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Everything you need to know about HA : GW Discussion

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July 14th, 2009, 12:34 pm 
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This guide explains everything there is to explain about Heroes' Ascent (HA) and how to
gain fame and/or win the Hall of Heroes. This will not teach you a hidden secret or trick - this
will teach you how to gain more PvP skill.

This first section will describe how to find a build to play or a group:

People might play HA for lots of reasons - the Hero title, fame, recognition and skill in
winning Halls... or just faction farming. Whatever the reason is, you will need to understand and
do a couple of things before you play HA:

1. You need to know the gametypes/maps (this is all explained a little later in this guide)
2. You need to download Ventrilo and Teamspeak (abbreviated Vent/TS)
3. It is a good idea to have or make friends that also want to play HA
4. Always go to International District 1-2, not american 1.

So.... you have 0 fame and want to start getting some fame... An important thing to do at
this point is to get some faction. 10,000 faction will make it so you can unlock any bar (set of
8 skills) that your team will have you play. In order to familiarize yourself with the playing
field, a good idea is to join a group that is doing the build that is the current metagame.
Metagame means a build that is currently being used the most due to it being efficient...
whenever a build becomes the Metagame it is only a matter of time until it is nerfed and unusable
or taken over by another build... at the time of this writing the metagame is Spiritway. A simple
team consisting of 3 thumpers, 2 trappers, 1 expel hexes ritualist, and 2 N/Rt healers that use
the energy bonus of spirits dying to heal with Necro primary to gain energy through Soul Reaping.

Some builds that were the metagame in the past include: ViMway, IWAY, Heroway, SF spike,
rit spike, and ancestors rage spike.

Anyway, the metagame can usually be found on in the HA section. Just play
some builds and then you will learn how HA works more or less.

Once you get to the point where you have about 30-50 fame... already at rank 1, you will
start getting really pissed at how no ranked groups let you in. This is when you really want to
start using cheap builds like spiritway to get rank 3... or you can beg people like me to let you
in their groups . Whatever the case, make it your goal to grind out rank 3. Using the metagame
build is the easiest way to do so right now (if you need help on the metagame build, you can PM

Once you are at rank 3 it will be pretty obvious to you what you need to do to gain
higher rank so this guide will be useless to you.

This next section explains how every map in HA works:

So... you have a group and your going in to fight the zaishen.

Your goal is to kill them as fast as possible as this will grant you a larger morale
boost after doing so - 29 secs or less is 10% -----59 secs is 8%... and it goes kinda like that -
if your group can't get 6% morale boost or better... there's pretty much no chance that they will
beat the first map even.

Your next map = The Underworld. This map is a straight up kill the other team map. Pretty
self explanatory.

Once you win that.. you have a chance to skip to some other map (it's a small chance)
that is further but if u don't (which you usually won't) your next map is Fetid River.

Fetid River is easy to explain too - it's the same idea as underworld except you have a
priest - he tends to your rez shrine. Every 2 mins if he is alive and someone in your party is
dead they will get rezzed at the shrine and continue on... it's a good idea to look at the timer
before you rez someone since they could just rez at the shrine in 10 secs.

So... you won that - then you go on to Burial Mounds. Same as before but with a flag too.
Luckily however... no one bothers with the flag since it does pretty much nothing.

So up till this point... it's easy.. you just have to kill the other team for the most

Once you win that... you have Unholy Temples. This map is a little more complicated. This
is a relic map. The idea here is that you need to capture the other team's relic to gain a
point.. if it's a tie.. the person with the last relic capped will win. To cap a relic all you do
is grab the other teams and take it to your ghostly hero... if you are the runner you will be
pounded on constantly and knocked down... avoid mobs as they can body block you.

So... you've won that... then you have a map called Forgotten Shrines. This is capture
points (just like in AB if you've played it). The idea here... is that every 30 seconds of the
timer you gain 1 point for each point you have captured on the map. To cap a point you need more
people on the point than the other team. It's a little complicated but with good organization,
you can split up effectively to cap.

Then once you win that... you get to Golden Gates... this map is simply priest
annihilation... and is made so that commonly at the start both teams simply take out each other's
priest. This is called the Priest Swap. Otherwise, you just play this like you would the first 3
maps - kill the other team.

So... then you've won that...and you get to the Courtyard. This map.... is King of the
Hill. There are 3 teams and one altar. The team that gets their ghostly hero on the altar gives
him the chance to perform Claim Resource - a 3 sec long skill. Once the ghostly does this.. your
team has control of the hill. All you do from now on... is maintain control until the ghostly
dies - so you want to prot/heal him as he will take a TON of pressure. You get 1 point every 30
seconds until the other team has capped it the person to last get the point in a tie breaker

So.. you ended up being SO godly that you won that too... Well... then you have the
Antechamber - This map is also capture points like Forgotten Shrines. The idea here.. is the
exact same.

Well... you probably have a lot of fame by now if you're here - The Vault. This map is
the easiest of them all. You do absolutely nothing! Because you've made it to the Hall of
Heroes.. all you do on this map is wait for the current HoH match to finish.

Finally - You're here - The Hall of Heroes! - here you may get 3 different gametypes...
King of the Hill... Capture Points... Relic Offerings. The first one.. is just like in The
Courtyard. You have the middle as the hill and you keep him alive. The second one... is just like
the other capture points maps except that the middle is worth 2 capture points and every
base(spawn point) is worth 1 and then you are usually facing 3 team in this one as opposed to the
other cap points maps. Then finally you have Relic Offerings.. This is not like the relic map.
You have 1 relic which is sitting at your base. You go and you pick that relic up and you take it
to the middle. Each time you pull this off... you get 1 point... the team to do this last in a
tie-breaker wins.

So you won that? Look at your chat box - it will say something like:

XXXXXX's team has won a battle in the Hall of Heroes.

Go to the chest that spawns then and pick up a possibly very rare item - there's one for each
person on the team.

Once you win HoH - You hold it. This means that other teams come to challenge you and you can win
again and again.

This next section of the guide will cover common strategies and words you might encounter
while playing HA:


Annihilation/Priest Annihilation - Maps: Underworld/Fetid River/Burial Mounds/Golden Gates - The
strategy here is really different based on your team's build. It depends on what your role in the
team is... make sure you stick with your team.. splitting up is almost never a good idea.

Capture the Relic - Maps: Unholy Temples - The strategies here vary. If you are running a
balanced team and not a spike, the most common thing to do is a split. Usually people body/spirit
block the relic so the other team can't get it, the runner often has to watch for holes in the
other team's body block to pass though and cap the relic. Listen carefully to your caller to know
what to do if you are the runner.

Capture Points - Maps: Forgotten Shrines/Antechamber/Hall of Heroes - This is very hard on the
caller and requires team effort to work. It is a good idea to have split teams set up that
capture all the shrines. Whenever one team captures a shrine and abandons it, you will need to go
and cap it, watch carefully for which ones they control and try and control the most. It is
usually a good idea to avoid fighting and just cap.

King of the Hill - Maps: The Courtyard/Hall of Heroes - This is simple to grasp the strategy and
relies more on the team being smart. When another team has the ghostly on the altar and has
capped it - try and kill him by organizing a spike or just attacking. Try and pressure their
healing so that its easier to hurt the ghostly. When yours is up there - pressure their attackers
and have the healers heal him as much as possible. If the ghost dies, have a runner go back and
grab him at your rez shrine.

Relic Offerings - Maps: Hall of Heroes - This is also simple to grasp. You need 2 runners to run
the relic back and forth to the center altar - 1 waits at the relic spawn, the other runs it to
the center and runs back, while the one waiting starts running it. Send your snarers to go and
snare the enemy team's runners as well as possible.

Keep in mind that killing the enemy's Ghostly Hero always results in a Morale Boost of 10% and
all your skills being recharged.

Thats about it for strategies, here are some common terms that you might encounter:

Gank - it means simply to gang up on a group of enemies, often from two sides and with another
team but not always.

Overextend - this means that you are no in range of where you should be and ran too far ahead to
where you can't be healed.

Underextend - this means that you aren't moving fast enough when you need to be.

Body Block - This is the idea that while in the game, no one can walk through you... so if people
are set up to around the relic, there is no way the enemy will pick it up.

Spirit Block - This is the same thing as body block, your spirits count as a body and no one can
walk through them.

Snare - this means to slow down the opponent, usually used on the enemy's relic runner.

Infuse - this is the monk's job usually. The monk will use the skill infuse health to quickly
heal an enemy's spike

Spike - this means to deal a burst of damage in a small amount of time, usually with a lot of
people on your team (ie: if 7 necro's use Icy Veins on one target at once)

UAS - this means that you have unlocked all skills for a certain class.

UAX - this means you have everything unlocked.

That just about wraps up the guide on HA.
Add on if you got anything else.

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July 14th, 2009, 2:27 pm 
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Nice nice. Do you have any screen shots as well to help spruce it up?

Can members say yay or nay to this being usefull so it may be moved to the confirmed section? If you say nay please say why so we can help others know.

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July 15th, 2009, 5:15 am 
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Tault_admin (!empty($user->lang['WROTE'])) ? $user->lang['WROTE'] : ucwords(strtolower(str_replace('_', ' ', 'WROTE'))):
Nice nice. Do you have any screen shots as well to help spruce it up?

Can members say yay or nay to this being usefull so it may be moved to the confirmed section? If you say nay please say why so we can help others know.

I will get screenshots as soon as my account is done with its ban.

Some guy hacked my account and try to do some hacks but failed and got him a temp ban.
So yes i will another 4 more days and they should be up

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July 15th, 2009, 5:35 am 
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(!empty($user->lang['IMAGE'])) ? $user->lang['IMAGE'] : ucwords(strtolower(str_replace('_', ' ', 'IMAGE')))

These are not mine made by!empty($user->lang['IMAGE'])) ? $user->lang['IMAGE'] : ucwords(strtolower(str_replace('_', ' ', 'IMAGE')))

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July 17th, 2009, 5:29 pm 
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Hmm no yays or nays....

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August 12th, 2009, 5:54 am 
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Worked forever on this, but no yays/nays.

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December 1st, 2009, 8:06 pm 
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I'm not up to Heroes' Ascent yet, but this definitely looks interesting.

I think you may want to edit the screenshots into your first post. Most people don't really like reading long walls of text.

Bookmarked, though. :)

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