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Hoping to earn more then 1 buck for this :P : GW Submissions

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leet haxors
March 8th, 2006, 9:43 pm 
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ok ive been soloing fow since 6 weeks into the game and this is the build ive always used you can solo the entire thing in about an hour once u get fast... it takes practice tho, i probably wasted 10k dying but ive gained 2 sets of fow and 8 sets of 15k in the process... i also own about evry worthwhile green in the game.....plz give more then one buck, because this was a hard thought out build thaat took me well 6 weeks into the game up until now to perfect. TY

Ok this is my solo fow necro:
1. prot spirit
2. SS
3. insidious parasite
4. healing breeze
5. vigerous spirit
6. essence
7. balths
8. mending

-practically the same as athe 55 monk cept now its more fun hehe

-Its pretty easy watch out for the mesmers in fow they shatter 1 enchant so just cover urself with vigerous
-the monks take about 2 minutes to run low on energy tehn drop dead fast
-Take your time and dont get surrounded solo fow isnt hard unless you rush
-can solo uw with this build if u know where the nightmares spawn, smites are extremely difficult, better to run by
-can with practice solo about anywhere in the game unlesss you get e denied or covered in degen, enchantment strippers are not a problem once you get good you have the reflex to throw up prot spirit the second it drops and its as if it was never down :)

*Edit* Srry if there was another on the site I checked and unless its for viewing by premium members only I dont know why I missed it. Lol I think I know the other guy who post4ed too hehe

Last edited by Guest on March 9th, 2006, 9:44 pm, edited 1 time in total.

March 9th, 2006, 1:52 am 
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You've already got 76 posts under your belt (joined today with lots of double posts) so I'm sure you'll be at the 1000 mark if you spam a little more. :p

#edit# hmm. it does work.

Actually on a serious note if you can post up a map with hotspots or areas where certain skills are used it would help.

Last edited by Guest on March 9th, 2006, 6:32 am, edited 1 time in total.

March 9th, 2006, 2:07 am 
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Actualy try hitting the Edit button like this:

Another line I forgot to put in earlier but prefer not to spam the forum ;)

leet haxors
March 9th, 2006, 7:10 am 
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lol yea i got a few doubles but they arent pontless i usually came back to say something half way worthwhile :)

March 9th, 2006, 11:22 am 
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moved to submissions. Please post them there next time.

March 9th, 2006, 1:17 pm 
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There is a video of someone doing this on the site already. Exact same build. NAY

March 20th, 2006, 9:54 pm 
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chabam, locxxor'd

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