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The Secrets of a dark master xD : Lineage 2 Submissions

Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:23 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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Hi, many of ppl have helped me along the years of L2 playing, I know that by posting this, all my chars with this nick name will get banned, flammed, put on *.gotowned.com, etc, but anyway, I am up for the knowledge, not the having SUPERLEETZOR char, I love computers, I love knowledge, so, its time to share it.

(all of this info come from one of 2 sources, they are, from my personal experience with friends or alone or from other ppl, sites, wateva, will try to make it as clear as possible for everyone to understand, and this might still work or not, try them if you want, make sure you dont try it near ppl who can tell the admins what you are doing, if ilegal xD )

OK, lets start .

hLaPEx fun :) ----

what it is and what it does, it is basically a packet sniffer who lets you re-send and decode them aswell. (packets are small pieces of information that are sent over the internet), in hLaPEx they are translated as HEX code for you, but theres inner functionally that lets you "read" header of packets (header of packets are the first letters in a packet, they, in linage, tell the Server or Client where to send that info, and where that info applies, beeing in CharStatus, CharPossition, Time of day, itens you have, etc.

"Reading" a packet:


For example...

packets.txt in hlapex data folder tells us :

so, everything after the header, that is 21, is a command, in hlapex you can translate that command to a more easier to understand string in hlapex, using HEX tools :

copy that HEX code into Converter - HEX on the Send menu... but strip the 21 that is the header... you get :
npc_268474516_change_class 26

What this tells us is that, you requested a Bypass to the server, on NPC 268474516, and that bypass was a custom build function (on the server) that the name was "change class", and passed 26 as argument, and that 26 is, in this case, is a Char class, from my studies, they rage from 20 to 127 (or 117, dont remember, and cant test at this point, soz) and from what i tested, from 103 +- up its 3rd class changes, now you have an example, go play with it (tested on C5 l2j server, working as charm, will post pics in downloadable zip file).

Now, goodies :) :) :

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:24 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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first 2 packet winners, love them both, great to annoy GMs and amaze everyone arround, not really bad, as they have no side effects, and the "makes alot of lag" is a noobie excuse, if they knew what they were saying they would shut up, its a simple packet of text, even if you sent it 2313024 times a secund, you wouldnt notice any lag spike on a server that can handdle more than 100 users.

GM power animation :
1B is social action.

Lvl up animation :

Zarich flames on your weapon :

The real power is when you put that packet in the Own packets, on Send tab, and you click auto, it sends the packet 5-10 times a secund, and you get yourself a nice animation, with gm power one, they cant even see your name xD (all 3 work on off servers, both, c4 and c5, try not to make them on main char, make them on diferent acc with diferent IP, because you will get banned if anyone sees you)

Add item to trade (sux), from other guy inventorry after hit OK (OMG ROXXX)


It has the code for a small item, you have to sniff your code trading with a friend for other items, its a requestbypass command, with crazy chars if decoded, soz.

Select NPC, normally sux if you dont know how to use it, use it like this, on arena, some servers have an NPC that gives you CP for 100 money, normally you can only access it by clicking it, so, you must leave arena, but if you copy the packet to access it, and to perform the give CP option, and send it, you get CP even if you are not near it, so you get it inside arena, plus, making you INVENCIBLE while having that packet on AUTO mode, note...if the guy hits you with more than your cp and life can handdle, your death xD. This works on servers that have noob admins, that dont set a Radius action to NPCs, or give it a really big one, some servers that have smaller Radius, the server will ignore the command if you are too far away.

This can also be used to buy stuff from far away.


Packet action.


Moving off hLaPEx to Walker tactics.

Annoy someone at a point that he will PK you xD

Set your Walker to follow someone, but input a distance of following very short, (500 is +- like a meter from him), so, put like 50 to make the guy bump in you all the time and annoy him, if you put like 10 or so, you can stop the guy from moving at all to 1 direction (the direction you are at from him).

My experience, get 4 L2 open at same time with bots running (put graphics on minimum and all that if you have slow pc), put them all to follow someone, very close, and you will trap him, he will then logout or PK one of your bots... kill him and get his weapons xD

Mana pots use in walker (very usefull if on server that uses all mana pot power instantly and not by time as healling pot):


USEITEM(Mana Potion[ID=728])

If on server with time of pot, put 4000 or so in the Delay() function.

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:26 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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CP pot, making you last longer on pvp :

USEITEM(Greater CP Potion[ID=5592])

You will not be able to use the CP pot as fast as the script runs, but sometimes it comes wierd and puts 5 pots at the same time, so, leave it with low delay time.

Other Walker options are the normal ones, that are not really tactics, search for tutorials.

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:26 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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Moving from ilegal to legal (but dirty sometimes)

Very easy and strong chars (noobzor chars) :
Almost all archers, and OL .
Most archers use this 4 skills and the main one, OL has lots of defence and very fast drain, that makes him really hard to kill.

!@#$%^&* use of archers (not so noobie)
using hawkeye as suicide bomber, get to a siege from behind, and kill lots of ppl that are attacking it, try to come in the night, put snipe, and the ultimates stuff, kill killl kill, dont run, you will most alot, they usually take 6-7 secunds to understand where the hit comes from, if you are not hidden, take more 4 secunds to run to you, alone, as they take 8 secunds to call for friends over Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, you will get killed, but you will kill as much as 6-7 guys before you get they catch you, use this tactic with 3 more friends, attacking seperatly, (like 30 meters from each in a arched line) and you will kill alot more, try to hit the same target at the same time, and your chances raise.

Fun with elf archer, well, it runs alot doesnt it?

Put a B grade weapon on it, and go PK noobs, you can kill as much as 500 without getting killed, just kill lvl 20-30, if they call their friends, you run, run as hell, if mages sleep or slow you, your are done, just run run run, and they will lose ya, then come back carefully to not get killed on the way :)

Mages, for me, best mages are OL, spellhowler and necro.

OL, massive def, and health re-gain using drain very quick.

SpellHowler, massive 5k hits, and 20k UP critical magic hits, using ShilenHelders (?) Wild Magic buff.

Necro, same as spellhowler, but less hit, use the summons as defence, put reanimated man, that has nice HP and enable transfer pain :)

Main buffs for them Wing walk, might, mental shield, bless the soul, acumen, wild magic, bless shield, shield, magic barrier, beserker spirit,empower, concentration
Dances : concentration, mystic
Songs, Earth, warding, vitallity, wind

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:27 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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Great conter-sword:
Shillen Knight with arcana equipment, and use its magic skills, if you paralize it, you win, make sure you take heavy equip on inventory, has he might come prepared with other tactics, this works againts mages too, but use nightmare instead and a bow.

On misc char tactics with bow... get a tyrant put nightmare on it and a bow, then get a friend to damage you alot before fight, and enable frenzy and the other skill, re-heal with npc (if instant heal, or use healler), get in arena, 1 shot 1 kill, to all mages, 2 shots per kill all other chars, 3-4 shots for tyrants, warlords and really high health chars.

Conter mages on normal servers, shillen templar, high mdef.

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:27 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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Now... ENCHANT BUG :) (works on L2J C5, and some other off servers, ones with slow database or single database with high number of players)

Explanation, it works by flooding the server with requests, the server needs to get info fast from database, and one of that info is the rate of enchant that varies from server to server. each weapon has a chance of enchant, calculated by a formula (that i dont know and dont care) that uses that database info for its calc, so, your point is to make the system go crazy in a way that when it checks for that database info, calcs and get a value that makes your weapon brake, at a lvl, you have it already enchanted at a higher lvl, so it passes as error, and ignores it.

How to do it, get 2 weapons of same type, all non enchanted or enchanted to 3, put them on F1 and F2, enable both soul shots and blessed spirit shots to auto mode, quickly hit F1 and F2, so that when you stop it is the weapon you didnt enchant yet (or lowest enchanted one), put a enchant on it, (note, you must have it un-equiped, so make your hits on keys match the one you want to enchant to be un-equiped), you can know this in this way, when you open the enchant menu after double clicking on the enchant item the lowest enchanted weapon is to be at the top of the item list, if it is not, dont enchant, and repeat the process of fliping weapons.

Repeat the process for each enchant you put, flip the weapons several times, 50 or so, if one brakes, stop, and keep the weapon like that, do this only with new weapons, dont try the other ones, as the system might verify 1 as having high brake status and brake it without your control. i got 2 arcana maces to +29 once, then one broke, and i stoped enchanting more.

Make sure you do this on servers where you get weapons easily, because if all variables such as slowness of server, etc.

If someone puts loads of xmas trees, it is not lag, your your pc slow, so, it might be confused as lag, but it is, it happens on your pc only.

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:27 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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Siege tactic, orc with bow, use frenzy, get behind door, target them by zooming out, tell ppl to open door, and hit hit hit.

Or get a OL behind the door, target by zooming out over the top of walls, if they get close, get very close to door, and you can spell from the door, kill him all :) and get back before beeing killed.

Have more stuff but, i am tired of writing and some i dont remember or have to check with friends to be sure.

PS: fun with tyrants, get a tyrant and get a subclass, put it on human healer, and go with a party of tyrants, most ppl will target healer first, but if you are a big orc, most ppl will not consider you a healer, and will think you are just one more big !@#$%^&*, strong orc, in the middle of confusion of a big attack, if in catacumb or small place where orcs are very close to each other and magics fly around, its hard to see you healing xD

PS2: some C5 servers, theres a bugged mob in cruma, that reflects 2000000000 damage, get someone pk, and tell him to take the pk out on that mob, xD collect weapon

Best regards,

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 8:28 am
mrsilentwarrior's Reps:
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sorry to split this all up, but, i get time out error if i dont split it.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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