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guild recruiter : GW Submissions

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May 31st, 2006, 12:27 pm 
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run this in guildwars, and it will auto talk, and says wissper me if you want to join... if someone wispers you, it will auto invite them to your guild =)

this script is in english....

thank you

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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May 31st, 2006, 1:19 pm 
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What language is this in?

May 31st, 2006, 2:57 pm 
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All anti-virus scans appear clean. None of my sandbox alerts or firewalls flared up.

This is simply a macro script. I quote from the help file supplied:

"Guild Recruiter - Guild Wars Macro By JoshDB"

"Macros created by GWMacros.Funpic.Org are created in AC Tool. You are required to have successfully installed the latest version of AC Tool for this, and any other macros created by GWMacros.Funpic.Org, to work."

Unfortunately the zip file does not contain AC Tool so it will not run. The poster took the macro without the macro program ;). Better recruiting bots/scripts already exist.

The macro script is as follows:

// Change these
Message = My guild is recruiting! Send me a whisper if you're interested in joining!
Reply = I've just invited you. Thanks for the interest!
// Don't change
MousePosX = 0
MousePosY = 0
All = 0
AllX = 0
AllY = 0
AllPos = 0
WhisperX = 0
WhisperY = 0
WhisperPosX = 0
Whisper = 0
WhisperMessageX = 0
WhisperMessage = 0
WhisperUser = 0
GuildInvite = 0
GuildInviteY = 0
GuildInviteX = 0
LastSender = <name>
Sender = 0
ReplyNeeded = 2
i = 0

// Confirmation

ShowMessage i = Confirmation, YES:NO, Do you wish to run the Guild Wars macro "Guild Recruiter" by JoshDB at GWMacros.Funpic.Org?

If $i = 7

// Invite the player

Procedure Invite
MousePos $GuildInvite
Keys $Sender {return}

// Setting the active window

setactivewindow Guild Wars
delay 10000

// Diagnostics

setconst MousePosX = {MouseX}
setconst MousePosY = {MouseY}
Compute WhisperMessageX = $MousePosX + 75
setconst WhisperMessage = $WhisperMessageX , $MousePosY
setconst WhisperUser = $MousePosX , $MousePosY

Compute AllPos = $MousePosY - 20
MousePos {mousex} , $AllPos

setconst AllX = {mousex}
setconst AllY = {mousey}
setconst All = $AllX , $AllY

Compute WhisperPosX = $AllX + 300
MousePos $WhisperPosX , {mousey}

setconst WhisperX = {mousex}
setconst WhisperY = {mousey}
setconst Whisper = $WhisperX , $WhisperY

MousePos $All

Compute GuildInviteY = {mousey} - 275

MousePos {mousex} , $GuildInviteY

setconst GuildInviteX = {mousex}
setconst GuildInviteY = {mousey}
setconst GuildInvite = $GuildInviteX , $GuildInviteY

// Starting the macro
delay 1000

while 1 = 1
MousePos $All
keys $Message {return}
delay 5000
setclipboard <name>
delay 5000
delay 500
Keys ^C
delay 500
GetClipboard Sender
delay 100
If $Sender = $LastSender
setconst ReplyNeeded = 2
If $Sender = <name>
setconst $ReplyNeeded = 2
GetClipboard LastSender
If $ReplyNeeded <> 2
call Invite
delay 1000
MousePos $WhisperMessage
keys $Reply {return}
delay 500

June 1st, 2006, 12:50 am 
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/nay based on Feanixxx's discovery.

June 1st, 2006, 6:33 am 
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Nay, obviously taken if they don't even know what language this is in. By the way, english is not the answer.

June 1st, 2006, 10:01 am 
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3rd nay is here


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