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Healer that never runs out of energy. : GW Submissions

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October 15th, 2005, 9:28 am 
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Okay.. im gonna try to make this guide better than my sickle one since i dont want it going on the "examples of bad guides" list.

Basically this is a healing monk that makes good use of a healing exploit which lets u use 5 energy monk spells for only 1 energy.

Here is the SKILL setup: (left to right)

Glyph of Renewal: Cost: 5e Recharge: 15secs
Your next skill recharges instantly

Divine Spirit: Cost: 10e Recharge: 60secs
Enchantment. For 15 seconds, Monk Spells cost you 5 less Energy to cast. (Minimum cost: 1 Energy).

Orison of Healing: Cost: 5e Recharge: 2 secs
Spell. Heal target ally for 63 points.

Dwayna's Kiss: Cost: 5e Recharge: 3 secs
Spell. Heal target other ally for 54 points and an additional 18 points for each Enchantment or Hex on that ally.

Healing Touch: Cost: 5e Recharge: 5secs
Spell. Heal target touched ally for 54 Health. Health gain from Divine Favor is doubled for this Spell.

Mend Condition: Cost: 5e Recharge: 2secs
Spell. Remove one Condition (Poison, disease, Blindness, dazed, bleed, Crippled, or Deep Wound) from target other ally. If a Condition is removed, that ally is healed for 22 points.

Divine Boon: Cost: 5e -1 energy regen Recharge: 1 sec
Enchantment. While you maintain this Enchantment, whenever you cast a Monk Spell that targets an ally, that ally is healed for 73 points and you lose 2 Energy.

Ressurection Signet:
Signet. Resurrect target party member. That party member is returned to life with 100% Health and 25% Energy. You may use this Signet only once per mission.

If doing gvg or 8vs8 switch out rez siggy for
Rebirth: Cost: 10e Recharge: 0sec
Spell. Resurrect target party member, teleporting him to your current location. All of target's skills are disabled for 8 seconds. This Spell consumes all your remaining Energy.


Divine Favor:12+3+1
Healing Prayers:12+1
Protection Prayers:3+1


Before you start healing use Glyph of Renewal and Divine Spirit. Then just... heal! Use mend condition when someone is poisoned or such, and use healing touch for a quick self heal. When glyph of energy comes back up use it and divine spirit right away. Get the +20% enchant staff wrapping and +5e staff head for maximum use. Use the pvp holy staff that 20% chance faster cast healing prayers and 20% chance faster recharge healing prayers.

If you are a healer who likes to heal before it is neccesary then u might run into some energy problems after about 2 mins of the match. In that case u shoudl carry a different healing spell instead of divine boon because when u take out divine boon, u will never run into energy problems. I suggest taking

Vigorous Spirit: Cost: 5e Recharge: 4secs
Enchantment. For 30 seconds, each time target ally attacks or casts a Spell, that ally is healed for 12 points

Very competent healer once u get the hang of it. Dunno if this is worth a premium but jsut thought that the divine spirit+glyph of renewal is a nice combination to share with u guys.

P.S. Sorry i could not upload pictures into my guide, my computer is screwey.

umm yes it was posted in gwonline but i actually came up with a solid monk build for it.

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October 15th, 2005, 10:03 am 
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This was posted in the forums. He stole it.

October 15th, 2005, 11:02 am 
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Active User > 50 Posts
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October 15th, 2005, 1:40 pm 
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yeah dude. read the rules. NO PLAGIARIZING.

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