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Guide to Killing Glint : GW Submissions

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December 1st, 2005, 7:20 pm 
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This is a lengthy one, since i need to describe all 8 players involved.


Elementalist - (Air)
-Air Attunement
-Energy Storage
-Enervating Charge
-Lightning Strike
-Blinding Flash
-Lightning Javelin
-Thunderclap (Elite)

The point of the air elementalist is to keep Glint from getting her attacks off. Energy Storage/Air Attunement are to keep you from running low on HP/Energy too fast. Your strategy is to start off with you casting air attunement and then energy storage. Then your options open up:
-If Glint has already found her first target, use blinding flash on her and then enervating charge and hope that the 90% miss rate and huge decrease in strength(from weakness) will allow your teammate to either escape or get healed.
-If she has already started casting a spell (especially the deadly Crystal Hibernation), then use either lightning strike to interrupt or gale to knock her down. After the first decision you make the rest is just you trying to keep her down. Thunderclap would be the best decision for this part of the battle. Then keep getting her with enervating charge (for the weakness) and lightning strike (for interruption) until thunderclap ends. Then take a bit to cool down and keep trying to prevent her attacks from working. I like blinding flash the best but it’s up to you. But the most important thing is to keep her from using crystal hibernation, because that will screw over your elementals no doubt and most likely your teammates as well.

Elementalist - (Earth)
-Earth Attunement
-Energy Storage
-Kinetic Armor
-Ward Against Melee
-Ward Against Elements
-Ward Against Foes
-Stone Daggers
-Ether Renewal(Elite)

This would probably be the most controversial player I have on my list because it’s pretty much a full support elementalist, meaning that it will have to stay around Glint the whole time but wont be able to attack her. But then again, that’s what he is here for. The Earth elementalist is a full support character. He needs to stay right near glint to keep the warriors alive or glint will start attacking the background characters like monks and elementalists. Start off with Earth Attunement and Energy Storage. This is to keep the HP/Energy from depleting too fast. Next step is to help your warriors who SHOULD already be attacking Glint. Run up as close as you can to you warrior friends and cast all 3 wards, best in this order:
-Ward Against Foes (so that by the time you use your other 2 wards, she hasn’t run off too far and thus rendered them useless).
-Ward Against Melee
-Ward Against Elements.
Chances are she wont start off with her fireballs and instead she will be using her massive mouth to snap at your warriors, which is why you need melee before elements. Okay, with earth attunement and your 4 pips of energy regeneration, you should still have enough energy to cast Kinetic Armor. Which, you are going to want to keep for the rest of the battle. But before you worry about that, you need to worry about your lack of energy. This is where ether renewal comes in. Cast ether renewal and for the 10 seconds it gives you, you should be able to get off about 7-8 stone dagger spells which should almost completely regenerate your energy. After that it’s all about following Glint, recasting wards, and keeping Kinetic Armor on using stone daggers.

Elementalist - (Fire)
-Fire Attunement
-Energy Storage
-Fire Storm
-Rodgorts Invocation
-Searing Heat
-Mark of Rodgort
-Ether Renewal(Elite)

Incredible damage. But with this incredible damage comes a hefty price which is why the elite skill is once again, a favorite, Ether Renewal. Obviously you will be using Fire Attunement and Energy Storage first for the same reasons as the last two elementalists. And next, hehe, you go ballistic. Mark of Rodgort followed by a fire storm. My advice is to take this time to cast ether renewal so when you use the next two EXPENSIVE spells, you'll end up with about the same energy before you cast them. So cast Ether renewal and follow it up immediately with either searing heat so that you can get rid of exhaustion as quickly as possible. And then finish up with Rodgorts Invocation and Flares.
The main objective of the fire elementalist is to:
-Keep Glint’s HP at a constant seven arrows of health degeneration while dealing massive damage. In a calculation using damage that these skills will do at 12 fire magic, not including how much the "On Fire" condition will affect her or how many flares you use and assuming she doesn’t run away, this should do 451 damage.
-For the rest of the battle, you keep your energy up by using ether renewal + flares and then Mark of Rodgort + Flares to keep her on fire.
If you ever feel confident and you have the energy then go ahead and let some of your more expensive skills fly as long as you know that she will stay on fire.

Monk - (Healing)

-Light of Dwayna (if the strategy is followed then this might not be too important but if its not, then chances are multiple allies will end up dead)
-Divine Healing
-Divine Intervention
-Signet of Devotion
-Healing Seed
-Orison of Healing
-Healing Breeze
-Word of Healing (Elite)

Of course I leave this open to suggestion but the point of this is to have a full healing prayers/divine favor monk who will do his best to keep people from dying. Divine Intervention is the best skill here because Glint takes no more than 4 hits at MAX to kill ANYONE, especially elementalists. So as soon as he sees someone take a lot of damage, use Divine Intervention. Of course the trick is to keep enough energy for when things REALLY get tough. So watch everyone’s health carefully and just be ready for anything.

Monk - (Protecting)
Once again, this is just what I think would be best.
-Reversal of Fortune
-Protective Spirit
-Shielding Hands
-Shield of Deflection (Elite)

I had trouble deciding which elite to use because you can’t afford having ALL your skills reset with Mark of protection and if your healing monk is on top of things, shield of regeneration would just be redundant so I figured, 70% to evade an attack is perfect as well as the armor boost. Anyway, the point of this is to obviously protect your teammates. Reduce the damage the receive as much as possible. Reversal of Fortune may not be the best skill while wandering the world but when you're 8v1 and that 1 can deal over 200 damage. I do believe we have a winner. Especially since it can be cast LIGHTNING FAST and every 2 seconds for a measly 5 energy. NOT BAD, at least, that’s what I think. Aegis needs to be cast ANYTIME you can cast it, no matter what. If you're teammate is about to die and you can either cast shield of deflection to keep him or alive or Aegis since it just refreshed, you need to cast Aegis. That’s how important it is. Simply because, Glint is a monster. The rest is just waiting. Glint can only attack 1 person at a time. So you wait until that 1 person is attacked and SPRING ON THEM. Reversal of Fortune first then choose what other protection skills you want to use on them for the rest of the time. Shield of deflection should be used on someone who is cornered or if you just need to use it to get someone to safety. Everything about a monk is decisions. Choose them wisely.

Ranger - (Interrupter)
-Distracting Shot
-Concussion Shot
-Savage Shot
-Choking Gas
-Apply Poison
-Kindle Arrows
-Troll Unguent
-Punishing Shot (Elite)

Pretty much EVERYTHING about succeeding in defeating glint relies on the abilities of this ranger. You have 2 skills that take 0 seconds to use and 2 others that take 3/4 a second. 2 of them take 10 seconds to recharge and the other 2 take 5. There should be no reason that glint should ever EVER get off crystal hibernation while you're around. Kindle Arrows is to help out the fire elementalist with mark of rodgort and apply poison is just to add some of your own degeneration. Troll Unguent is for healing yourself which might not do enough alone but if Glint is coming towards you go ahead and use it, and then hope your monks help you out if you get in trouble. Use Choking gas if you are low on energy and then just keep using normal arrow shots to interrupt skills. The fates of your party lies in your hands master ranger.

2 Warriors - (Meat Shields/Bait/And Anything else that is bad!)
-Well, skills are really all up to you, considering there are 3 different weapon styles to choose from.

Obviously a lot of the warrior skills rely on having a specific weapon. So I don’t want to make a list of swordsmanship stuff when someone can’t use it.
The only skill I can suggest is Skull Crack (Elite) as if you can do it before someone else interrupts Glint, then having her dazed for 15 seconds would do wonders for the rest of the battle and the party. Just pick and choose skills that are going to do the most damage to her. These 2 warriors and the fire elementalists are the ones that will be doing the killing. The others will be doing the protecting/healing/supporting/interrupting. Everything is important and it must be done right.

total bard
December 2nd, 2005, 12:27 am 
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stvt32 (!empty($user->lang['WROTE'])) ? $user->lang['WROTE'] : ucwords(strtolower(str_replace('_', ' ', 'WROTE'))):
-If she has already started casting a spell (especially the deadly Crystal Hibernation), then use either lightning strike to interrupt or gale to knock her down.

Everything is important and it must be done right.

uhuh, id take couple of interrupters and Glint is nowhere...


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