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XUnleashed 4.4 Released (Change Log Included) : Site News

Posted: March 10th, 2006, 10:09 pm

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XUnleashed Version 4.X Alpha Release

It has been a long year and we have made quite a few strides into the next version of XUnleashed. Most notably you will enjoy the new EXhume scripting engine that is now built into XUnleashed. EXhume is a fully integrated script engine and debugger all in one. We have also completely rewritten the engine with a new API and complete dynamic windows creation. Dont fret, you will still have access to the old scripting engine both as a stand alone plugin as well as built into Exhume. All old script commands can be accessed using the prototype ScriptHost.XXXX where XXXX is the old ScriptHost command. Please see the forums for more details.

The next biggest thing you will see is almost zero disconnects. We have rewritten the authentication routine so that disconnects will become a thing of the past.

Also, we have made a TON of bug fixes, rewrites, memory leaks fixes, code logic changes and so many more that I wont be able to get it all into this little post. Ie, Gamepad fixes, checkboxes to enable/disable different directx versions, and more.

Now the disclaimer. There are so many changes that have gone into this release, we are releasing it first as an alpha release. We need your feedback on new bugs, old bugs that didnt get fixed, or just plain old new ideas you would like to get implemented. We are going to start releasing the XU/XUM client on a bi-weekly basis with upgrades and fixes. These will first go here into the XUnleashed-Test.exe and once deemed stable they will be moved into production. We plan to update the test version about once a week with fixes that our users are finding. We had thought to put them all into one big package, but as we have found out, when we fix one thing, something else can break and it makes troubleshooting the problems difficult.

EXhume while it is really nice and has alot of features, it currently is in a mildly stable state. The ingame debugger has some serious crash issues that we are trying to track down. Please help us if you can to reproduce any crashes.

Feature Requests
--Let us know what features you would like enabled first, and we can prioritize those.

About Bug Reports. Please, make sure that you are running a clean copy of XUnleashedTest. If you install ANY 3rd party plugins/services they can cause crashes. We have already informed a couple of our plugin/service developers that their plugins are causing crashes in the way that they are doing some of their initialization routines. If it doesnt crash without any 3rd party plugins, then its probably a 3rd party plugin causing the crash!

Please report any bugs or problems to the BugTracker. Again, we anticipate getting new patches out bi-weekly, so please keep the bug reports/feature requests coming.

Change Log

XU 4.4

XUnleashed Client v4.4
--Fixed: a couple minor memory leaks
--Fixed: a corruptable pointer
--Fixed: DocUrl bug
--Modified: how files are hooked
--Added: Allow multiple files to be hooked (Hook1,Hook2) seperated by commas.

Exhume Scripting Engine v1.0
--Added: root.RunEncryptedScript to execute an encrypted script file
--Added: root.RunEncryptedString to execute an encrypted script string
--Added: root.EncryptScript to encrypt script files to hide contents from open sourced projects
--Added: root.EncryptString to encrypt some code to hide its contents from open sourced projects
--Added: root.RunScript to allow executing dynamic script code.
--Added: root.RunScriptFile to allow loading dynamically script files (really good for compiled scripts to allow modifications!)
--Added: Windows.SetWindowPos (unabriged original Win32 api call)
--BugFix: Fixed the MouseMove and MouseClick functions so that they are more precise. (no more drifting)
--Removed: Mouse.GetGeneralCursorX/Y (obsolete with new functions below)
--Updated: Mouse.RelativeToGeneral is now ClientToScreen and must pass in window handle
--Updated: Mouse.GeneralToRelative is now ScreenToClient and must pass in window handle
--Added: Mouse.GetWindowCursorPosX/Y to get mouse coordinates based on a window
--Added: Mouse.GetTopWindowCursorPosX/Y to get the topmost window coordinates
--Updated: Mouse Functions for GetCursorPosX (now is screen coordinates)
--BugFix: Fixed mouse functions on fast systems.
--Added: Memo Control.SetBackgroundColor to specify what color the memo box is.
--Added: Data.CRC32 function which will calculate a crc32 value for a file.
--Added: root.GetExhumeDirectory function which returns the path to the exhume files.
--Modified: Socket.DownloadFileFromURL to return true/false
--Added: Socket.InstallUpdateFromURL function which will install .xui files for exhume via script.
--Modified: Screen.FindWindowByTitle to allow for partial substring matches
--BugFix: Screenshot functions now save screenshots in the xum directory.
--BugFix: Sleep was causing GUI events to pause. This has been fixed.
--Added: GUI Window settings for Transparent and Alpha blended windows (Win2k, ME, XP+ Only)
--Added: GUI Window command: SetEXStyle/GetEXStyle
--Added: GUI Window settings to get a handle to the window
--Added: GUI Window command for Invalidate
--Added: Screen commands for Text: TextOut, Color, Mode, and Background Colors
--Added: FileIO.BrowseForFile dialog to use with scripting.

XU 4.3
-- Tweaked a bug causing a DocUrl error. Please let me know of this error continues.
-- Tweaked the GW settings. There was a error in the config. Check DX9 and uncheck DX8.
-- Removed some unnecessary clutter in the logs.

XU 4.2.
--Fixed a loading bug (which seemed to fix EVE problems)
--Fixed a patching bug (which seemed to fix the bug for plugins)
--Fixed a major memory leak which I still dont know how plugins were even running with that bug.

XU 4.1.
--Added support for GW as well as numerous bug fixes.
--We fixed the gamepad detection bug, as well as a few other gamepad issues.

Grab the latest client from here.
http://www.taultunleashed.com/phpbb2/vi ... p?p=172552

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