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Guild Wars Factions First two mission tips and explanation. : GW Submissions

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April 30th, 2006, 10:54 am 
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Mission 1: Minister Cho's Estate
    Follow Master Togo into Minister Cho's estate.
    Find minister Cho.
    Defeat the Afficted minister.

Master Togo
The head of Shing Jea Monastery has learned troubling news about Minister Cho's Estate, and feels the challenge will offer an excellent oppourtunity for his students to learn.

Minister Cho
The Canthan Minister of Cultural Affairs is also a noted animal enthusiast, he turns into a big ugly afflicted boss you must kill.

Corrupted guards, animal and any other afflicted creatures.

Tips And Strategies:
As you progress through this mission, Master Togo talks about strategies, If your new to the game read them because they can become quite usefull. You will come accross ever-growing teams of corrupted and afflicted monsters. It is Imperative that Master Togo survives. It all leads up to a hidious battle with Minister Cho.

When he transforms cast any buffs that will help you kill him and you and your team should try to use most helpfull skills. He isn't very hard just make sure everyone is attacking him at once, when you are at half life step back and heal yourself / get healed. Then get back into battle ASAP.
Ressurrect any fallen allies imediatly.

Mission Two: Zen Daijun

    Fine the source of the plauge.
    Kill the Afflicted bosses.

Master Togo
Master Togo was the one who sent Yijo Tahn to Zen Daijun, and will not rest until he fnds out what has happened to his missing student.

Zunraa is a magical Ki-Rin (an animal like NPC monk) who can remove harmful conditions from players. Like most Ki-Rin, Zunraa is not defenseless.


The Afflicted
No one can tell what these creatures once were - the plague has turned them into deadly living nightmares.

Aflicted Bosses
Three of the Afflicted are mroe powerful than the others, and will present a true challenge for Master Togo and the heroes.

Tips And Strategies:
You pass trough some purplish, foggy miasma areas infected with the affliction on your way to confront the bosses. Ranged attacks work well in Zen Daijun; you want to lure your foes to your position rather than confront them on their own turf. Avoid passing through diseased patches if you can, but when you have no choice but to trudge through a noxious cloude, stop and rest on the other side to shake off the poison's effect before you trudge onward to your next encounter , or simply cast a spell to remove it.

You can summon the spirit of Zunraa to aid you in combat. Simply click on one of the several shrines to add the spirit to your party. If Zunraa is cut down in battle you can summon him again at the next shrine. Eliminate enemy healers befor taking on other targets.

The final showdown takes place on the far side of a bridge, where the three Afflicted bosses anticipate your arrical while bathing in a noxious cloud. your party should keep an eye on the health to any members who rush ahead to meet the bosses on their own turf (area)

This guide was written By Pattrick on the Taultunleased forums.
Hopefully it will gain me some TUBucks or even Premium.
I followed some adviced and tried to make it thourough yet simple.
If you want to know more just ask.
I can be contacted at

Thank you Comments and critisism Accepted.

Edit: I will be making more guide and so on as i progress through the factions game.

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April 30th, 2006, 12:37 pm 
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I'm not sure mission run throughs will earn you a premium as they can be found elsewhere (like gameFAQs).

However it was very well writtten guide.

If you find any exploits or glitches in your travels let us know.

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May 2nd, 2006, 10:02 pm 
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bump because we need people to vote on this.

Click to buy a premium account

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May 8th, 2006, 8:13 pm 
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Nay better guide written on GuildWiki here;
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