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Easy gryph farming/ getting there/pwer leveling ^_^ : GW Submissions

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September 9th, 2005, 7:31 pm 
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FIRST OFF! i would like to say this is my first guide =) srry for spelling and grammer etc =P ( YES THIS IS MY OWN GUIDE CREATED BY ME! HELPERDUDE!)
Ok, first u start off in pre, start with a war/monk, goto the mansion place ( srry i dunno name) far N N E of ascalon city. get your skills cyclone axe from one of the quests in there, get healing breeze. (better to get these 2 skills now so you dont need to waste skill points on them later =) . finnally- get to old ascalon.


skills you will need (no elites =)
bonettis defence
cyclone axe
vigours spirit
healing breeze
baltzaurs aura(droks forge)
zealots fire
live vicaoursly

gettiing there =)
get a run to ````````

yaks bend-
beacons-(goto droksnaurs forge to get your gladiators armor *required*)
kryta-(scroll down to read the power leveling guide =)
lions arch-
temple of ages-
fishermans heavan-
sanctum cay- (do mission and you will end up innnnn)-
amnoon oasis-(get in a group of people fighting from here to augury)
-augury rock YEAY YOUR HERE!

skill locations

all of the skills listed above can be found by skill traders from...

ascalon city

yaks bend (guy by the fire- doesnt say {skills} beside name)

droknaurs forge

Lions arch

Attribute points!

You dont have to have the exact same amount but this is what i found works best =)

healing prayers 11
smiting 11

axe mastery 8

tacticks 2 ( no tactics or strength is needed but its best u get 6 seconds out of bonettis defence rather then the normal 5)

*NOTE* It is best you have eather...

1 minor vigor rune OR 1 major vigor(i reccomend) or superior vigor rune

1 major axe mastery, or Sup axe mastery ( i reccomend)

1 minor absorbation rune, or major absorbtion rune ( i reccomend)

all equiped on your armor. =)

Too low of a level? POWER LEVEL!

Ah now since uve been running to places all this time u probabley have a low level =) heres what to do

-first off. do a few random quests and get at least to level 6

-have the skill healing breeze and have bought a nice axe for yourself =)

- goto gates of kryta mission, and go outside. there should be groups of 3 wavebreakers. THESE GUYS ARE EASY PIE! AND ARE LVL 12 =)

- work your way around killing them, casting healing breeze should keep you alive =) and use what ever skills suit you

-get to around level 12 doing this. =) (shouldnt take long, why not buy 200 gold xp scrolls ? [[*50%*]] =)

-okay now it gets interesting. make sure that you have all of the required skills on your skilll bar. go back to kryta and enter mission =)

- start off by casting mending (this is the way u will use skills to fight gryphons as well) wait for mana regeneration and cast live vicously.

-run foward until your are able to see a gate on your left hand side.

- go thorugh the gate and you will see a pig names oink! (DONT CLICK HIM!)

-go behind the house there and there should be a route leading to hellhouds ( u will only see one at first but after hes dead like 25 will spwn!)

-run down into the open and 5 guys should come out of the ground. cast vigours spirit and wait for you to get surrouned.

- cast cyclone axe (this will probabley gain you around 20 life from each hit!) your bonettis will now be able to charge up. cast bonettis when ever possible please.

-while bonettis is active wait for the mana regeneration to full and cast healing breeze quickly, then cast zealots fire.

-repeat- cast cyclones, bonettis, now cast baltz aurua (every monster aorund you should die because it deals 2x dmg to undead and guess what! their all undead!)

- thought that was easy? heh, now after the first hellhound dies 20 guys should pop up from the ground! again, repeat the process making sure u have healing breeze active 99% of the time, and use bonettis when ever possible!

**~after you feel comfortable and mastered this technique buy a few xp scrolls (the cheap ones) and power level your self to level 16 or so!.~**

you are able to farm gryphons at around level 18. level 16 will not be enough. do a few more quests and get your self to level 18(level 20 will be easier to farm but its your choice).


ah now for the gryphs!.

to farm the gryphons do the same technique i said about the kryta hellhounds.

the route to gryphons is easy, but ywhen running there many minataurs will follow as well as scorpions! (having a scorp on you while farming gryphons will own you, they have distracting shot =S)

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(((((try not to farm more then 10 ata time))))))

gryphon farmin will give you around 1k a run, evry now and then a sweet gold item drops and i sell for around 10k-50k

*farming takes around 6 minutes. *


READ!!!!!!! IF ANYONE AT ALL NEED HELP WITH ROUTES< LOCATIONS ECT!, please add me and whisper me when i am on (i play alot =P). My gw account name is
"Omfg killer"

I hope this guide helps everyone and gets me a premium =)

September 9th, 2005, 8:39 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Well known and already posted thnx

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