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Guild Wars Dictionary : GW Submissions

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September 12th, 2006, 8:16 pm 
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Alright, there are some people who play guild wars and is like…”wtf does that mean” but are too afraid to ask. So I am going to make a Dictionary of sorts for all the GW terminology!

15k Armor
-An obvious term to most. Armor that costs 15,000 gold pieces.
Droks Armor-Armor gotten from Drokners Forge, also known as 15k armor.
AoE-short for Area of Effect. Your area of effect is the area that a spell effects.
Ascension-A necessary step to completing the prophecies campaign. Requires you have to completed all of the desert missions(4 of them) and to ascend you must fight your doppelganger.
B/O- In trading, B/O refers to Buyout, or how much gold a player wants for the
paticular item they are trying to sell. Depending on the stats, the B/O can
either be very low or very high. You can also Try to barter.
Bonder-A prot monk that specializes in bond skills such as prot bond and life bond. Bonders are usually used to farm places such as Sorrows Furnace.
C/O-Or current offer. The current offer is the highest received offer a player has received for an item at any given time.
Citadel-Short for an outpost called Granite Citadel. One of the places 15k armor may be purchased from.
Dye-An item used to change the color of your armor, weapons, or shields. Comes in a variety of colors and can also be mixed together.
Nuker-A type of Elementist with a great variety of spells with an AoE. Can inflict enourmous amounts of dmg.
Ecto-Or Ectoplasm, a rare crafting material. Worth a lot of money.
Enchantment-A spell that has a lasting effect is known as an enchantment.
E/R-Or enchantment removal. A spell that removes an enchantment, usual casted by your enemy.
Sploit-or Exploit. A glitch or error resulting in things such as infinite gold, infinite healt…etc. Highly frowned upon by honest players.
Fame-You get fame for winning pvp matches.
Farming-The act of killing mobs for money or items.
FA Farming- FA Farming stands for Final Assault Farming. This type of farming works much differently than normal farming.
Favor-A certain country needs favor of the gods to access Under World or FoW
Droks Run-When a player runs to an outpost called Drokner`s Forge it is referred to as a Droks Run. Here you can get good armor weapons and skills.
FotM-Or flavor of the month. This refers to the build that is most common for a particular month.
FoW-Or Fissur of Woe. An extremely hard place to farm. Farming here may result in finding good wepons and items.
Greens-refers to super rare “green” items.
Grotto-One of the places that 15k armor can be purchased.
Interrupt-A skill that can interrupt another players or npc`s attack. Commonly used by Interrupt Rangers
IWAY-A warrior build that is good and requires very littler skill. Stand for I will Avenge You.
LFG-or Looking for Group, people will say this when they are searching for a mission quest or farming team.
LFR-Or Looking For Run. People will sya this while in search of a run to a certain area.
-when ANET ruins something that players really like.
Plat-Or Platinum. Equivalent to 1,000 gold pieces.
Prot Monk-A monk that specializes in Protection prayers.
PvE-Or Players Verse Enviroment.
PvP-Or Player Vs. Player.
GvG-Guild Verse Guild battles.
Res-Short for resurrection. Refers to a skill that can bring a character back to life.
Proph-Or Prophecies. Refers to the first guild Wars Game released.
Build-The way a player has their skills set up.[/u]

Yes i do acknowledge that their are many more, these are the ones you will hear most often.

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September 12th, 2006, 11:55 pm 
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September 13th, 2006, 12:13 am 
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no nay port? :)


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September 13th, 2006, 12:39 am 
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September 13th, 2006, 11:34 am 
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common knowledge that is easily found through the well known fan sites...

and the Droks Run is a specific Run...not simply a run to Droks....that can be anything...

A Droks Run is the Run From Beacon's Perch to Camp Rankor to Droks...probably the most difficult run in the game which takes a lot of practice...

and technically because of the Droks Run...Ascension is not an essential part of completing the Prophecies Campaign. If you get run to Droks you can finish the campaign by doing Iron Mines to get infused...then Thunderhead to get to the Ring of Fire...then finish the campaign with the Ring of Fire Missions

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September 13th, 2006, 1:21 pm 
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September 13th, 2006, 5:57 pm 
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