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Use only a Scroll of Escape to get to dion! : Lineage 2 Submissions

Posted: December 6th, 2006, 4:22 pm
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I will attempt to explain how to bypass teleporting to towns and wasting adena just to get to dion. It will only cost you a Scroll of Escape to get to dion. Note that this was attempted and repeated many times on a private server that is using official server files and not the L2J emulator.

Step 1: First thing you need to do is buy 1 Scroll of Escape which will cost you 400-500 adena in a shop.

Step 2: *Note* You need to talk to any of the Gatekeepers that offer to teleport you to Monster Derby Track for free *Note* Teleport to the monster derby track for free from the Gatekeeper.

Step 3: You will arrive at the monster derby track, when you arrive you should end up at the North End of the track by the fence. In front of you, you will see the Race Manager and Lottery Ticket Seller. Then if you look outside of the fence you will see the Race Track Gatekeeper standing to the east of a rock with moss on it.

Step 4: At this point you should be standing right in front of the Lottery ticket seller. Now walk east towards the broadcasting tower which is now in front of you,but dont go up to it, or else you walked too far..... Make the first left (go north) at the pavillion/wood shelter thingy. You are now looking at another fence.

Step 5: Put your character as close to the corner of the fence as possible. I am talking about the corner of the fence that is MOST NORTH and MOST WEST. Or in other words...the left corner.

Step 6: You need to use the action (Attack) for this to work. So either pull it up by pressing "C" or equip it on your hotkeys, because you are going to need to spam it.

Step 7: Now that you are in the corner, you need to set your character up to do this. On the"WEST SIDE" of this fence you will see the corner post, and to the south of this corner post, you will see another support post. Between these 2 posts is a small ground post. You should align your character up between this ground post and the corner pavillion/wood shelter post so that your character is standing directly in between the ground post and the pavillion post.

Step 8: Now move your camera so that you can see the Race Track GateKeeper. Click her once just so that you target her.

Step 9: Now that she is targeted and your charcter is set up. Hold down the attack action on your hotbar, or just spam click it if you are doing it from the action menu. You character will start to run to her but get blocked by the fence. NO WORRIES, just keep it held down, or just keep spamming it. This is called bugging. Your charcter should start to run sideways along the fence or just kind of have a seizure looking thing. After 5-15 seconds of him doing this, the dialog screen should pop up for the Race Track Gatekeeper.

Step 10: Now choose, "Go to the Monster Derby Track! (Free of charge). You will be teleported back in to the track.

Step 11: Simply talk to the Race Manager, and select, Exit the monster race track.

Step 12: You are now outside the derby track standing next to the gatekeeper in Dion Territory. In the server I am in, when I use a SOE from this position I get directly sent to Dion and not Floran. But if you get sent to Floran no worries, it takes 1 minute to run to dion all for the cost of 1 SOE.

I hope this little bug helps everybody save lots of adena from stupid traveling costs. I have saved well over 100k already since I like to move from town to town a lot without running.

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