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FARMING-WAR/MO ^_^ Ice trolls =) nice drops/gold =) : GW Submissions

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September 15th, 2005, 12:23 pm 
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Solo Warrior/Monk Mountain Troll Farming
This guide will show you how I farm Mountain Trolls on my Warrior/Monk. I find it to be a fast easy way to get experiance and items. The build I created uses all monk skills, and the warriors armor to survive massive numbers of Mountain Trolls.

Weapons: First off, the build will use a few enchantments, so it is recomended to use a weapon with an enchantment modifier. Also I suggest to use a Sword/Axe and a shield (For the extra armor, it helps). Here is what I use.

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Armor: It is possible to farm Mountain Trolls with any armor set. I would Highly Suggest Gladiators Armor for the extra physical defence and the 8 additional energy. If you do not use Gladiators Armor substitute Balthazar's Aura with Symbol of Wrath.

Attributes: Since all the skills are monk skills put almost all the points into those attributes (keep the amount of points required into tactics or stenght to get the additional defence from your shield). Here is my attribute set-up.

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Skills: Here is the skill list I use.

Balthazar's Spirit (10 energy)
While you maintain this enchantment, target ally gains adrenaline and energy after taking damage. In addition to the initial energy cost, you also lose 1 point of energy regeneration while the enchantment is in effect.

Zealot's Fire (10 energy)
For 60 seconds, whenever you use a skill on an ally, all foes adjacent to your target are struck for 5-37 fire damage.

Balthazar's Aura (25 energy ) Replace with Symbol of Wrath if you do not have Gladiators Armor
For 10 seconds, foes adjacent to target ally take 10-22 holy damage each second.

Shielding Hands (5 energy)
For 10 seconds, damage received by target ally is reduced by 3-15.

Reversal of Fortune (5 energy)
The next time target ally would take damage, that ally gains that amount of health instead, maximum 15-67.

Mark of Protection Elite Skill (15 energy)
For 10 seconds, whenever target ally would take damage that ally is healed for that amount instead, maximum 6-60. All your Protection Prayers are disabled for 10 seconds.

Orison of Healing (5 energy)
Heal target ally for 20-60 health.

Healing Breeze (10 energy)
For 10 seconds, target ally gains health regeneration of 3-8.

Location: The Mountain Trolls are located just outside of Droknar's Forge inside what I call "Troll Cave".

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nside "Troll Cave" you are likly to find around 9 Mountain Trolls Guarding a few chests (Thats what we are here for, the trolls and chests)

Strategy: When you zone into Talus's Chute
1st: Cast Balthazar's Spirit
2nd: Run (try not to get any creatures besides trolls aggrovated at you) to the Cave
3rd: Cast Zealot's Fire
4th: Aggrovate the trolls and try to survive

-=-=-=What I Usually Do-=-=-=

This will not always work since trolls can interupt, so you may have to improvise (also time spells as they are attacking so they cant switch to interupting attack)

5th: Cast Healing Breeze
6th: Cast Shielding Hands
7th: Cast Balthazar's Aura
8th: Spam Orison's of Healing, and Reversal of Fortune until Shielding Hands fades (also keep up Healing Breeze)
9th: Cast Mark of Protection
10th: Spam any available skill you can until they are dead

drops: Mountain Trolls can drop various items, most of them will be blue items or Mountain Troll Tusks. Mountain Troll Tusks can be traded to collectors for nice items then sold to players. If you are lucky you can find a gold item from the Mountain Trolls (I've found 1 and friends have told me its worth around 40k-50k gold). Also, Dont forget the chests!

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September 15th, 2005, 8:59 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
OK I disagree with almost every aspect of this guide. What credibility do I have? I have a level 20 Warrior Monk with a similar build that solos these caves myself.

Firstly, what is your energy regen? You really should have bonetti's defense. I would drop many of those skills, the less spells the better against these guys (THEY INTERRUPT.)

I have similar stats and instead of a shield I go with a +12 energy focus item that gives +4 armor

Here is what I go with:

1.Healing Breeze
2.Mark of Protection
3.Defensive Stance
4.Bonetti's Defense
5.Balthazar's Aura
6.Symbol of Wrath
7.Balthazar's Spirit

Now, those stances are instant and cannot be interrupted. They both give 75% chance to evade attacks for about 8 seconds (with around 2 tactics). That will prolong your life for about the duration (as long as you have healing breeze giong) and it won't cost you much energy, which is good BECAUSE YOU ARE A WARRIOR.

I usually aggro the trolls, cast symbol of wrath, cast balthazar's aura, then cast bonetti's defense (to replenish my energy). I then wait until the last possible moment and cast mark of protection. Obviously that will prolong your life some more, while giving you health. When possible, recast balthazar's aura. Then, when MoP runs out, get another bonetti's defense. (And/or a Defensive stance if I have 5 energy, but not enough adrenaline for bonetti's). Casting 2 Balth auras and 1 symbol of wrath should kill a surrounding group of 10-20 of these trolls. And you should survive it if you use Bonnetti's D, Defensive Stance, (both with healing breeze and mending), and MoP.


That said, the farming here SUCKS. After the first couple of times, the trolls stop dropping anything of any value. I have killed a group of 3 and gotten nothing. NOTHING AT ALL. Not even a trolls husk (8gp). And yes this was solo not with NPCs or anything. They removed the chests that I used to love so much, now they have a locked chest that drops descent stuff. (if you have a key).

I have done this for weeks and have never gotten a gold drop off a TROLL, however I did get a few keys that I used to open the chest which did provide 2 golds and 1 purple for me.

All in all, I say this is not recommended for premium; too many problems with that submission. You can try it out, but with all those spells that he suggests, you are going to run into a lot of energy problems and are going to get interrupted and die a lot. (He suggests symbol of wrath if you don't have full gladiator armor, but that spell takes 30 seconds to recharge and 2 or 3 seconds to cast, you are going to get interrupted every time you try it except the first few seconds of battle, I guaruntee.)

September 16th, 2005, 8:04 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
All of what faeth says is true, and this is also already in the premium section and has been submitted numerous times. Try again!

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