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Going For Premium : GW Submissions

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lotus trekker
May 28th, 2007, 3:53 pm 
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These have all been tested by myself on Guild Wars Prophecies. Some I put down say 'unknown', that doesn't mean they don't work it just means that they don't work in Prophecies, they might work in Factions or Nightfall. The / is part of the emote but the = and on is NOT, it is the description I put in because I wanted to. I hope that you enjoy this, I spent a lot of time making this list and testing it.

/afk =away from keyboard, character sits down
/agree =character holds up a finger and nods in agreement
/attention =character stands at attention until you move
/beckon = character reaches over shoulder and beckons forward
/beg =character gets down on one knee, clasps hands, and begs
/boo =character reaches arms forward with clawed hands
/bored =character crosses arms and looks bored
/bow =character bows with arms going back
/bowhead =characters bows head and folds hands until you move
/cheer =character pumps arms over head
/catchbreath =character puts hand on chest and breathes heavily
/chest =unknown
/clap =character claps hand politely
/congrats =character punches the air in front and claps
/cough =character very politely coughs into hand
/dance =character dances, different for each profession and gender
/doh =does a really weird 'doh' action, indescribable sorry
/doubletake =double takes and ends in ready position
/drums =plays an air drum until you move
/excited =claps hands and stompd foot until you move
/fistshake =shakes fist
/flex =flexes in a heroic pose
/flute =plays air flute
/friend =unknown
/goteam =points at the ground and does a 'you're out' referee action
/guitar =plays air guitar until you move
/help =pulls up an awesome menu customized for your character
/highfive =highfives the air
/jump =jumps into the air
/kneel =kneels on one knee for a short time, very much like 'bow'
/laugh =unknown
/moan =holds head with one head and then leans back
/no =places hands on hips and shakes head
/paper =plays rock paper scissors ending up as paper
/pickme =raises hand high and bounces like a kid
/point =points into the unknown
/ponder =places finger on chin and looks around
/pout =stomps and folds arms with head down
/prs =paper rock scissors, plays the game
/ready =claps hands once and punches arm
/roar =punches air above head
/rock =plays rock paper scissors ending as rock
/roll =is NOT available in towns or outposts, doesn't do anything that I can see
/salute =places hand on chest in an unusual salute
/scissors =plays rock paper scissors ending in scissors
/scratch =scratches itch
/shoo =shooes something really small away
/sigh =sighs deeply, shoulders fall forward
/sit =sits on ground until you move
/skulk =unknown, might be 'sulk'
/sorry =looks at mythical watch and puts hand out in front
/stand =if sitting down stands up
/stompfoot =unknown
/taunt =does several indescribable taunting motions
/wave =waves hand above head
/yawn =places hand in front of mouth and yawns while leaning back
/yes =nods head

May 29th, 2007, 12:31 am 
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HUH NAY and u didnt spend alot of time making this it is commonly known and looks like a copy and paste to me

May 30th, 2007, 12:51 am 
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try harder


May 30th, 2007, 3:24 pm 
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doesnt /roll mean you roll a dice? like /roll100? used for diving up treasure...

but these emotes are common knowledge and I think ive seen something similar on wiki.


May 30th, 2007, 7:18 pm 
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/nay nay and do I dare say NAY!!!!!!

May 30th, 2007, 8:28 pm 
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