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55 monk in one day : GW Submissions

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April 27th, 2006, 3:27 am 
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First off, I would just like to say that this is not a guide for the beginners of the game. Although I will describe what the 55 monk is, becoming one takes experience and knowledge of the game for it to be accomplished, and doing it in less than 23 hours is a big feat to accomplish. You will need to spend the whole day to try and do what I did. I spent 22 hours and 44 minutes in one day, although you can do this within a matter of days or even weeks depending on how much you play.

The 55 monk is a build that involves a monk as primary and really anything secondary depending on what you want to do with it. You will need some secondary skills though to kill monsters quicker. The reason they call it the 55 hp monk is because it has 55 health points. You can’t get any lower health. I know what you’re thinking. “HUH?!?! Why would you only want 55 health?!?!?!” This monk is not a healer, nor is it a bonder. It uses a combination of healing and protection spells. The build is also known as the “invinci-monk” for if you are a very experienced 55 hper, barely anything can stop you in PvE. If you are new, I suggest you don’t read the next part of this guide but learn a monk first. Don’t try the 55 hp if you have never tried a monk before!

BTW: You will need some money in order to do this. Altogether I probably spent around 30-40k (runs, power-leveling, runes, armor, weapon).


I won’t tell you how to do the beginning because it really does not matter when it comes to becoming a 55 hp monk. I usually go through searing around level five just by doing quests and killing things. After you go through searing, there are a few things you need to do. (You don’t need to get the -50hp focus first but if you want to): you need to go to Simon the Scribe located near Tydus in Ascalon and do one quest and get to the Northern Wall mission. Once you do those two, get the quest from Simon which will give you the -50 health cesta. You will have to do the following:

Find the historical monument in Surmia.
Find the historical monument in Nolani
Find the historical monument in King's Watch.
You can do the main missions if you want. I recommend doing the following before the Shiverpeaks: “The Great Northern Wall”, “Noloni Academy”. That should get you around level 8. Once you get to Yak’s Bend, you can either get a runner straight to Beacons, or find a cheaper runner by getting henchman and running to Borlis Pass and then get a runner (the runner should cost no less than 1-2k). Once there, get a runner to Droknar’s Forge (it saves a lot of time to get a runner to Droks and Lion’s Arch and I will mention why below). If you choose not to get a runner to Droks, get a runner to run you to “LA” (Lion’s Arch).

Once at Lions, get a runner to “Sanctum Kay” and get a group to do the mission. Once you have completed the mission, you should be around level 10 or so. DO NOT ACSEND AT THIS POINT! This is key if you want to save money because power-levelers cost more the higher level you are. At this time, go to Augory Rock (get a runner for like 300 gold). Search for a power-leveler and get up to level 16 (about 1k per level). Once you're 16, do the missions and ascend. You will be level 20 at this point and you will be able to go to “Dragons Lair” (as I mentioned above). Beat “Dragon’s” and it will take you to Droknar’s Forge. Buy a set of the +energy armor (the tattoos) and put 5 superior runes on them (make four of them the four superior monk runes) and one rune of your secondary profession of your choice. Just to make it look cool, I dyed my tattoos all black so that cost me like another 30k but you don’t need to do that.

I said it would be easier getting the runner to Droks because there is a place you stop called “Camp Rankor” where you will get some elite skills and more runs. You will need a run to “Granite Citadel” which can be costly depending on the runner. Once there, get someone to help you get the elite skill “Shield of Judgment”. This could take time depending on how good the runner is at the game. Once you get the skill from one of the bosses, you will need the required skills:

Skill1- Shield of Judgment (Elite) (Farming griffons/other high-level monsters)
Skill2- Protective Spirit (Farming hydras/other high-level monsters)
Skill3- Healing Breeze (Farming hydras/other high-level monsters)
Skill4- Mending (Farming hydras/other high-level monsters)
Skill5- Balthazar's Spirit (Farming hydras/other high-level monsters)
Skill6- 2ndary profession fighting skill (Farming griffons/other high-level monster
Skill7- Blessed Aura (Farming hydras/other high-level monsters)
Skill8- Blessed Signet (Farming hydras/other high-level monsters)
Skill9- Spell Breaker (Underworld)

As for the weapon, you’ll be looking for one with a longer enchanting mod. If you can afford it, a HoD +5 energy long sword with a 20% enchanting mod will be great, but if you can’t, don’t worry, it’s not that big of a deal anyways. I personally use an Icy Dragon Sword of Enchanting with a perfect 20% enchanting mod, because I think it looks great, but really, 15% enchanting and up will do fine.

For Hydra Farming:

Your attribute points can be as follow:

Healing Prayers: 9
Smiting Prayers: 15
Protection Prayers: 9
Divine Favor: 10
Earth Magic: 8

For the Underworld:

Your attributes can look like this:

Healing Prayers: 13
Smiting Prayers: 10
Protection Prayers: 13
Divine Favor: 13

This is just what I use, but you can change around the attributes for you liking.

Once you have the armor, weapon, runes and skills and the -50hp offhand, go out to augury rock and try farming some griffons. Here are some tips on farming griffons:

Protective Spirit should always be on. If it isn’t, you’ll probably die from one or two hits.
If Healing Breeze wears off during a big fight, don’t panic, just recast it. If you get interrupted, you can recast Protective Spirit for the divine favor health bonus until you can successfully cast Healing Breeze.
Some monsters (like Aatxes from the Underworld) have only one interrupting attack. To prevent interruption, you can wait until they use it, then cast your skills freely until their skill is recharged. If there are too many enemies, you can also watch them graphically; as soon as they hit, quickly cast your skill.
Place your most important skills in first slots for easy access, and the enchantments you are maintaining in the last ones. This way, you can quickly react using your keyboard when you have to.

Here are some important tips for farming the Underworld:

If you’ve got Aatxes or Grasping Darknesses hitting you, try to stand still and not to move towards unexplored grounds too much. It might trigger the apparition of a Dying Nightmare, and the chances you will succeed casting Spellbreaker against those beasts is very low (unless they’re out of energy).
You do not have to cast Spellbreaker before aggroing a mob of Smite Crawlers. They cannot interrupt you, therefore if a Dying Nightmare was to pop up, it would be safe to use your elite skill, before finishing it off with your rod.
For your first runs, do not aggro too many Smite Crawlers; 8+ can easily kill you even if you have Protective Spirit and Healing Breeze on.
Communication between the players is the key to successful/fast runs. You can use a voice-chatting program like Ventrilo or Teamspeak, normal chat or even the in-game radar, but you’ll have to communicate with your partner. Explaining your aggroing patterns is very important too.

You should be set with these. If you do everything correct, you should be able to get everything you need in less than 24 hours. You need time and dedication for this to work. I would like to thank Cerb for his guide on GW Guru. I used some of his information and this helped me first understand it. Check it out here if you are a little confused at the whole build. Remember, I am showing you how to get everything in one day. Message me in game as Alexa Iceheart and I will run you/power level for free if you tell me you saw this guide. I will be available March 10th-March 28th before I have to go back to school again. Thank you everyone and good luck!

TO GET THE MONEY YOU CAN DO AN EXPLOIT FOUND ON click on guild wars on the left hand side

April 27th, 2006, 7:14 am 
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When will they learn?


C+P ... tail&id=74

or that was stolen from here ... id1626.php

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