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Working On A Common Guide : GW Discussion

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May 24th, 2006, 2:26 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Hey guys, i've been working on a W/Mo sword solo troll farming build and trust me i know it's not premium material but i was wondering if u guys cud offer me some critisism on it, you know so i can try and improve it.

It's a build that doesnt take up too much money; i've only tested it once so far but i think it can be better because right now i die aalot of the time. here it is and i'm eager to hear some critisim remember just say whats on ur mind, i wont get affended any way i just want as build that people can use without spending alot of money and works:

Area: Troll Caves Outside Of Droknars

Healing Prayers: 5
Strength: 9+1
Swordsmanship: 10
Tactics: 10


1) Gladiators Defense {E}
2) Defensive Stance
3) Bonetti’s Defense
4) “To The Limit!”
5) Endure Pain
6) Sprint
7) Healing Breeze
8.) Mending


1) As soon as you get in put Mending on.
2) Sprint past the Avicara
3) Aggro the trolls the put on Gladiator’s Defense
4) Use “To The Limit!”
5) When Gladiator’s ends use Defensive Stance
6) Then use Bonetti’s after that ends
7) Use Endure Pain after Bonetti’s if Gladiator’s Defense isn’t ready
8.) Use Healing Breeze during Gladiator’s Defense
9) Repeat until all dead (Glad’s D
Main Dmg.)

remember you dont need any type of weapon or armor although glands or knights armour wud help and weapons with lots of mods wud make it way easier, u DONT need them; i do it with a Fiery Spath Of Frotitude and a Skeleton shield but i only have full Dragon Armor which yes is 15k but doesnt have too many mods if u look at it. The point of this build is to get Gladiators defense to do all of the work. But really if u look a all of the builds and guide sit requires alot of money and if by doing this in the first place you are trying to get money, then what makes you thin kthey had it to begin with?

So Please Post Your Critisim!

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June 27th, 2006, 11:24 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
well could make it quicker if sword by using riposte and deadly or make axe and have cyclone and also make it a lot easier take bit more outta sword cos it aint doing much dmg and den dey die at same time with glads and out 8 in healing for 3+ mending regen

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