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Free Money Guide : GW Submissions

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January 31st, 2006, 7:13 am 
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This guide is for level 10+ Right now guild wars is based on money, you can pretty much have crappy equipment till you have the money to get the good stuff. I have found two ways to make money.

First- Travel to the cooperative mission in The Ruins of Surmia, enter the mission solo(it will give you a message, "blah blah blah mission is for 4 people blah blah blah." ignore it and go anyways. You think that if you enter this mission alone your will no kill anything and die, that is wrong. When you begin you will haev Prince Rurik as youre ally, he will follow you.
To use him to your advantage:
1. find a group of monsters
2.get them to attack you and run away, not to far or the prince will stop attacking.
3. return and attack them. While prince rurick will take the hits you will nuke them with taking minimal damage. It did take me a while to master this, but even if you die near the beginning you still make alot of money.

Second- Travel to the Gates of Kryta, leave the town into Scoundrel's Rise, ALONE. This is the place to make money and level 10-15, i have made 3k and 2levels already. The first thing i notice is the couple of groups in the very begging, Mergoyle Wavebreakers these are casters, i have been attacking these for some time and they have only once casted on me. These things only hit 2-5 damage i can take out 3 groups without resting one time. The drops are money 30-50 gold and alot of blue.

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January 31st, 2006, 7:40 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Yeah... Gates of kryta is a good place to farm!
It can't beat 90k greens from SF though but about 1k every 5mins aint bad...

I would say elementalist or necro with fiends works best...

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