields:
Darkwing Bat = Stem, Recipe: Necklace of Wisdom
Grizzly = Animal Skin, Animal Bone
Evil Eye Patroller = Stem, Antidote
Kasha Bear = Leather Tunic Pattern, Recipe: Sword of Reflection
Kasha Spider = Recipe: Leather Gloves, Suede
Goblin Tomb Raider Leader = Antidote
Rakeclaw Imp Chieftain = Recipe: Leather
Mountain Fungus = Stem
Evil Eye = Recipe: Leather Tunic
Maruku Werewolf = Animal Skin
Maruku Werewolf Chieftain = Animal Skin
Greystone Golem = Recipe: Short Spear
Kasha Fang Spider = Suede

Orc Barracks:
Turek Orc Warhound = Recipe: Excellent Leather Gloves, Coarse Bone Powder
Turek Orc Sentinel = 2 Animal Skin, Bone Helmet Design
Turek Orc Footman = Coal, Saber Blade
Turek Orc Archer = High Grade Suede
Turek Orc Supplier = Coal, Recipe: Elven Bow
Turek Orc Skirmisher = Coal, Recipe: Spinebone Sword, Assassin Knife Edge
Turek Orc Shaman = Coal, Dark Stocking Fabric
Turek Orc Warlord = White Tunic Recipe, Recipe: Gastraphetes
Turek Orc Elder = Recipe: Manticore Skin Gloves
Selu Lizardman Warrior = Recipe: Scale Gaiters
Ol Mahum Patrolman = Recipe: Enchanted Necklace
Ol Mahum Legionnaire = Silver Nugget
Whispering Wind = Recipe: Iron Boots

Ruins of Sorrow:
Tracker Skeleton = Leather Gloves Lining, Recipe: High Grade Suede
Skeleton Bowman = Leather Gloves Lining, Recipe: Piece Bone Breastplate
Ruin Zombie = Suede
Ruin Zombie Leader = Stem
Tracker Skeleton Leader = Haste Potion
Skeleton Scout = Leather Gloves Lining
Ruin Spartoi = Steel
Raging Spartoi = Iron Ore
Tumran Bugbear = Recipe: Trident

Ruins of Despair:
Ruin Imp Elder = Suede
Scavenger Bat = Recipe: Silver Mold
Ruin Bat = Haste Potion, Recipe: Piece Bone Breastplate
Shield Skeleton = Animal Bone
Zombie Soldier = Suede
Zombie Warrior = Leather Boots

Talking Island Dungeon:
Stone Golem = Antidote
Skeleton = Iron Ore

Monster Eye Watcher = Recipe: Scale Mail
Monster Eye Destroyer = Recipe: Conjuror's Staff, Puma Skin Shirt?
Lesser Basilisk = Animal Bone, Recipe: Scale Gaiters
Basilisk = Animal Skin, Recipe: Dwarven Trident
Skeleton Marauder = 2 Stem
Skeleton Raider = Enchanted Necklace Chain, Scale Gaiter Fragment?
Granite Golem = Mithril Boots Design, Recipe: Plate Shield
Tyrant Kingpin = Tiger's Eye Earring Stone
Skeleton Mercenary = 2 Animal Bone

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Posted: September 14th, 2005, 5:58 pm
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Anyone know where Yaska mace heads and War axe heads spoil and drop?

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Posted: September 14th, 2005, 11:25 pm
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L2.onlinewelten.com has information on drops, but none on spoils. Usually that means drop only. On the monster page, on the same line as the mob's name/stats, there is a link that will take you to a map with the monster's location marked.

I have found this website to be, by far, the most useful in locating items and monsters.

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