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Rift Battleground BG Working AFK Bot : Rift - Bots / Macros / Hacks

Posted: March 14th, 2011, 1:58 pm

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Here is an awesome guide on a brand new rift working battleground bot and anti afk bot. This bot works by keeping your player in the game whether you are in the battleground or just wanting to anti afk in the game. It works perfectly and is a great way for those that just want to stay in BGs and get all the perks.

First we need a automatic click program, i searched a lot, tried really much, the most are !@#$%^&*, or their not good for what i want them to do, and some are pretty hard to get rid of afterwards.
The best one i found is a free software called AutoClick 2.2.

DL-Link: AutoClick 2.2

Ok, the program is quite simple and self explaining, if youre smart enough you can easily figure out what to do now, If not, or if youre just lazy, here's the solution:


The first we do is get the settings done.
The click interval must be set to one second, left mousebutton and single click. Then we activate *Smart click*, and you set the hotkeys how you want them. You will need both, the start hotkey and the record hotkey.

Now we start Rift, and change the game, if not already done, to windowed mode. Then you open up your pvp-menu (k). Now your screen should look like this. Well, w/out the black parts ofc Image. Dont care bout the numbers, well come to that later.


Now you press the hotkey for RECORDING, in my case F4. in the upper right corner of your screen should now appear a small window, looking like this:


Now, click on the *Record* button of the little window that appeared. Keep the mousebutton pressed, move to the point where your ingame battleground button is (number 1 in my screen), and then drop it directly on the button. Repeat this till you got a recorded point on the bg button, the *join all bg's* button and the *enter* button of every bg. then press aggain the record-hotkey, in my case aggain F4, and then your ready to go.

Now just press the AutoClick-Hotkey and the prog will start clicking, every second on the points you gave him. Important is that you dont change the window solution of Rift afterwards, because if you do the autoclicker will click on the wrong places since it works with x-y-coordinates and not by searching any buttons. Every second round of clicks the autoclicker will click empty because the bg-window is not open, but thats no problem, just deactivate click-to-move if you got that active.

Oh yeah, and do NOT set a second click per round on the BG-button. i tried that too, but since the autoclicker doesnt stop clicking while in loading screen it can happen that it stucks if you got two clicks onbg button per round, eg. bg is finished, you get ported out, while youre porting he clicks the first time on bg button, comes out and then tries to click join and enter buttons, but he cant since window isnt open, then he clicks a second time on bg button and window opens, then next click interval starts and he clicks aggain on bg button to open, but he doesnt open it but closes, and then youre stuck in a loop.

At all, its not a perfect solution, but it works, you wont get booted afk, and you get free prestige, honor and reputation, negative aspect is that you cant do anything else meanwhile on your comp, because rift has to be the active window, and the mouse is used by the clicker, so its just good if youre really afk. Oh yeah, and the people wont like you for standing around afk in the bg xD.

So far, have fun with it and profit while it lasts.

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