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Effective Hard Mode N/Rt Healers : GW Submissions

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March 6th, 2008, 5:27 pm 
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The concept of N/Rt healers has been around for awhile. Here I will present three N/Rt healer builds for the three available necromancer heroes (Master of Whispers, Olias, Livia). These builds synergize well with each other and are highly effective for vanquishing in hard mode.

The basic idea behind an N/Rt healer is to use Ritualist spells for healing along with the Necromancer Soul Reaping attribute for energy management. The builds that I will present are actually more effective on heroes than on humans due to the fact that heroes have insane reaction times and will never forget to maintain spirits.

All three builds share 5 spells:
Mend Body and Soul
Spirit Light
Spirit Transfer
Protective Was Kaolai
Flesh of my Flesh

Mend Body and Soul, Spirit Light, and Spirit Transfer are extremely effective healing spells because your heroes will never fail to maintain the proper spirits. Spirit Light and Spirit Transfer will heal for 156 and 205 health respectively. Mend Body and Soul will heal for 96 health and will also remove virtually all conditions on you (due to spirits in the area).

Protective Was Kaolai is a life-saving party healer. Your heroes have very fast reaction times so if something like a powerful elementalist spell (ex: Liquid Flame) puts your party on the brink of death, your three heroes will instantly drop Kaolai's ashes and provide for a combined 210 health party heal.

Flesh of my Flesh is a very effective resurrection spell and having it on three heroes means your party will be tough to kill. This can, of course, cause problems in cases where you over-aggro and death is inevitable because your heroes will keep resurrecting party members and may unnecessarily rack up death penalty. If that happens just temporarily disable the skill.

Now for the variants...

Hero 1:
Weapon of Remedy

Life will heal for 120 health over 20 seconds while Recuperation provides constant +3 health regeneration over 39 seconds. Weapon of Remedy is an excellent utility spell that provides healing and condition removal as well as a little offensive power in the form of life stealing.

Hero 2:
Weapon of Warding

Weapon of Warding combined with Recuperation (from hero 1) will provide for +7 health regeneration and a 50% chance to block over a 10 second period. Rejuvenation heals for 9 health each second. This means that your party will gain a constant +15 health per second as long as Rejuvenation and Life (from hero 1) are active. Preservation provides even more healing power by healing 1 ally for 94 health every 4 seconds.

Hero 3:
Wielder's Boon
Spirit Light Weapon

Wielder's Boon synergizes with weapon spells such as Weapon of Remedy, Weapon of Warding, and Spirit Light Weapon to heal for 114 health. Recovery combined with Mend Body and Soul basically guarantees that conditions will be quickly removed from party members. Spirit Light Weapon heals for a great 24 health per second for 10 seconds.

Attributes should be the same for all 3 of these builds:
Soul Reaping: 14 (12+1+1)
Restoration Magic: 12

Don't bother with a major or superior rune in Soul Reaping. Soul Reaping is used solely for energy management and the extra 1 or 2 energy gained by extra points is not worth the lost health.

Some great things about these builds:
- Moves synergize well with each other
- Requires NO micromanagement
- Very powerful healing
- No single skill is critical to any of these builds making heroes using them very difficult to shutdown.
- Invaluable for vanquishing. Use an Essence of Celerity and you are good to vanquish any area you need to (obviously with proper selection of other party members).

- Spirits are key to the efficiency of these builds so skills that destroy them will be a problem. However, this is rarely an issue.
- Bad for PvP Hero Battles

These builds will not make you invincible. You will still die to over-aggro like you would in any other situation and you still need to carefully pick the other members of your party if you are going hero/hench. They do, however, provide a great replacement for monk healers in hard mode. They can also be used in normal mode but I would recommend just sticking with 2 monks (healer + prot) and an offensive hero.

For 2 person vanquishing I would suggest 1 person to bring these builds and 1 person to bring 3 SF Elementalists.

Build template codes:

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March 7th, 2008, 5:48 pm 
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Can members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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March 11th, 2008, 12:33 am 
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Old news

The builds have been on pvxwiki for over a year

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March 11th, 2008, 6:09 am 
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March 11th, 2008, 11:24 am 
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NAY this build has been on Guru and Wiki long time

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