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Fun R/Mo farming/material run, useful for Drakescale Armor : GW Submissions

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August 22nd, 2005, 10:31 pm 
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This guide is meant for a R/Mo14+. Although it may be done at lower levels I have not tested this and presume it would be very difficult.

You must be able to Map to Lions Arch, and D'Alessio Seaboard. Seaboard is not as important, as you will be able to reach it on your travels.

First the best place to set your attributes is primarily your marksmanship. Secondly Healing Prayers and Wilderness Survival. The two last places should be close to equal but leaning more toward healing if lower levels. As levels progress you will most likely be able to ease off the healing and more for Wilderness Survival for faster kills.

The set of skills I used when doing this was quite limited because of my low advancement in the game. The 3 main skills i used were as follows:

Mending (Very Important. When lower level this make sure healing is high enough to have effect of +3 health regeneration)
Healing Breeze (Very Important to have in the +5-+7 range when doing this at low levels.)
Apply Poison (Not necessary but HIGHLY recommended)
Hunters Shot (Same as above)
Distracting Shot (Lower levels will find this very useful)

All other skills are up to you to use. But be wary of your energy level and regeneration. You need to keep a constant healing breeze on yourself at all times.

Ok now for the good stuff. This farming technique is VERY useful for that full set of Droknar Drakescale Armor you've seen around. And as an added bonus as you gain each part you get added protection from fire. And Fire Imps are your main target.

Start at Lion's Arch and head out Northwest. Go west until you come across a bridge. STOP! Put Mending ON here. Press Left Ctrl to view enemies. They will be fire imps. Try to only aggrivate 3 or less at a time. Any more and you might not come back alive. Right before you aggro them use Apply Poison. Then attack. Focus on all three at this point. Switching to all of them to poison them. After the first or second shot you should use Healing Breeze. WATCH ENERGY CAREFULLY. After the 24 seconds of poison is over focus on only one imp. KEEP HEALING BREEZE ON AT ALL TIMES! When you see it flash, Re-Do it ASAP. You may not be able to keep it on 100% but it should be 98% This along with mending will counteract the Immolate skill they use. After killing the first two, the last one you can render virtually harmless by using Distracting Shot while he is trying to cast Immolate. This will lower your energy enough to not let you use healing breeze but he will only hit 1-4's on your and mending will take care of that.

Do this with each group you find going along the road to the Seaboard. Enter Seaboard and go right back out. Take out the 2 or 3 groups of Fire Imps that respawn and head back toward Lion's Arch. Go north on the road to Ascalon Settlement. There are a few groups of fire imps to take out, and aggrivating just a few of them is tricky but do your best. Rest here for a few breaths after fire imps are dead. Fire Imp drops are usually quite valuable for salvaging and the gold is semi-high depending on your level. Usually some blue undentifieds and glowing hearts. Glowing hearts are more usefull unsalvaged as they sell higher than the salvage you get. Sometimes you get charcoal and it seems to sell around 250 at rare material traders. This will get you a decent amount of money for purchasing some drakescale.

The next tagets get you alot of scales for your armor. Continuing north there are Bog Skales. There is no trick to killing these but healing breeze is not needed as much now. Focus on killing them fast. The faster the better.

Continue Northeast along the trail that lies east of the bog. Try to kill as much as you can here. The keep going north into the plain. DON'T ATTACK HERE! Try not to aggro ANYTHING. keep going sneakily up to the entrance to the beach. Sometimes there are some ennits or trolls patrolling so watch out. When you're ready cast healing breeze and run for your life down onto the beach and run for the exit on the east. Continue on the path casting healing spells as needed until you reach the ascalon settlement. Here you can rest up and use it as a base to go fight more. Or you can map back and do it again.

This is a fun way to earn some cash and get materials for Droks armor. If you have Droks then by golly it's just a fun run! I enjoy it alot and hope you find it useful. I don't know many people who farm Fire Imps but i found it very very useful as a low level ranger. The drops are quite good and the rush of kicking butt is really nice.

Hope you all enjoy.

Ransom Xvi << game name (PM me with questions....on here or in game.) :P

August 23rd, 2005, 5:20 pm 
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Cash on hand: Locked
There are alot easier spots to get material and exp for killing things. If you want scale for armor, just go kill a ton of river skale (which are completely harmless, even a lower level). A matter of fact you can kill hundreds in pre sear outside fort rankin and salvage the skales they give you. Not premium worthy.

August 24th, 2005, 1:33 pm 
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(!empty($user->lang['QUOTE'])) ? $user->lang['QUOTE'] : ucwords(strtolower(str_replace('_', ' ', 'QUOTE'))):
You may not be able to keep it on 100% but it should be 98%

so if I could have casted healing breeze 10 times but did it 9 times that make 90%, is that still feasable?

anyways I still think best thing to do is get ran to draknors, do mission a few times to level than GG ascend.

September 1st, 2005, 12:11 am 
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Cash on hand: Locked
Sorry, no one seems to like this. Submission denied!

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