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Ele Farming guide for trolls, or big stupid melee mobs : GW Submissions

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May 14th, 2007, 1:14 am 
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Aight guys, this will be my first attempt at making a guide, so here goes nothing.

To start, you need to make an elementalist, perferably Ele/ranger for certain skills.

My build that I currently run is this:


Skills: Mistform, Glyph of lesser energy, Meteor Shower, bed of coals, frozen burst, flame burst, inferno, armor of mist/serpents quickness (either or...quickness helps with recharge on Meteor Shower and armor helps to outrun avicara birds, which you cant solo on the way to the cave outside droks)


16 fire magic(12 + 3 sup rune +1 headpiece)
12 water magic(9 + 3 sup rune)
9 energy storage(6 + 3 sup rune)

the 16 fire allows your fire spells to do enough damage to kill almost anything in the game, the only exception ive found being the bladed attaxes in the underworld) and the 12 water magic lets your mistform last long enough to keep you alive to watch everything mobbing you die, adn the 9 energy storage, well that just gives you enough energy to cast all you stuff :D

So next thing you're going to want is some decent equipment, I suggest a staff that either adds to your ever so miniscule amount of health, thanks to the runes, or one that halves casting time of fire magic spells. it doesnt have to be max damage or anything, because hey, you kill crap with your fire not you staff ^_^.

Okay, the two runs I do are trolls outside droks and kirins outside mahtuu keep.

Trolls outside droks:

First, gather up a FULL party of henchmen, this is necessary because of the new anti-farming code that A-Net patched in. Then go outside droks through the big front gate into talus chute.

Once outside, you can do one of two things, either send your henchies off to their doom and hope they dont pull anything...nasty, or ust leae them by the gate. I usually leave them by the gate and have, as of yet, had no problems. Next, you walk up to the left towards the cave full of trolls, making sure to avoid the Avicara AT ALL COSTS, they will KILL you dead(unless you have armor of mist, in which case merely run past them untl they break aggro and continue on.)

Once you reach the entrance to the cave, you go inside and aggro the first large clump of trolls you see, letting them run at you until they clump up all nice and juicy like ^_^ plump for harvesting. next run around the large pillar of ice on the right so that they all follow you, but since they get stuck on the wall due to dumb AI, they dont catch you and you put some distance between you and them. Next, take your increasingly large train of trolls towards the back section of the cave, being careful to keep them all behind you so they will clump up on you in a big group when you stop.

Once you've pulled all the small fry(dont go near the bosses as they have a signifigantly larger amount of HP than the trolls do) Stop running and cast Mistform, rendering yourself invulnerable to their petty attempts to melee damage you. Then cast Glyph of lesser energy, Meteor Shower, bed of Coals, Frozen burst, Inferno, and flame burst in that order, and you wil see a WHOLE BUNCH of trolls drop dead all at the same time(providing you grouped them all in a big ball) If not, you will have some dancing lessons while you kill the stragglers, and with any luck, a plentiful harvest of loot.

The only problem some of you may run into here is disrupting chop. If you allow the trolls to hit you while they are chasing you, they build up adrenaline, and can use their disrupting chop to interrupt your Meteor Shower, yes even through your mistform, if this happens, I suggest you PROMPTLY break aggro, and try again when you are fully recharged.

Stone Scale Kirins outside Mahtuu keep:

The Next run I do is probably the most profitable, each run is worth about 1-2k gold, and I can usually do one run in about 2-3 mins, making for a total of about 30-60k gold in an hour, providing that the lot stays constant.

Okay, heres what you do, you take your ele girl, or guy, out to Mahtuu Keep, the lovely little factions town that no one seems to go to ever. And grab a full party of henches, once agian to counter the anti farming code that ANET has graced us with. This time however, when you go outside, be sure to leave your henches ON THE STAIRS, because if you dont they will steal your aggro, and yelling at henches for being dumb is not in any way fulfilling, trust me. SO once your henches are no longer in tow, run towards the first group of kirins and undergrowth off to the right of the stairs.

Once you've aggroed that group, you want to follow the cliff wall north, where more kirin should be running down to meet you. Aggro all of them and be sure to stay in front of them, as the undergrowth will knowck you down and the kirin will utterly own you^^. So with your train in tow, run off to the left and make a big circle around while you wait for the rest of the kirins that are running your way to aggro to you and join your train, there should be two more groups after the first two, one comes down reeely late lol and if you dont wait for it itll kill you while you are trying to kill the others I promise.

Once you've got all your thirty-some-odd Kirins and their undergrowth counterparts in tow, stop once again and cast mistform, glyph, Meteor Shower, bed of coals, frozen burst, flame burst, inferno to kill them (they may die at flame burst due to the fact that they have less HP than trolls do) and once they are all dead, you should have a hefty supply of loot to fill your bags with. Someimtes, though I have only had ithappen twice in my whole farming of them, the Kirins do drop Rubys and Saphires, which are worth about 5-8k per, and those are the good times 8)

Well, feel free to try it out, and if you have ny questions, or are confused, I can always gie an in-game demonstration to you. My character name for my ele is Rizlemine Iwaki Kun, my Monk is Selenia Faiths Will, and my war is Selenia Fates Blade, whom some of you may recognize from her success at Droks runs ^^(which I still do by the way). So if you have ANY questions, or doubts or what have yous, I will be more than happy to give you a demo any time im not busy.

Well, thanks for your time, and enjoy ^^!


edit: this build also works for farming in HM, but you dontneed to bring henchies along when you do it in HM. Sorry, for got that part XD

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May 15th, 2007, 6:40 pm 
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