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February 18th, 2006, 4:04 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked

Need to be a W/Mo lvl 20

Have Droks Armor (Plate Mail)

Sprint Charge Balanced Stance Purge Conditions Endure Pain

Holy Veil Smite Hex Healing Signet

once you see the first cave you want to use sprint and dodge all IMPS. Go on the path towards the cave. once you get to the entrance of the cave hit balanced stance. once its 1/4 reloaded hit charge. Try to avoid the Ice golems at all cost. if the ice golems are in the way put on Holy Veil. After that put on sprint and run past them. if you get slowed down by a spell doudle-click the holy viel to take it off then hit charge if SPRINT goes out. Heal after that in a safe spot. Take on the grawls only and if you fined Ice golems in your path again do the same thing as before. After that when you get past the first portal you will find Tundra Giants. Use Balanced stance when you come up to them and then when its 1/4 reloaded hit charge. Find a safe spot and heal and wait for balanced stance and charge to reload. After that go towrds the next portal(Snake Dance) hit balanced stance at the Tundras and charge past them to the portal.
In the next portal you will hit mroe Tundras. get past the first group and one group will be walking. Follow them and dont get them in your circle.Once the walking group is with the other group sprint at them. once the Tundras are in your cirlce hit balanced stance and wait till its 1/4 reloaded. Then you hit charge. there will be a group walking up a hill follow them and wait till the other group of Tundras are together and reloaded. Then you hit charge. Find a safe spot and heal. head towrds the other group of Tundras and do the same as before and find a healing spot. There will be a big group of Tundras now. Go towrds them and keep going stright to the safe spot in a corner. Wait till ever ting is recharged. head towards the goupd again and hit balanced stance and wait till its 1/4 reloaded. Then you hit charge. find another healing spot. Now you will have ti sprint towrds the other group and dont use balanced stance or charge. Soon there will by Azures. hit balalanced stance and if you want use charge. there will be a small path infront of you sprint towrds it and onec a Azure or a tundra is in your cicle Hit Blacned stance once it is 1/4 reloaded hit charge. keep going down into this small section. There would be another with Tundras and Azures in it so be prepared. Soon you will see a cave after the Moutain Trolls find a safe spot and heal. get the trolls in your circle and back up intill you are out of the cave. Then you sprint at them and dodge the Trolls and then dodge the Ice Golem(not a bad Golem). now sprint past all of the mountain trolls and don't get stuck or you are died. after that you will see a new group of Stone Summits. You will just have to sprint by them. If you see a Stone Summit Herotic put on Holy viel(if you dont and hit it your died). Once they put a spell to slow you down double-click the holy viel and sprint or chrage. Soon you will see a hill go up that and there will be Camp Rankor(there will be blessed griffens by it they do nothing).
Now go out the other side of Rankor. follow the path. Stop when you see Azures. go towrds them and hit balanced stance once its 1/4 reloaded hit charge dont stop. there would be another group that will pop up go into the portal if you think they wont follow. If you go there heal and then Sprint past the Avicara to the right(stay right)past at mountain to the right. Then keep using sprint and charge. Head alittle towrds the left . Soon you will see two mountains go inbetween them. Keep going Stright into a path after it ends go right. then after it widens go to the right a little and now you will be heading towrds Droknoars Forge's portal.

If you have any questions please contact me with a privite message or by e-mail thanks

I can teach you the way to droks just give me a message.

hope i get a membership



February 18th, 2006, 4:12 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Oh Ya my name on GW is Run The Runner if you wanted any help in the game


February 19th, 2006, 10:31 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Dude please read this before you post a guide. ... hp?t=25221


February 19th, 2006, 12:45 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
First the armor is not the best choice for a Droks runner, second obviously can't read the pre-reqs for premium submissions, third as posted to your first topic no maps, and better info already exist!

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